Tuesday, 2009-01-27

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bolikazI need a cradet card numbers ;)13:01
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nathanypaulproteus: SYN16:22
nkinkadenathany: Were you doing anything on a8 last night around 9 PST?  The validator seemed to be causing a problem, and I noticed you logged in and recently active?17:32
nathanynkinkade: i restarted apache, which seemed to make it happy17:32
nkinkadeHmmm.  I restarted the validator which was the process that was chewing up memory and cpu.17:33
nkinkadeI suspect we were stepping on each other's toes.17:33
nathanysorry about that17:34
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nkinkadeNo problem.  By all means, if you are by a computer when a message comes in, then login and check it out.  I may not always be able.17:37
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nathanynkinkade: have you made travel plans for the staff mtg? can you forward them to me? (just curious)18:06
nkinkadenathany: Yeah, I'll send them to you.18:07
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paulproteusnathany, ACK18:11
paulproteusnkinkade, Not me re: a818:11
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nathanypaulproteus: on a call now but we need to talk re: pootle and msgctxt18:12
nathanywhat's your eta?18:12
paulproteusI was hoping to WFH until 1pm (just got online to ask you about that).18:12
nkinkadepaulproteus: Not sure what happened but when I looked the validator has a RES memory usage of 1.3G and was consistently using 80%+ of the CPU ... causing some other things to go down.18:13
paulproteusnkinkade, Sad.18:13
paulproteusSo you killed it?18:13
paulproteusIf so, we'll never know what happened, I guess.18:13
nkinkadepaulproteus: I used your handy-dandy init script to restart it.18:13
paulproteusnkinkade, Yay!18:13
Bovinitygreg-g: Garin Fons?18:13
paulproteusAnd it even worked, I suppose?18:13
nathanypaulproteus: fine, you'll be in @ 1 or shortly after?18:14
nkinkadeIt was midnight here and the message woke me up.  I had no desire to sit and troubleshoot.18:14
paulproteusnathany, Right-o.18:14
paulproteusnkinkade, Yeah, that's okay.18:14
nathanytake a look @ i18n/no/cc_org.po18:14
nathany(or the diff between current and previous version)18:14
nathanyit's weird18:14
paulproteusEek, okay.18:14
nkinkadeIt's the first time that has happened that I know of, so hopefully it was an anomaly.18:14
* paulproteus is preemptively terrified18:14
* paulproteus reads http://code.creativecommons.org/viewsvn/i18n/trunk/i18n/no/cc_org.po?r1=11345&r2=11344&pathrev=1134518:15
paulproteusThat's some weird ctxt.18:16
paulproteusIt doesn't seem like it would break anything, just be totally wrong hints.18:16
paulproteusWait, maybe it's not so weird, since i18n is the one indexed by short keys.18:17
paulproteusIs it?18:17
paulproteusI keep forgetting.18:17
paulproteusLet me read po/no/cc_org.po18:17
paulproteusnathany, The msgctxt should have English strings, not CC keys, right?18:19
paulproteusWhat exactly are you having me look for?18:19
nathanypaulproteus: on a call, can't think about both... can i re-ping in 10-15?18:20
paulproteusnathany, Sure18:20
nathany"This site is optimized for Lynx just because fuck you.18:33
nathanyI'm told it also looks nice in graphical browsers."18:33
nathany(*and* it's CC licensed!)18:34
paulproteusdiveintomarx.org is optimized for Martians18:37
nathanyyou *really* need to do something with that18:38
isforinsectseerrr it redirects to diveintomark.org18:43
isforinsectsya know what sucks about OCW?18:44
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paulproteusWhat's that, isforinsects?18:49
isforinsectsthere are no awesome audio lectures18:50
isforinsectsit seems to be the easiest format for people to digest18:50
isforinsectsand faaaar easier to accomplish technically than video18:51
isforinsectsbut no18:51
isforinsectsyou either end up with sparse course outlines, or videos18:51
isforinsectsdamn it billy... I need a grant to work on this stuff for a year18:51
isforinsectsthrow a few hundred librivox audio editors at the problem18:51
nathanypaulproteus: ok, maybe more than 10-15 minutes19:04
nathanyi was thinking that msgctxt should have the string ID and the key should be the English text19:05
nathanyto make pootle work right, and then sync handles the transposition19:05
nathanyi'm not sure if the bug was introduced with the pootle pre/post hooks or with sync... (is there even a difference these days?)19:06
nathanybut rolling back to the previous version fixed the NO on staging problem19:06
paulproteusThat's good re: NO on staging.19:07
nathanywell, i suppose, although it makes me wonder how many others are borked as well19:07
paulproteusThey are the same, I'm pretty sure.19:07
paulproteusYeah, I agree. )-:19:07
paulproteusI should write some sort of test thing that checks them all and shows me what ought be fixed.19:08
paulproteus(note recorded)19:09
nathanyright... i guess we should also compare the CC style v. "traditional" po file for NO to see if both are f'd19:09
greg-gBovinity: Garin is part of the OPEN:Michigan project, the Open CourseWare team at University of Michigan19:11
Bovinitygreg-g: ah19:11
Bovinitygreg-g: does he get a lot of Fonzie jokes?19:11
greg-gnot as many as he should19:11
greg-g(he's kind of a hipster)19:12
paulproteusLike you!19:12
greg-gyeah, but my last name isn't Fons19:13
nathanyBovinity: ask Jane about luggage and Garin's car19:13
nathanyit's a funny story19:13
Bovinitythis Garin guy gets around huh19:14
greg-gindeed, we were just talking about that story today19:14
nathanypaulproteus: at a glance it appears po/no/cc_org.po is fine19:22
nathanywhich means it's in the sync between the two that things get fucked19:22
paulproteusThat's a relief (?).19:23
nathany(is it possible that it has something to do with some having msgctxt and some not?)19:23
nathanyer, nevermind, not sure that means anything19:23
paulproteusI'm glad ODEPO is actually moved now (</oops>).19:23
paulproteusAnything's possible. I'm going to head in to the office shortly (once I brush my hair).19:24
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Channel6Hey there, quick question: can a CC-BY be used for financial gain? I'd still give attibution, but I think the work I'd be doing on the image falls under Fair Use21:08
nathanyChannel6: sure21:09
nathanyjust make sure you comply with the license terms re: attribution21:09
nathany(license name, link, creator name, link)21:10
ianwellerall you do is give attribution to the author in the way they specify... which defaults to a link to their website or their work, basically21:12
mecredisBovinity: nkinkade do you guys know what deal is with the :|0}}|  on http://wiki-staging.creativecommons.org/Main_Page is?21:13
mecredis(its right after the translation boxes)21:13
mecredisalso, the has Language thing looks problematic21:13
mecredisI just copied everything on the Main page from live to staging21:14
nkinkademecredis: I think you can just ignore it.21:14
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nkinkadeProbably bad markup.21:14
nkinkadeOr correct it. :-)21:14
mecredisbut why would it appear on staging21:14
mecredisand not main?21:14
mecredisthe thing is its not in the text21:14
mecredisits falling out from somewhere else21:14
mecredisI will probably ignore it21:15
mecredisI just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to cause me problems down the line21:15
nathanymecredis: nkinkade: are the translation templates intact on staging?21:16
nathany(just a thought)21:16
mecredisI fixed up the templates21:16
mecredisthey are the same21:16
mecredisI think it has to do with internal languages?21:16
nathanymaybe, i haven't looked closely at all21:17
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mecredisok, not a huge deal21:17
mecredisis the wiki-staging a recent dump?21:17
paulproteusDoes staging have a different set of extensions?21:18
paulproteuse.g. is it missing ParserFunctions or something?21:19
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Bovinitywiki-s looks fairly uptodate, from the recent changes page21:20
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paulproteusnathany, The corruption is new; looks like it was caused by these sync scripts.21:45
paulproteusi.e. there is a non-insane msgctxt revision of no21:45
nathanyHEAD - 1 in svn?21:46
paulproteusNo, minus like ten.21:46
nathany(that's what i pulled for cc.org and which seems to be working)21:46
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paulproteusnathany, At least one problem appears to be the old reverse_english function.22:00
paulproteusLooking into it now.22:00
nathanypaulproteus: can't say i'm surprised22:00
nathanyalthough... hrm, i thought that was pretty sane although it did rely on the old and new versions not being mucked with outside the tools22:00
* paulproteus nods22:01
nkinkadeBovinity: How much do you know about theming in Drupal?22:02
paulproteusWho is The Ming, and what is he doing in our our Drupal?22:03
nkinkadeThere have been some significant changes introduced between 5.x and 6.x and the support2008 theme is screwed.22:03
* paulproteus ducks22:03
Bovinitynkinkade: how screwed?22:03
nkinkadeDon't work.22:03
nkinkadeLot's of errors.22:03
Bovinitynkinkade: is zupport on it?22:03
nkinkadeThere were some largish api changes.22:03
nkinkadeBovinity: Yeah.22:03
nkinkadeBovinity: Are you familiar with it?22:03
nkinkadeIf so, then you might be the best person to tackle it.  If not, then I'll slog through learning about it and upgrading the theme to be 6.x compat.22:04
Bovinitynkinkade: somewhat, its been a while22:04
Bovinitynkinkade: are all the modules up to date too?22:04
nkinkadeBovinity: What does that mean in practical terms?22:04
nkinkadeYes, all the modules are updated now, on zupport, that is.22:04
nkinkadeBovinity: I've been wondering for a while if a new theme isn't in order for support.22:05
nkinkadeAt least for that header image.22:05
nkinkadeBut we can worry about that later.22:05
Bovinitynkinkade: yeah, later22:05
Bovinitynkinkade: well, practically, you and me are in the same boat as to replacing function calls that have been updated/removed22:06
nkinkadeBut now I've got get the thing to some other theme because the admin interface can't even be used.22:06
nkinkadeBovinity: Alright, then I'll go ahead and do it.22:06
nkinkadeI'm in the process of upgrading anyway, so it's probably easiest if I just handle it.22:06
Bovinityif you get it running, i can massage out any remaining bugs22:06
paulproteusnathany, Fixed22:07
paulproteusCommitting one small code change now; I can talk about it once I've done that.22:07
nathanydid fixing sync make NO work on trunk?22:07
nathanyping me when committed and i'll look @ the diff22:08
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nkinkadeBovinity: It's getting there.  Do you have a second to look at zupport?23:00
nkinkadeThere are some strang-ish artifacts on the main /join page.23:00
Bovinitynkinkade: i just glanced at it. menus are still buggered23:00
nkinkade<!-- YUI Guf -->, </--p>23:00
nkinkadeThings like that.23:00
Bovinityhtml comments23:01
nkinkadeBovinity: Which menus?23:01
Bovinitynkinkade: sidebar23:01
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Bovinitynkinkade: footer is missing too23:01
nkinkadeIn the admin area?23:01
Bovinitynkinkade: on the pages themselves23:02
nkinkadeOh, I see.23:02
nkinkadeNot sure why it's displaying HTML comments.  But I'll work on the menu thing.23:02
paulproteus</--p> # whoa23:06
paulproteusThat's not a comment at all...23:06
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