Monday, 2009-01-26

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do3Eg morning12:11
do3Ei'm looking for video footage, but i can't figureout if there is any specific tool to search for this under CC12:12
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rkumaranI am compiling the application which uses m library. I compile like  cc -lm <myprog>.c16:38
rkumarannow I want to compile in 64-bit also, cc -xarch=v9 -lm <myprog>.c16:38
rkumarangives error with m library16:38
rkumaranPlease to compile in 32bit and 64bit..16:39
greg-grkumaran: sorry to disappoint, but this channel is not about the gnu c/c++ compiler16:41
greg-gThis channel is about Creative Commons (see /topic)16:41
rkumaranoh!! sorry.16:41
greg-gyou might have better luck in #gcc16:41
rkumaranThanks, :)16:41
greg-gno problem, all the best.16:42
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nathanygreg-g: I'm working from home today, a little under the weather; you available to do a check in 10 min or so?16:53
greg-gnathany: yep.16:55
nathanygreg-g: calling17:04
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Bovinity_nathany: svn production is safe now, yes?19:03
nathanyBovinity_: ^^19:03
Bovinity_cool. i noticed the sidebar was pulling in teh About CC0 page in the about section, cleaning that up.19:04
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paulproteus(morning, all, from SF)19:42
paulproteusgreg-g, ##c is more appropriate.19:42
paulproteusBut he'll find his way, I'm sure.19:42
isforinsectsmorning paulproteus19:42
isforinsectsHow goes?19:44
paulproteusPretty well.19:45
paulproteusI'm a little thirsty.19:45
paulproteusNo one's here at the office, so maybe I'll join this work-from-home party via m home too.19:45
paulproteus(That's not true; mlinksva is in!)19:46
mlinksvaseveral people are here, they must be in a meeting or at lunch19:46
greg-gpaulproteus: yeah, figured I wouldn't give him the best answer, just something better than me :)19:47
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isforinsectspaulproteus: have you done FOIA requests before?20:04
paulproteusIt's a great empty spot in my history.20:05
isforinsectsactually, this is a #fc conversation20:06
mlinksvapaulproteus: is talking to giorgos & co at 6pm tomorrow still work for you?20:10
paulproteusLet me double-check, but I think Yes.20:11
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macondohai i need credit card numbers22:17
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Steren_hi paulproteus, I just wanted to ask. Do I have a way to be sure that I'm currently using liblicense 0.8.1 within Python ? because currently it still doesn't work with tests it's supposed to pass.22:35
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paulproteusSteren_, Hmm, well, how did you install it?22:38
paulproteusRight now liblicense doesn't expose its version, which is a real shame.22:38
Steren_paulproteus: I have the last package from the CC repo. but I wonder if one day i didn't do a manual build, and I know it's source of issues22:39
greg-gpaulproteus: did you see my issue re: liblicense .8.1 not installable?22:39
* greg-g jumps on the bandwagon22:39
paulproteusgreg-g, Yes, on amd64. It has to do with the sucky way I'm rebuilding for multiple architectures.22:40
paulproteusSteren_, Well, one thing you can do is:22:40
Steren_come oneveryone, let's liblicense mass-complain22:40
Steren_just joking :)22:40
paulproteus>>> import liblicense22:40
paulproteus>>> liblicense22:40
paulproteus<module 'liblicense' from '/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/liblicense/__init__.pyc'>22:40
greg-gpaulproteus: ok. thanks. just wanted an ACK. go about your business :)22:40
paulproteusThat tells you the path to the liblicense .pyc you're using.22:41
Steren_paulproteus: yes I did that. I had a look to the .py, but not the pyc22:41
paulproteus$ ls  /usr/{local,}/lib/liblicense*so*22:41
paulproteusThat's another thing; if you only have a /usr/lib/liblicense.* in the result, then you're not using a local install probably (unless you passed --prefix=/usr to your autoconf).22:42
Steren_paulproteus: it's ok i only have /usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/liblicense/ as result22:43
paulproteusAh-hah, so you would do well to "make uninstall" from your local build.22:43
paulproteusLet me know if you need further help.22:49
Steren_paulproteus: Ok I  found my old local build, but got an error when "make uninstall", in French make: *** Pas de règle pour fabriquer la cible « uninstall ». Arrêt.22:49
Steren_I'm not sure I build it from here, it seams to, because there are files from autogen22:50
paulproteusHmm, it works for me. Make sure that in your local build you have run
paulproteusYou could just re-run (on any fresh copy of liblicense, even not the one you built from).22:50
Steren_paulproteus: autogen doesn't work (" required file `licenses/' not found ") I will pull a fresh copy22:51
paulproteusMake sure you have done "git submodule init && git submodule update".22:51
paulproteus(This should not be needed against a tarball.)22:51
Steren_paulproteus: it seams to be a real mess, I'm cloning the liblicense repo22:55
Steren_paulproteus: I still have this git issue (bug?) here behind my proxy for downloading submodules. When I download a tarball here;a=summary it should be fine ? because it's not.23:05
paulproteusNo, the tarball from the gitweb would lack the submodules.23:05 links to release tarballs.23:06
paulproteusAs for your git proxy issues, just live the tsocks dream.23:06
Steren_yeah I know, I'll dive into this one day :)23:06
Steren_paulproteus: Ok I got it. Strange : there is no in the tarball from the wiki. But I copied the other and everything is ok23:10
paulproteusYes, the wiki tarball has ./configure instead.23:10
paulproteusThat's the way things should be. (-:23:10
Steren_paulproteus: great everything is working now. Thanks for all. I'll write some tests tomorrow. Now it's time to bed.23:14
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