Thursday, 2009-01-22

nkinkadenathany: Bovinity: zupport is unusable for the moment.  I don't think either of you will need it, but I mention so you aren't surprised if you go there for something.00:25
nkinkadeI've got Drupal up to 6.9, but still need to get CiviCRM up to 2.1.x.00:25
nkinkadeWhich I'll probably tackle tomorrow morning.00:26
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paulproteusTackle and cackle.04:25
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Got a second for a git-merge question.17:20
paulproteusnkinkade, Sure!17:20
nkinkadepaulproteus: So, I attempting to merge 2.1.4 of CivicCRM into our 2.0.3 stuff.17:21
nkinkadeOne huge problem is that CiviCRM has updated every single file, practically with a header about copyright and version.17:21
paulproteusWell, if we don't have deltas, that shouldn't be much of a problem.17:21
paulproteusI mean, if we don't have many deltas.17:21
nkinkadeThis is causing conflicts, on virtually every file.17:22
nkinkadeBecause almost every files has the header info like: CiviCRM version 2.017:22
nkinkadeAnd : Copyright CiviCRM LLC (c) 2004-200717:22
nkinkadeExcept now it reads 2.1 and 2004-200817:22
nkinkadeSo, I resolved to just use perl -pi to change them all in advance and that worked to an extent.17:23
nkinkadeBut I see that in other places in many of the same files they *didn't* update the same string!17:23
nkinkadeThat is, the copyright stuff shows up twice in many files, as part of some header info and also the phpdocumenter stuff.17:24
nkinkadepaulproteus: ^^17:24
paulproteusLe sigh.17:24
nkinkadeAnd some they updated for 2.1 and some not!17:24
nkinkadeI was wondering if you knew of any way to sidestep some of this.17:24
paulproteusWell, do we have any deltas we care about?17:25
nkinkadeI think it's safe to say that for virtually every conflict we want the REMOTE changes.17:26
paulproteusYou can use the merge driver called "ours".17:26
paulproteusEr, theirs!17:26
nkinkadeI don't think we have any changes we care about at this point, because all the changes were bug fixes that I submitted and were later integrated into 2.1.17:26
paulproteusgit merge -s theirs <branch_name>17:26
nkinkadepaulproteus: Ah. Let me try that on for size.17:27
paulproteus"theirs" may not exist or quite have that name; see man git-merge.17:27
nkinkadeThis merging to upgrade seems difficult.17:27
nkinkadeI get the sense that CiviCRM hasn't done anything to make that easier ... that they expect you to just follow their regular upgrade path.17:28
paulproteusThere are sane workflows we can put on top, especially git merge -s theirs.17:28
paulproteusIf that really exists.17:28
nkinkadepaulproteus: As far as the naming, I seem to get an error from git-merge anyway that close name change detection is off because there are too many files.17:28
paulproteusI have to go have lunch, but I'll be back about 2 pm.17:29
paulproteusI did manage to fix a few more long-standing liblicense bugs, though.17:29
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paulproteusnkinkade, It's only "partial rename detection".20:07
paulproteusI wouldn't worry about it.20:07
paulproteusrehi, anyway.20:07
nkinkadepaulproteus: What I had decided to try to do was to just skip the merge and to just checkout 2.1.4 and then later manually add in the 4 or 5 files that are custom.20:08
nkinkadeBut then I ran into a database upgrade problem.20:09
paulproteusBlargle, you should do the merge so that the history is joined.20:09
nkinkadeI went to #civicrm and dlobo wants me to send him the db so he can figure out what is wrong.20:09
nkinkadepaulproteus: What history?20:09
paulproteusHah, nice.20:09
paulproteusHere's what I hope would work:20:10
nkinkadeThere isn't much, except the handful of bugs I fixed.20:10
paulproteus$ cd /var/www/
paulproteus$ git merge production20:10
paulproteus(git says okay)20:10
nkinkadeAnd even those aren't there because the fixes happened before we were using git.20:10
paulproteusThis is slow to explain on IRC.20:11
paulproteusBut anyway, if you want the above two commands to work, there has to be a path in the history between an earlier revision and where you're trying to go.20:11
paulproteusIf that makes sense.20:11
nkinkadepaulproteus: Maybe we could chat with Ekiga.20:14
paulproteusnkinkade, Okay20:15
nkinkadeI just tried you, but it failed.20:17
paulproteus"User is not available"20:19
paulproteusI have a real phone, too. )-:20:20
nkinkadeTurns out I'm edaknik20:20
paulproteus"Could not connect with remote host"20:21
nkinkadeYou're paulproteus@, right?20:21
paulproteusEpic flail.20:22
paulproteusJHU is probably blocking SIP, I learn.20:23
paulproteusFrickin' awesome.20:23
nkinkadeWell, I can just call you.20:23
isforinsectsJHU == ?20:24
paulproteus        read ans # ans="c"20:37
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Did you ever experiment with the civicrm stuff?23:28

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