Friday, 2009-01-23

nathanynkinkade: Bovinity: is it possible we're not using svnmerge on ccwordpress?00:13
nathanyi could've sworn we were00:13
Bovinitynathany: we are00:13
nathanythe properties don't seem to be there00:13
nkinkadenathany: I second what Bovinity said.00:15
nathanyok, wait, maybe my local checkout if fucked00:15
nkinkadeLet me double check mine, but I've used it just recently.00:15
nathanyweird, i had the property deleted on my checkout00:16
nathanythat's f'd00:16
nkinkadeDid an svn up bring it back?00:17
nathanynkinkade: yeah, just did svn revert00:28
nathanyit does looks like there are lots of revs marked as "unmerged" that surely have been00:29
nathanyfor example, hasn't ecuador launched long ago?00:29
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skyfallerwhat ever happened to the wplicense plugin for Wordpress?  ... is there a reason why nobody has updated it in over a year?01:55
skyfalleralso the subversion repository seems to have gone missing01:56
paulproteusskyfaller, Eep!02:05
paulproteusThe documentation must be out of date.02:05
paulproteus'Cause we have been putting in maintenance.02:05
paulproteusAnd we even use it!02:05
skyfalleryou should put the canonical version in the Wordpress plugins directory02:06
paulproteusOf course we should.02:13
* paulproteus files two issues02:14
paulproteusThere are two bugs. I will handle them soon!02:18
paulproteus(c.f. )02:18
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nkinkadepaulproteus: What did you make of your merge attempts with CiviCRM yesterday?16:13
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nkinkadenathany: On the CCi database thing, I'm waiting to hear from you, and you're waiting to hear from Ethan.  Is that right?16:14
nathanynkinkade: you're waiting to hear from me, I'm procrastinating on writing Ethan :)16:15
nkinkadeJust wanted to make sure I wasn't blocking it.16:15
nkinkadeI'll keep waiting.16:15
nkinkadepaulproteus: By the way, I just had occasion to send someone a link to your Pootle screencasts.  Thanks.16:16
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nkinkadepaulproteus: ^^ re: civicrm git merge.16:57
nkinkadeThere are 363 conflicts in that merge, which is all out of proportion.17:00
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Multiple-Paralaxis there a place somewhere to post CC writing?..permanately17:04
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Multiple-Paralaxi wrote a small article for entertainment, but ive no where to host it heh17:05
nkinkadeMultiple-Paralax: You could post in on archive.org17:06
nkinkadeThey host CC-licensed content for free.17:06
Multiple-Paralax <--thats it17:06
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Multiple-Paralaxincase you want to read..its kinda lol17:06
nkinkadeVery. :-)17:07
paulproteusnkinkade, Wow! re: screencasts17:07
paulproteusnkinkade, I agree re: out of proportion.17:07
nkinkadeI feel pretty dull-witted to have all this time thought it was a matter of turning the cap counterclockwise and then drinking.17:08
nkinkadepaulproteus: I don't know what to do about it.17:08
Multiple-Paralaxi got bored, and wanted to describe something use insane techspeak17:08
paulproteusI bought some "Strawberry Moss" drink at a middle eastern place an hour ago.17:08
Multiple-Paralaxand/or made up words17:08
paulproteusIt's delicious. All I had to do is turn the cap counterclockwise and then drink.17:08
nkinkadeIt was barbarous act of reductionism on my part.17:08
nkinkadepaulproteus: What do you suggest for the civicrm stuff?  I looked last night at playing around with the git-mergetool, and I even briefly tried to make a shell script called mediff3, but it didn't work.17:09
paulproteusnkinkade, What I make of it is that we don't have a whole lot of changes.17:10
paulproteusI'll try to create said shell script now.17:10
nkinkadepaulproteus: It's possible that we have none to the core files, or none that haven't already been added to the 2.1 sources by the devs.17:11
paulproteusI think that's likely.17:11
paulproteusYou can check by doing git diff origin/REL_2_0_9..cc_staging (or similar)17:11
nkinkadeDo you think it's because we are making such a huge leap in versions?  I hope it isn't like this for future upgrades.17:11
paulproteusI imagine it has to do with the big leap, but we'll be making big leaps from time to time anyway.17:13
paulproteusLet me try some stuff; tty in 10m or so.17:13
* paulproteus builds a modern kdiff3...17:22
paulproteusI really look forward to Debian lenny releasing.17:22
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paulproteusnkinkade, So there are two reasonable ways forward.17:32
paulproteusBTW, note that this is weirder than usual because civicrm is using svn histories, not git histories.17:32
paulproteusIf they were actually using git, this would all be more natural. (In particular there would be fewer divergences in the history.)17:33
nkinkadepaulproteus: So it begs the question as to whether we'd be better of having it in subversion repository.17:33
nkinkadeSounds like we're trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole.17:33
paulproteusWay 1: Create a new set of (production, staging) branches based on 2_1_x by just doing:17:33
paulproteus$ git checkout origin/tags/2_1_whatever17:33
paulproteus# open up gitk17:34
paulproteusEr, make a branch first.17:34
paulproteusThen, see if there's anything in the old CC branch you want, and if there is, right-click on it and cherry pick it in.17:34
paulproteusAnd test, and if you like it, call it production.17:34
nkinkadepaulproteus: This is essentially what I suggested yesterday.17:34
paulproteusNote that gitk and cherry-pick are nicer in git than anything svn offers.17:34
paulproteusWay 2: Write the "trivial" shell script that for no good reason I haven't written yet.17:35
nkinkadeI think I like Way 1 better.17:35
nkinkadeIt seems more natural.17:35
paulproteusThe downside of "Way 1" is that on the live sites, you can't use "merge" into the new thing; you'd have to "git checkout" into it.17:36
nkinkadeOur changes amount to a theme, 2 or 3 custom templates, and that may be all.17:36
paulproteusRegardless, I'm going to take a moment to write the Way 2 script and see how it fares.17:36
paulproteusI'm sure I'll need it for something else later on anyway.17:36
nkinkadeHow much easier would this be if we were using subversion for this instead of git?17:37
paulproteusDealing with upgrades *within* releases would be way harder, I feel.17:38
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nkinkadeSo what was causing all those merge conflicts?  git-svn inadequacies?17:38
paulproteus...hey, wait one second, I have one other idea.17:38
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paulproteusI think it has to do with how the history tree looks, but I'm not super sure.17:44
paulproteusAnyway, hold on another few minutes.17:44
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paulproteusI wrote the trivial merge tool and am trying it now.17:56
paulproteusConflict resolution tool, that is to say.17:56
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paulproteusnkinkade, I wrote the trivial merge conflict resolver, and am resolving the conflicts now.18:12
paulproteusI think that a more history-aware merge system, like what bzr uses, would handle that way better.18:12
nkinkadepaulproteus: Cool.18:14
paulproteusWe add an OpenID plugin?18:19
paulproteusnkinkade, Do you know what "packages.orig" is about?18:22
paulproteusDoes that ring a bell for you?18:22
nkinkadepaulproteus: It doesn't ring a bell.18:24
nkinkadeBut it's not unlike me to make a copy of something with a .orig suffix.18:24
paulproteusIt seems to be a part of the CiviCRM tree, both in 2.0.3 and later.18:25
nkinkadeI messed up the Drupal install (db).18:28
nkinkadeIt was all nice, and then mistakenly re-imported the old backed up db ... now the update script just returns a blank page!18:28
nkinkadeI'll fetch last nights backup.18:29
paulproteusGood thinking.18:29
paulproteusI'd save a snapshot of your "broken" one first.18:30
paulproteusJust in case.18:30
nkinkadeI had meant to re-import the CiviCRM db and there was a file lying around cc_support_staging.sql and I momentarily lapsed and forgot that was Drupal, not CiviCRM.18:30
nkinkadeOverwrote the good, updated DB with the old one.18:30
nkinkadeIt should be easy enough to recover.18:30
paulproteusI should show you how to reproduce the merge I just got.18:33
paulproteusI'll send you an email.18:33
nkinkadeOkay, Drupal is back in business.18:35
nkinkadenathany: /license?18:36
nkinkadeYou updating right now?18:36
nathanyi stupidly forgot to run buildout before attempting to restart the service18:38
nkinkadeI did see buildout in the process list. :-)18:39
nathanynkinkade: Bovinity: paulproteus: mlinksva: if you can spot check I'd appreciate it18:40
paulproteusOkay, one sec.18:40
paulproteusnathany, It appears to work. What else would you like to know?18:41
Bovinitynathany: waiver text isn't showing up (404) on CC0 chooser18:41
nathanyif it generates what appear to be sane results18:41
nathanyBovinity: just noticed that, fixing18:42
nkinkadeSeems fine to me.18:42
paulproteus still links to
nathanywhich is correct18:43
nkinkadepaulproteus: Are you confusing PD with CC0?18:44
Bovinityafai remember, that's correct for PD18:45
Bovinitydorky, but correct18:45
nathanywhat Bovinity said :)18:46
mlinksvalooks good to me18:47
nathanynkinkade: can you take a look at the rewrite rules for cc.org18:50
nathany is getting caught but i can't figure out where18:50
nathany(since i think all the legalcode URLs end with $)18:50
nathanyand the one that has a [a-z-]+ on it has a dot, not a dash18:51
nkinkadenathany: I'll take a look.18:51
nkinkadepaulproteus: Thanks for "theirs" ... that's pretty good.18:52
nathanyi think i just need another set of eyes18:52
nkinkadenathany: So that URL should be going to zope?18:52
nathanyi forgot we moved that dispatch into varnish18:53
nathanymaybe the problem is there?18:53
nkinkadenathany: So you'll handle this from here?18:54
nathanyuh, maybe :) i need to look at the varnish conf and see what makes sense to me18:54
nathanyi may run it by you18:54
nathanynkinkade: is there a program for varnish like apachectl configtest19:05
nathanyto make sure my vcl is sane?19:06
nathany(or can you look @ creativecommons.vcl on a5?)19:06
nkinkadenathany: not that I know of.19:06
nathanydoes my change look sane to you?19:07
nkinkadenathany: Does .* also match a directory traversal?19:07
nkinkadeI forget.19:07
nkinkadeI'll look at man vcl.19:07
nathanyer, if it's a perl-style regular expression it should match any character19:07
nathanyi should probably at least change it to .+19:08
nkinkadeBut I think the VCL is a little different in that you don't need to escape forward slashes.19:08
nkinkadeSo I don't think it totally pcre.19:09
nkinkadeBut it looks good enough to try out.19:09
nkinkadeI don't think it would cause Varnish to crash or anything.19:09
nathanywell that's a relief ;)19:09
nathanywhats the best way to reload the configuration?19:09
nathany/etc/init.d/varnish restart?19:09
nkinkadeYeah, that should do it.19:10
nathanyhere goes19:10
nkinkadeYou can actually load and unload VCL files from the command line,19:10
nkinkadeSo you could create a sample one, then load it into the live server without ever having to restart19:11
nathanythat seems to have done it19:11
nkinkadeOkay, so .* does match / :-)19:11
nkinkadeI've never tried that functionality with Varnish, but I know that there are quite a few things that can be done by telneting to it.19:12
nkinkadenathany: Looking at it closer, could we not just add "licensecode-plain" to the first rule:19:16
nkinkadeAh, didn't see the ^19:17
nathanyand that's for /license/19:17
nathanylegalcode-plain is in /licenses/19:17
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nkinkadepaulproteus: So far so good with the CiviCRM thing and your altered git-mergetool.20:20
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paulproteusnkinkade, Great, I'm glad that is making sense.20:33
paulproteusnathany, Yes, it is correct, it just feels silly. re: PD link20:33
nkinkadepaulproteus: It's not making sense, but it's working, I think.20:33
paulproteusHah, okay.20:33
nkinkadepaulproteus: I've been doing the work in another branch on a9.  It will be easy enough to supplant cc_staging with the work in my new branch?20:34
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nkinkadeI can do it all again on cc_staging, but it'd be nice to not have to.20:34
paulproteusI don't quite understand your question?20:35
nkinkadeI'm doing the upgrade on a branch I made called testing.20:35
nkinkadetesting is just a clone of origin/cc_staging.20:35
nkinkadeWhen I'm all done and testing is working great, how will then make that cc_staging?20:36
nkinkadeApparently I still don't really understand git.20:36
paulproteusI find that "gitk" makes things much easier to understand.20:36
paulproteusgitk --all will show you that origin/cc_staging is a label attached to a direct parent of the commit that you call "testing".20:37
paulproteusSo all you need to do is push the commit that you call testing onto the remote name "cc_staging". That will be sensible because it will just push cc_staging forward in history.20:37
nkinkadeAh, that makes sense.  I may have to ask you later how to push that commit. :-)20:38
nkinkadeMaybe not.20:38
paulproteusI think the phrasebook says how to update a remote branch.20:39
nkinkadeI think I'm going to have to do it again anyway.20:39
paulproteusSaid enter to something you didn't want to?20:39
nkinkadeWhen I was deleting files with git-mergetool, in one case the remote file was modified but our local copy was deleted, but I chose to (d)elete by accident.20:40
nkinkadeBefore I started hitting Enter to select the default, like you instructed.20:40
nkinkadeI was careless and didn't note which file.20:40
paulproteusYou can just check out that file if you... oh, you don't know which file.20:41
nkinkadeSurely the omission will rear it's head at some point.20:41
paulproteusI made a mistake like that, which is why I modified git-mergetool.20:41
nkinkadeIt's all in a testing branch anyway, and it's easy to redo it all, except hitting Enter about 50 times. :-)20:41
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nkinkadepaulproteus: It's git-mergetool that leaves a .orig copy of everything it touched?21:04
paulproteusGood point; I need to fix "theirs" to remove the other files.21:10
paulproteusIt's safe to remove them; I'll make a note that I should fix up "theirs" that way.21:10
paulproteusgit clean -f # will remove all uncommitted files21:11
paulproteus(without -f, git clean only prints what it would remove, rather than doing it; -f makes it not a dry run)21:11
nkinkadepaulproteus: I've used git clean a few times in the past few days :-)21:11
paulproteusGreat. (-:21:12
nkinkadeThere may be a couple files that are unknown that I want to hang around.21:12
nkinkadeI'll start by removing all the *.orig files21:12
nkinkadeInterestingly there are also lots of REMOTE and BACKUP files laying around.21:12
paulproteusYeah, those are also things I forgot to rm.21:14
nkinkadeI'll blast them.21:14
nkinkadeI sure hope CiviCRM doesn't have any real files named like "*.{BASE,REMOTE,LOCAL,BACKUP}.*"21:17
paulproteus"git status" will tell you, anyway!21:19
nkinkadepaulproteus: Why would git be complaining about files that are part of .gitignore?21:25
nathanynkinkade: have you done git add on .gitignore?21:29
nathany(since you added those files)21:29
paulproteusnkinkade, No-eyed deer.21:31
nkinkadenathany: the .gitignore has been there for a while.21:31
nathanyok, just a suggestion :)21:32
nkinkadegit refuses to let me commit until they are merged, but when I went to try to add it it complained that the file was one in my .gitignore!21:32
nathanywait, it's complaining about a file in your .gitignore or it's objecting because it's in .gitignore21:32
nathany(whatever the answer, i'm sure git is behaving in a way that's internally consistent, technically pure and utterly obtuse to mortals)21:33
nkinkadeit's objecting because the file is covered by a pattern in .gitignore.21:33
paulproteusnkinkade, Well, CiviCRM added some files that your .gitignore said to ignore.21:33
paulproteusAs I understand it, that would be the reason.21:33
nkinkadeSo paulproteus, I think those files should in fact be ignored.21:34
paulproteusWell, they're part of svn now.21:34
nkinkadeThey are part of the generated ones we talked about with dlobo.21:34
* paulproteus nods21:34
nkinkadein the ./sql/ dir21:34
nkinkadepaulproteus: What's the resolution?21:35
nkinkadeJust delete the mutha?21:35
paulproteus;a=tree;f=sql;h=0b33d5290cfa65c0de18023518aac7d1158e3280;hb=85cb3e6a856cc6bf4c6d3ea8c940fdea6550cc44 is svn trunk; do you see those files?21:35
paulproteus(Serious question! Maybe they're not in svn, and I'm totally nuts.)21:35
nkinkadeYeah, they are there.21:35
paulproteusI guess you could "git add" them, and ignore changes to them.21:35
nkinkadeGenerateData.php and civicrm_generated.mysql21:36
paulproteusIt's up to you; I don't recall what difference it would make for you, but keeping them in git would minimize the delta against upstream svn.21:36
nkinkadepaulproteus: I tried to git add them and git didn't seem to want to let me do it because they were part of .gitignore21:36
paulproteusRight, so tell it to force it or something.21:36
paulproteusThat is, if you want to add them.21:36
paulproteusWhich I guess I would (and keep them ignored, so that your local changes to them don't get versioned).21:37
nkinkadepaulproteus: I guess I can try to alter .gitignore to not ignore those files but /sql/* was so easy.21:37
paulproteusnkinkade, Keep in mind that "git add --force" will let you add them.21:38
paulproteusI'm no longer sure what we're talking about.21:38
*** TRD is now known as TRD|Zzz21:38
nkinkadeSurprisingly -f "forces" git-add to add.21:39
nkinkadeWho would have guessed that, those infernal git developers!21:39
nathanypaulproteus: have you seen hg's built-in graph browser?21:44
paulproteushgweb's, you mean.21:44
paulproteusVery nice!21:44
nathanyI mean hg's since it's included with hg :)21:45
paulproteusVery well. (-:21:45
nathanywoah, check out
nathanypretty :)21:45
paulproteusYes, but also confusing....21:46
paulproteusBisecting that for a bug sounds like no fun.21:46
nathany(i'm dreaming of faster merging for the license engine and deeds right now)21:46
nathanyapparently there's a faster, canvas based theme available now21:47
nathanyhopefully it labels the branches on the lines21:47
nkinkadeAre we going to add a 3rd VCS into the mix?21:47
nathanynkinkade: i'd rather not21:48
nathanyi'm just disappointed over the past few days; i had made the decision to just suck it up and learn to love git21:49
nathanyand then i encountered the community21:49
nkinkadeAnd it left you wanting?21:49
nathany(note: they didn't do anything wrong, I just had my "feelings hurt", so to speak)21:49
nathanyi didn't feel... welcomed :)21:49
nkinkadeOn IRC?21:49
nathanyBovinity: weren't we going to do away with the circle-CC on the zero?21:50
nkinkadeI haven't dealt with the community yet.  I just use paulproteus for one stop shopping and and a way to avoid RTFM.21:50
nathanyi imagine there's an unmerged change on ccwordpress, maybe faster for you?21:50
paulproteusnathany, FWIW the emails from the maintainer were much better, and that random dude who flamed your top-posting could have been a doppelganger of my annoying high-school self....21:50
paulproteus(And he was gentle, if still annoying.)21:50
nathanyyou mean both of them?21:51
paulproteusYeah, I guess I mean both of them.21:51
nathanythere were two replies that both a)ignored my question and b)flamed my top posting21:51
nathanyanyway, like i said, it's my ego, nothing more21:51
nathanyand you're right, the maintainer did great21:51
paulproteusnathany, re: Emacs org mode:21:53
nkinkadeBy the way, nathany, I was glad you mentioned Linode.  I got one, and dropped my old Dreamhost account.  $10/mo more and it's totally worth it.21:53
nathanycool :)21:53
paulproteusnkinkade, Yay!21:53
nathanyi'm considering doing something similar, but webfaction is so damn good21:53
paulproteusnkinkade, Or you could save up for a server and send it to Joi for colo!21:53
paulproteusWhen you change  #+SEQ_TODO: at the top, is there a way to have Org Mode reload that for the file?21:54
paulproteusOh, I guess possibly I could kill the buffer and re-open the file.21:54
nkinkadeFor the price of a 1970 cup of coffee, I get my very own Debian system and a unique IP.21:54
paulproteus(a month)21:54
nathanypaulproteus: i think C-c C-c on that line will do so21:54
nkinkade(per day, sorry)21:54
nathanyi remember reading that there is a shortcut to make org-mode re-parse the file21:54
nkinkade(and confusingly I was referring to the price diff. between Dreamhost and Linode)21:55
paulproteusnkinkade, Yes, all in all, that is very confusing.21:55
paulproteusYes, C-c C-c does the trick!21:55
nathanypaulproteus: i wound up defining a couple of custom TODO sequences in my .emacs.d/init.el21:56
nathanyand then that's stored in dvcs as well21:56
paulproteusThat's very sensible.21:56
paulproteusI'm sticking to one file and configuring it all in there until I decide I want more.21:57
nathanyalso a sensible approach21:57
nathanyBovinity: i went ahead and just copied over the icon21:57
nkinkadepaulproteus: So now that I've got the testing branch where I want it and have commited all the changes locally, shouldn't I be able to git-push to push the changes in testing to the remote repository (cc_staging) that it's tracking?21:59
paulproteusnkinkade, Sounds good to me.22:00
nkinkadepaulproteus: Nothing happens when I do it.22:00
*** keksschaf has left #cc22:00
nkinkadeYou can see it on a9:/var/www/
nkinkadeMy commit is in the log.22:01
paulproteusI'm not entirely sure about the relationship between push and tracking branches.22:01
nkinkadeBut git-push only complains about not being able to push master.22:01
paulproteusI'm a lamer and just do "git push origin $LOCAL:$REMOTE" when I push, typically.22:02
nkinkadepaulproteus: I try it the long-hand way.22:02
nkinkadeOr are you in there about to do it?22:03
paulproteusI won't.22:03
nkinkadepaulproteus: That seems to have done it.22:03
paulproteusAs it should.22:04
nkinkadeAnd did.22:05
nkinkadeAnd it also avoids that ugly warning about master and fast-forward.22:07
*** jgay has quit IRC22:10
mlinksvankinkade, the jurisdiction sidebar on seems to be stuck at new year's eve22:11
nkinkademlinksva: That can't be good.  I'll have a look.22:14
*** UncleCJ2_ has quit IRC22:22
*** mlinksva has quit IRC22:36
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*** nathany has joined #cc23:11
nkinkademlinksva: The problem with the jurisdiction feed on the front page has to do with the caching mechanism of the builtin RSS fetching code of WP (Magpie).23:12
nkinkadeFor the moment I have just disabled caching, but I'll keep looking for the ultimate cause on staging.23:13
mlinksvankinkade, thanks.23:21
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