Wednesday, 2009-01-21

nkinkadeHow about a conditional [Edit] next to "Discuss this page" that only shows once you are viewing the Talk page?00:00
nkinkadeI can use the same logic that is used in the Footer links.00:00
nkinkadeI think00:00
Bovinityi think the edit link should appear somewhere in the main content area00:04
Bovinitysidebar would work, for a quick and easy fix00:04
nkinkadeBovinity: How about this:00:07
nkinkadeWe'll just display the "Views" menu at all times, not just when someone is logged in.00:07
nkinkadeMight require to move the login box upward for visibility.00:08
Bovinitynkinkade: yeah, i think it should be visible at all times, pretty standard wiki links00:09
nkinkadeI'll get it lookign a little better, then send the link here for your review.00:09
nkinkadeBovinity: ^^00:12
nkinkadeIt somewhat displaces the previous links, but it seems important to have those standard wiki tools at arms reach.00:13
Bovinitynkinkade: "Upload File" should only appear for logged in people00:13
Bovinity"special pages" too, i suppose00:13
nkinkadeHmm.  I are confuse.,00:16
nkinkadeThe loop that creates the menu at the bottom is the apparently the same one that creates the sidebar, but the content is different.00:17
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User858need cc number14:06
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User858help me pls14:07
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Need-CCsee cc14:18
Need-CC!seen cc14:18
ProperNounUm, #cc, it might help if you ask me about _someone_...14:18
Need-CC!seen Credit14:19
ProperNounUm, #cc, it might help if you ask me about _someone_...14:19
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paradroidHi, I am looking for some "definite" answers as to how to embed CC-metadata into files, esp. audio (Ogg Vorbis, MP3) and image (JPG). Currently I am confused about what (URL, verification link, license name) should go where (EXIF, XMP, license, copyright, URL, comment, ...). Any help is very welcome.15:38
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paulproteusHi paradroid.16:01
paulproteusHave you seen the page?16:01
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paradroidpaulproteus:  Yes, I have. I am still somewhat confused how to properly go about this practically but I'll try and figure that out. Thanks for mentioning the wikipage.16:13
paulproteusparadroid, Sure. Ask me for specifics on any file type and I will answer.16:13
paulproteusIf necessary, i will fix a wiki page. (-:16:14
paradroidpaulproteus: The theoretical aspects of marking files are quite clear to me (I think so at least), it's the practical side that causes trouble, e. g. what software tools are the appropriate ones. The liblicense package e. g. keeps segfaulting and also claims certain licenses non-existant. The powerful Perl-app exiftool lets me write to every field you can think of whereas e. g. id3 knows only very basic fields.16:19
paradroidIt's just all very inconsistent to me.16:19
paradroidCanonical field names for Ogg Vorbis as defined by Xiph include License and Copyright but nothing specifically for the web statement...16:20
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paulproteusparadroid, liblicense 0.8.1 avoids most of these segfaults and generally wrks.16:28
paulproteusHave you tried that newer release?16:28
paulproteusI'm really glad you're using it, and I'm happy to fix critical bugs you do find.16:28
paradroidThere's no version-switch, is there? ;)16:30
paradroidAnyway, my repistory offers me the 0.8.1-release anyhow.16:30
paulproteusHmm, we should have a version switch.16:31
* paulproteus files an issue16:31
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paulproteusYo skyfaller.16:31
paulproteusLong time no see.16:31
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paulproteusparadroid, Okay, I'll make a --version <>.16:34
paulproteusparadroid, It does segfault if you give it bad arguments, but it shouldn't segfault on files.16:35
paradroidpaulproteus:  I have not really played with it a lot so it may just as well be my inexperience. :)16:36
paulproteusI'm here to help. (-:16:36
paradroidOK... you asked for it. :)16:37
paradroidThe -l switch e. g. is said to "Use the license with URI instead of default" but when I feed it e. g. it tells me "does not exist".16:37
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paulproteusHmm, let me see if I can reproduce that.16:42
paulproteusYup, I can.16:42
paulproteusNow let me check why it happens.16:42
paulproteusClearly I should have a --force option to override that anyway.16:43
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paulproteusparadroid, FYI I'm filing tickets that you can see at for these issues.16:44
paulproteusAnd good morning to the pair of Nathans.16:44
nkinkadeHey paulproteus.16:46
nkinkadeIn a few minutes I may have some questions for you about Drupal and git.16:47
paulproteusparadroid, Okay, without the .de it does work.16:47
paradroidpaulproteus:  Yes, sorry, I could have told you...16:47
paulproteusNo big deal.16:47
paulproteusLet me add a test for that now and see why it fails.16:48
paradroidpaulproteus:  Another minor issue which is a question of understanding: in what form should the default license be specified in ~/.license16:48
paulproteusI think it is just read in as a string and any trailing whitespace trimmed.16:49
paulproteusWe could be clearer about that in e.g. the man page, though.16:49
paulproteusnathany, I think I'll spend the morning on paradroid's liblicense issues and nkinkade's drupal.git stuff...16:49
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nathanypaulproteus: sounds good; make sure you file a bug re: paradroid's issue16:51
paulproteusI'm filing lots of tickets.16:51
paulproteusparadroid, The issues that bothers me the most is the /de/ failure.16:52
paulproteusI'm looking into that now.16:52
paradroidpaulproteus:  :) Don't let it get to you too much!16:52
paulproteusI mean in a professional sense. (-:16:53
mlinksvankinkade: are you certain that is up to date?  i have no reason to think it is not, just checking before i use it as a reference16:55
paradroidpaulproteus:  Sry for all the stuff I'm asking, I'm starting to feel bad about it - but the default license still keeps me confused. A simple .license file containing an URI (e.g. makes liblicense tell me "Failed to make directory. Error: No default license set". Without a file/directory .license such a directory is created... leaving me wondering what should go there.16:57
paulproteusPlease don't feel bad! I'm happy to help.16:57
paulproteus...setting the default license doesn't seem to do anything.17:02
paulproteusparadroid, Any other issues you're having?17:06
paulproteusAnd how long will you be around?17:06
paulproteusI can try to get these fixed in the next couple of hours.17:06
paulproteusAnd feel free to sign up for our issue tracker and file issues directly.17:06
paradroidpaulproteus:  It's not an urgent thing for me at all. I'm actually just playing around with it atm.17:06
paulproteusYes, but these should be fixed!17:07
paulproteusAll the more reason to file it now; if you do need it sometime, you'd be able to find it fixed.17:07
paulproteusHow did you find out about it, and what are you thinking of using it for, out of curiosity?17:07
paradroidWell, I was trying to figure out a way to embed CC-metadata into different works of mine that range from audio to image.17:08
paradroidI didn't feel much like using different tools for that that modify ID3-tags, headers, whatever so I stumbled across ccPublisher which wouldn't work and somehow ended up with liblicense ;)17:09
paulproteusVia the CC wiki, maybe?17:09
paradroidActually liblicense popped up with "apt-cache search creative commons"17:10
paulproteusOh, awesome.17:10
paradroidDidn't read about it anywhere else.17:10
paradroidCC really need some super-user-friendly tools for creators that are not that tech-savvy (like me)17:11
paulproteusSuper rad.17:11
paulproteusYes, but we also could do with fixing our tools for tech-savvy creators. (-:17:11
paulproteusActually Steren Giannini is working on a more user-friendly tool on top of liblicense.17:11
paulproteusBut getting the word out will be a somewhat difficult problem.17:12
nkinkademlinksva: I have no reason to believe that that file /index.rdf should be out of date.17:13
nkinkadeIt's at the latest svn revision.17:13
nkinkadeThe actual file is, but there must be a redirect.17:14
nathanynkinkade: is it redirecting or rewriting?17:15
nathanypaulproteus: if i'm in the middle of a conflicted merge and i've fixed the conflict, what's the incantation to commit that?17:15
nathany"git commit foo" tells mefatal: cannot do a partial commit during a merge. fatal: cannot do a partial commit during a merge.17:15
paulproteusgit add $fixed_file17:15
paulproteusgit commit -m 'message'17:15
nathanyi think i expected just doing git commit with a path to implicitly add like it normally does17:16
paulproteusI do think git is right that you have to resolve all the conflicts before you can merge.17:16
nathanyright, it was the add/commit behavior that tripped me up17:16
paulproteusBut if "git add $whatever; git commit -m ..." works, and "git commit $whatever -m ..." doesn't, then that's a bug and I'll complain about it on the git list.17:16
nathanylet me pastebin my history and you can verify17:17
paulproteusSuper rad.17:17
nkinkadenathany: rewriting17:17
nathanynkinkade: great17:17
nathanyi flailed around a little but i think it's a bug17:19
paulproteusI meant to email you to ask what you're using; are you using ?17:24
paulproteusI'm thinking of trying that myself.17:24
mlinksvankinkade: thanks. no redirect, but  get the same file from both urls17:35
nkinkademlinksva: Yes, the real file is at /rdf/index.rdf, but there is a rewrite rule so that the other URL works as well, and the rule has been there for a long time.17:36
nkinkadeI just mention it in case you would have preferred to link to the actual file.17:37
mlinksvai would have, but ah well17:37
nkinkadeMaybe the one at /licenses/ is more intuitive anyway?17:38
mlinksvait should probably redirect rather than do an internal rewrite, but don't bother today17:38
paulproteusGoing offline for a bit, tty y'all later.17:38
nkinkadepaulproteus: No!17:38
paulproteusOkay. (-:17:38
nkinkadeWhen will you be back?17:38
paulproteusca. 1h I think17:38
nkinkadeNo biggie, just wanted to ask you some things about merging and Drupal, etc.17:38
mlinksvafwiw the one under /licenses has existed forever17:38
nkinkadepaulproteus: I'll just catch you when you return.17:38
paulproteusGreat. (I'll hack liblicense until then.)17:39
nkinkademlinksva: Changing it to a redirect would be a matter of about 30 seconds.17:39
nkinkadeSo if you think you'd like to have it that way, then no time like the present.17:39
mlinksvankinkade: i don't really care, just zero downtime for it today, as i've already posted the link in a wikipedia discussion17:42
nkinkademlinksva: I'll just let sleeping dogs lie.17:42
nkinkadeIf it ain't broke, don't fix it.17:42
mlinksvankinkade: exactly17:42
nkinkadeSadly, I didn't heed that advice with the wiki and anonymous Talk edits, so now I've got to go about fixing something that wasn't really broken.17:43
nathanynkinkade: yeah, don't rewrite -- the /rdf/... really shouldn't be exposed at all17:44
nathanymlinksva: ^^17:44
nathanythis is an artifact of the mixed zope/apache/blarf stuff...17:44
nkinkadeHey, I forgot that we had a UnifiedRoot TLD .commons17:45
nkinkadeAll our DNS issues are solved.17:45
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nkinkadeI think it may have expired though.17:45
nathanymlinksva: do i understand correctly that you posted a link to in the wikipedia discussion?17:46
nkinkadenathany: No.17:46
mlinksvanathany: no licenses/index.rdf17:46
nathanyok, great17:46
nkinkadeHe posted to /licenses/index.rdf17:46
nathanythat's the one we've always claimed to support17:46
nathanyi don't think the direct /rdf/index.rdf is linked anywhere and should probably not be exposed17:46
mlinksvaUR = scam IMO, though some of the scammers may be self-deluded17:47
nkinkademlinksva: Have you tried to load that link up in your browser?17:48
nkinkadeIt works, but if I recall it will damn near crash Firefox, or render it a useless window for a good while.17:48
mlinksvai did try.  it is a little slow, but no real problem17:48
nkinkadeI was just kidding re: UnifiedRoot.17:48
mlinksvai forgot that UR uses <marquee>.  i have a feeling of deja vu17:49
mlinksvathey're using <marqee> to announce .widget tld, even better.17:49
nkinkadeIt's all on the up-and-up, you know.17:50
nkinkadeHa!  They wanted 250 € to renew .commons!17:51
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mlinksvankinkade: i think we paid $1k to register. or l3l did17:53
nkinkademlinksva: I hope that's a joke.  But I did notice a rather strange password along the lines of sweetieBettina. :-)17:56
mlinksvankinkade: reality is a joke, and it keeps getting better17:57
nkinkadeYou ain't just whistlin' Dixie.17:57
mlinksvaYou know I'm belting out GOD BLESS AMURRICUH17:58
nkinkadeAnd if I know you, you spent all day yesterday reveling in those august inaugural proceedings.18:01
nkinkadeBovinity: Rather than figure out how to remove the "Upload file" link from the Toolbox on the wiki, I'm alright with just leaving it there.18:17
nkinkadeFollowing it prompts for a login anyway.18:17
Bovinitynkinkade: ok18:18
nkinkadeAnd Special pages are fine to be there too, I think.18:18
nkinkadeThey can be viewed by anyone anyway.18:18
Bovinitynkinkade: is there supposed to be a recaptcha on the talk edit page? or did you decide not to include it18:19
nkinkadeBovinity:  There is one.18:20
nkinkadeBut only when someone tried to include external links.18:21
nkinkadeBovinity: Now that those links will be on the side, I feel like it would be safe to remove the links from the footer.  Does that seem reasonable to you?18:26
nkinkadeLeaving last mod date and About CC Wiki.18:26
nkinkadeLike this:
Bovinityi think they're ok to leave there, so the links are accessible without scrolling back up18:28
nkinkadeBovinity: Done.  It's live.18:44
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nathanymlinksva: any reason for us to meet today?19:01
mlinksvanathany: other than to give me an excuse to procrastinate, i guess not, we're set from last week19:03
nathanyyeah, I think the notes from last week all still apply :)19:04
nathany(btw, it's sort of weird having IRC be just another Emacs buffer :) )19:04
mlinksvaone can go a lot further, in terms of moving everything into emacs buffers :)19:05
nathanytrue... i actually ran across some lisp code that claimed to bring your Google contacts into BBDB19:10
paulproteusnathany, Wow, that is kind of weird!19:11
nathanyyeah, but sort of amazing19:11
nathanyand wrt your earlier question, that's not exactly the workflow I'm using but close19:12
nathanyright now I have one org-mode file per "project"19:12
paulproteusFor sure.19:12
nathanyusing some path structure to split personal and work projects19:12
nathanyI need to write some custom agenda views -- right now I'm just using one that grabs everything with a TODO tag of NEXT19:13
paulproteusI will keep bugging you about this as time goes on, then.19:14
paulproteusReceiving objects:  67% (92/137), 195.99 KiB | 1 KiB/s19:14
paulproteusGPRS, how I love you.19:14
paulproteus(I do have your phone, but I'm not using it for some reason I have forgotten.)19:14
paulproteus(But what I love most is that that lousy 1KB/s is enough to sync my mail.)19:16
greg-g(you use git to sync maildirs?)19:17
paulproteusBut what I love even more is that nkinkade hasn't bugged me about the Drupal-git syncing, which is still broken.19:17
paulproteusApparently someone else maintains a git mirror of Drupal CVS on github.19:19
nathanypaulproteus: nkinkade should bug you about that... getting the upgrade moving is pretty high priority19:20
paulproteusI know, I'm just enjoying my time before he does.19:21
paulproteus(I'm also debugging it now.)19:21
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bsperanI see that some people include text file versions of the creative commons licenses in the .ZIP with downloadable content. But I can't seem to find the instructions on how to do this.19:25
paulproteusThe people next to me in Union Station in DC are talking about programming COBOL in a CS ugrad degree in 1993.19:28
Bovinitywhenever i see COBOL these days I think of BSG before the language.19:29
nathanyBTW, what's up with the whole my-dead-wife-is-the-fifth-and-i-killed-her shit?19:33
nathanyBovinity: ^^19:33
nathanypaulproteus: i'm once again having problems connecting to from within the CC office19:39
nathanylast time this happened it was annoying IPv6 bullshit19:39
nathanycan you log in remotely and see if that's happening again?19:39
nkinkadepaulproteus: I'll be happy to bother you about Drupal and git now.19:42
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paulproteusnathany, Yes, I'll see if that's going on.19:45
paulproteusFixing, and removing the route advertising daemon.19:45
paulproteusFixed and removed.19:45
nkinkadepaulproteus: ^^-419:47
nkinkadeThe Drupal repo being out of date is one issue, of course, but the other are these merge conflicts I'm getting.19:48
paulproteusIt looks like the importer is working fine.19:48
nathanypaulproteus: thanks19:48
paulproteusI... think.19:48
paulproteusnkinkade, I haven't seen those merge conflicts; tell me more.19:48
nkinkadeI figured I'd get Drupal up to the latest our repo had (has?), which was 6.6.19:48
nkinkadepaulproteus: So I created a branch whose HEAD is the commit that was 6.6.19:49
nkinkadeThen I tried to merge that branch with cc_staging.19:49
paulproteusnkinkade, Which was what version before?19:49
nkinkadeThere must have been 20 or 30 conflicts.  The first one I looked at didn't make sense to me.19:49
*** isforinsects has joined #cc19:49
paulproteusThat seems pretty nuts to me.19:50
nkinkadeYour cc_merged branch, or what I also tagged as cc_production19:50
paulproteusI would merge with each of the point releases between here and there.19:50
* paulproteus nods19:50
nkinkadeThe CHANGELOG.txt file had conflicts.19:50
paulproteusI suppose I can try this.19:50
paulproteuslemme see.19:50
nkinkadeAnd this was strange to me.19:50
nkinkadeDo you want the commit that was 6.6?19:50
nkinkadeYou can probably find it easy enough.19:50
paulproteusDoes Drupal tag releases or something?19:51
paulproteusI'm surprised to find only branch names, not tag names.19:51
paulproteusYes, I'd love the commit ID of 6.6.19:51
nkinkadeThey branch the major version.19:51
nkinkadeBut the minor version are just commits with comments.19:51
nkinkadeLet me get that commit SHA119:51
paulproteusWow, okay.19:51
paulproteusSo I'm not insane, they are.19:51
paulproteusThat explains everything19:51
nkinkadeSo I was very surprised to see CHANGELOG.txt with conflicts, because it was precisely the same file, but with more changes listed at the top.19:52
nkinkadeWhich is what you'd expect.19:53
paulproteusUnless there were end-of-line related changes maybe?19:53
nkinkadeOr, I should say, what *I'd* expect.19:53
paulproteusI'm curious what e.g. kdiff3 thinks the 3-way diff looks like.19:53
nkinkadeThere could have been some of that going on, I suppose.19:53
paulproteusI'd use kdiff3 and look at the delta.19:53
nkinkadeI was so sad to see that kdiff3 was gone from Intrepid.19:53
paulproteusWow yeah.19:54
nkinkadeI went to use git-mergetool and was sad to see some terrible gvim diff thing.19:54
paulproteus...I wonder why.19:54
paulproteusIt's still in Debian...19:54
nkinkadeThere's a bug about it, and people were complaining bitterly.19:54
paulproteusBeaterly, I'm sure.19:55
nkinkadeThat too.19:55
nkinkadeSo, paulproteus, on thing I wanted to check with you about was whether my merge strategy was correct, or viable.19:55
nkinkadeTo make a new branch based on the 6.6 commit, then try to merge.19:56
paulproteusI wouldn't do that; I'd just do the merge you said you did.19:56
nkinkadeSeems that merge works with branches, not specific commits, except the cherrypick stuff.19:56
paulproteusre: conflicts: If you don't think you modified it, accept upstream.19:56
paulproteusThere is no difference in git between branches and specific commits.19:56
paulproteusA branch is just a reference to a particular commit.19:56
nkinkadeSo I can do something like: git merge bbdc7eb4df8c389430a3ae06ef0d50350123361c19:57
nkinkadeI guess I should have known that.19:57
nkinkadeI'll try it on my local copy.19:57
paulproteus gives you a hilarious hack that helps you get kdiff3.19:58
nkinkadeLoads of conflicts still.19:58
nkinkadeI saw some of those, but decided to not worry about it for now.19:58
nkinkadepaulproteus: Can you try the merge to see if you too get all the conflicts, and to be sure I'm not just doing something wrong, though it seems unlikely I am.19:59
nkinkadeAnd do you use git-mergetool to resolve the conflicts or do you just try to do it manually?19:59
paulproteusgit-mergetool for sure.19:59
paulproteusWhich calls kdiff3 for me.19:59
paulproteusI guess I do my git merging on my desktop or something.19:59
bsperanSo, nobody here is familiar with how to include a text file version of creative commons licenses in the .ZIP with downloadable content?20:00
nkinkadebsperan: Just add the HTML file.20:01
nkinkadeMost every operating system in the world has at least 1 tool to read HTML.20:01
nkinkadeEven purely text-based interfaces.20:01
bsperanI guess I could. But I've seen some cases where both the human readable and technical versions of the licenses were combined into a .TXT file with the download. They also precede the actual license info with the attribution info. I rather like the idea of combining the license and the attribution into one file.20:03
paulproteusnkinkade, is up to date and should stay that way.20:05
paulproteusIncluding tags for the commits that release various Drupal versions (as created by Drupal).20:05
nkinkadepaulproteus: Awesome, thanks.20:05
paulproteusIt turns out that what I thought were fatal errors for months were just noise.20:06
bsperanThat, and I want to include both a BY-NC and a BY-SA license for the same material and explain that the user can choose which license to use under.20:06
paulproteusSo there's no problem, and I just adjusted the cron job to do the push.20:06
nkinkadepaulproteus: And will you now attempt a merge?20:06
paulproteusnkinkade, If you'd like, one sec.20:06
nkinkadepaulproteus: I'll pull and try it myself, but if you could also give it a whirl that would be great.20:07
nkinkadeJust as a sanity check for me.20:07
paulproteusnkinkade, Er, maybe I clobbered the remote branches?20:07
paulproteusYes, I did by accident.20:07
paulproteusCan you do me a favor and "git push origin cc_production:cc_production" and "git push origin cc_staging:cc_staging"?20:07
paulproteusI'll adjust these here scripts so that doesn't happen.20:07
nkinkadeDoing that now.20:08
nkinkadepaulproteus: They are restored.20:09
paulproteusThere, script fixed.20:13
*** isforins1cts has joined #cc20:13
nkinkadepaulproteus: I expect you got plenty of merge conflicts?20:15
paulproteusMy bandwidth sucks, but I'm doing the merge now.20:20
paulproteusbrb again.20:20
*** UncleCJ2_ has joined #cc20:21
nkinkadeWhat device is your GPRS connection over?20:21
mlinksvanathany, Bovinity am I on my own for curry today?20:24
nathanymlinksva: i'll join you20:24
*** isforinsects has quit IRC20:24
nathanyi think i owe you20:24
Bovinitynot today20:25
*** paradroid has quit IRC20:26
*** bsperan has quit IRC20:28
paulproteusJust over a cheesy WinCE phone.20:28
nkinkadepaulproteus: Looking at the diff between the two changelogs (5.7 -> 6.9) there are some bizarre changes, as if someone went in and "cleaned up" old changelog entries.  By capitalizing, etc.20:28
paulproteusHoo frickin ay.20:29
paulproteus"Recycling the past to meet immediate need."20:29
nkinkadeSo I guess that's why it's conflicting.20:29
nkinkadeBut that's just one file of perhaps dozens.20:29
nkinkadeI hate the idea of manually sifting through them.20:29
nkinkadeEspecially with something like gvimdifftool, or whatever it is.20:29
paulproteusIt's not *so* bad with kdiff3.20:30
paulproteusYou should grab kdiff3.20:30
paulproteuskdiff3 (also Emacs emerge) is easy to power by the keyboard.20:30
nkinkadepaulproteus:  You mean just manually install it, or grab the package from the Debian repo?20:30
paulproteusManually installing it from hardy would be fine.20:31
nkinkadeOn that note, I couldn't find much useful documentation about git-mergetool.20:31
paulproteusBetter would be to grab the new source package from Debian experimental, which is based off Qt4 and KDE4.20:31
nkinkadeI can probably just figure it out, but it would be nice to read a bit about it.20:31
paulproteusIt has a man page, but it really is a dumb shell script.20:32
*** grahl has joined #cc20:32
paulproteus"All" it does is check what files have merge conflicts, and run your favorite merge tool on them.20:32
paulproteusThe man page says a tiny bit more if you like.20:33
nkinkadeI looked at the man already.20:33
nkinkadeI'll try to get kdiff3 going.20:33
nkinkadeI'm rather surprised that for all the talk about how developer-friendly Drupal is that they are still with a CVS source repository.20:34
paulproteusYeah, it's pretty amazing.20:39
nkinkadeOkay, that was fairly painless to get kdiff3 from Debian experimental.20:51
nkinkadeJust a bit of waiting for a few dozen dependencies and some compiling.20:52
nkinkadeMaybe not:20:55
nkinkadeHit return to start merge resolution tool (kdiff3):20:55
nkinkadeSegmentation fault20:55
paulproteusBoom boom boom boom, mighty fine mergetool.20:55
*** Mihai`` has joined #cc20:55
nkinkadeWell, I tried it again and it seems to be working.20:57
*** jgay has quit IRC21:00
nkinkadepaulproteus: I'm lost with kdiff321:09
nkinkadeI've got all 3 files up, but I can't figure out what to do now.  I have a sense of what is supposed to happen, but I don't know how to make it happen.21:09
paulproteusNever used it before ever?21:10
paulproteusI see.21:10
paulproteusUse the menus, Luke.21:10
paulproteusAnd/or try
nkinkadepaulproteus: Never.  I've only used kdiff3 to view things, not resolve things.21:11
nkinkadepaulproteus: Is is that I need to make file BASE the file that I want git-mergetool to use?21:12
nkinkadeAnd LOCAL and REMOTE are there to as references of the diffs?21:12
paulproteusThe thing at the bottom is the output.21:13
paulproteusThe top three things are the source.21:13
paulproteusThe way it goes is:21:13
paulproteusLOCAL and REMOTE both have BASE in their history.21:13
nkinkadeI didn't even see the bottom. It was totally collapsed.21:13
paulproteus is most useful.21:13
paulproteusYou probably want to choose C for all conflicts.21:13
nkinkadeNow, I've expanded it, so that's a good start.21:13
nathanypaulproteus: do you use offlineimap? greg-g, I think you do, right?21:34
greg-gnathany: yep21:34
nathanygreg-g: did you decide to use it for disconnected ops, backup, or something else?21:35
greg-gI'm actually going to be writing up a blog post later this week about my email setup (offlineimap + imapfilter + mutt)21:35
nathanyah cool21:35
greg-gdisconnected and backup21:35
nathanyi was thinking of offlineimap + Emacs/GNUS21:35
nathanyand for extra freaky points syncing the Google Contacts to Emacs BBDB21:36
nathany(which, if it worked, would mean I could edit a contact in Emacs and have it show up on my phone seamlessly :) )21:36
greg-gthe choice of mutt is because a few of the people I know around here use it and I can bounce ideas/config files off them21:36
nathanyI actually like Alpine a lot (and have a similar resource in paulproteus) but remember-mode integrates with GNUS in an interesting way21:36
greg-gI shold check out alpine, give it a chance21:37
greg-gIf my blog post is to be thurough, that is :)21:37
nathanylol... yup21:37
greg-gwell, I need to run to a meeting21:38
greg-gtake care21:38
nkinkadepaulproteus:  I'm resolving conflicts one by one, but I see that one thing that confused me greatly was what appears to be an interface bug.21:47
nkinkadeWhen git-mergetool launches kdiff3, it just shows an apparently blank window.  If I grab with the mouse near the bottom and drag open the summary/merge area, then the interface fills in normally.21:48
nathanynkinkade: when you get a chance can you up the maximum execution time for PHP scripts on a9?21:52
nathanyI'm doing some CiviCRM ops that are taking longer than 30 seconds to run.21:52
nkinkadenathany: Sure.  I'll do it now.21:52
nkinkadenathany: Are you alright with me setting that in the CiviCRM config file instead of in the main php.ini?21:56
nkinkadeI'd rather limit the extent of that setting.21:57
*** dgvdfgdg has joined #cc21:58
dgvdfgdgneed cc nombers21:58
*** dgvdfgdg has quit IRC21:59
*** dgvdfgdg has joined #cc21:59
*** dgvdfgdg has joined #cc22:00
*** dgvdfgdg has joined #cc22:00
*** dgvdfgdg has joined #cc22:00
nkinkadenathany: I set the max_execution_time to 60 seconds.  If you need to up or lower it, you can do so easily at ./sites/default/civicrm.settings.php (about 15 lines down).22:03
*** grahl has quit IRC22:03
paulproteusnkinkade, Great.22:04
nathanynkinkade: sorry, didn't see your earlier message; I think that's fine22:06
nkinkadeWe may have to change it for zupport, but we'll do it as needed.   Those settings files are not version controlled.22:08
*** [mharrison] has quit IRC22:09
nathanygot it22:09
paulproteusControl it all!22:20
nkinkadeIt would be easy enough to add those files, but there are passwords in them, so it was just easier to leave them alone, I figured.22:21
*** Mihai`` has quit IRC22:27
*** paulproteus has quit IRC22:30
*** paulproteus has joined #cc22:31
nkinkadepaulproteus: Welcome back.22:31
nkinkadepaulproteus: Sometimes when I press Enter to load up the diffs in kdiff3 it will return immediate and go to the next file.  Do I take it that this means that the only diffs were whitespace and kdiff3 just resolved them for me automatically?22:33
*** User819 has joined #cc22:35
User819i really need fake credit card holder22:35
User819do u have?22:36
nkinkadeUser819: What you really need is to read the topic of this channel.22:36
User819ok sorry22:36
nathanyUser819: you can email tips@fbi.gov22:36
nathanyi'm sure they'll be happy to help22:36
User819just fake22:36
*** User819 has quit IRC22:37
nkinkadeThere is apparently no end to these conflicts.  I would swear that I have already resolved 30+.22:44
nkinkadepaulproteus: At some point did you do some operation on the Drupal repository in which  you renamed a bunch of files to *.orig?22:46
nkinkadeOr was that me?22:46
nkinkadeNevermind, it's just in my local branch.22:47
*** stevel_ has joined #cc22:58
nkinkadeNevermind the nevermind, because it looks like it was git-mergetool that created all those .orig files.23:02
*** stevel has quit IRC23:13
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*** stevel_ is now known as stevel23:53

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