Tuesday, 2009-01-20

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GlibReaperHi, I'm trying to add a Content Directory but the page created by the form is locked: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Special:AddData/ContentDirectory/Wisdom_Commons01:45
greg-gGlibReaper: do you have a wiki.creativecommons.org account?02:03
GlibReapergreg-g: I signed in with a OpenID, do I need to create an account, too?02:16
greg-gGlibReaper: you need to confirm you email address in your profile settings, only accounts with confirmed emails can edit02:44
greg-gGlibReaper: I had to do the same myself when I logged in with openid02:56
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BillyCrookwhat's with the credit card number thing?04:06
BillyCrookI'm looking for some CC licensed music to set a youtube video to.  Preferably something techno-ish, with a strong beat, but no vocals, as people will be speaking during the video.04:07
greg-gBillyCrook: ccmixter.org is a good place to find a lot of CC licensed music04:07
BillyCrookI'd already been to podsafe and magnatune.  I'll give ccmixter a shot04:08
greg-gregading the credit card mention in the topic: you wouldn't believe how many people come into this channel asking for credit card numbers04:08
BillyCrookought to register secretcreditcardstash.com, and wildcard cname it to fbi.gov, then tell the idiots to go there.04:09
BillyCrookdid you hear the feds did some 5 year sting operation where they ran a bulletin board/forum for cc theives?04:10
greg-gI did, recently too.04:10
BillyCrookthe kicker is it stopped 70 million in fraud, but probably cost twice that in taxpayer money, and who knows how many criminals didn't get cought and actually used the damn site to share stolen credentials04:11
BillyCrookI think it was on hackaday or maybe ars' feed04:12
greg-gheh, of course (re: the cost)04:12
BillyCrookwow. I literally hard locked my laptop (2.66ghz core2duo 4gb ram) trying to encode this video to theora04:13
BillyCrooklessig ever come on here?04:15
BillyCrookI saw the colbert interview, friggin awesomeness!04:15
greg-gI have never seen Larry on irc.04:17
BillyCrookif a CC track has someone reading out the artist's name and the track name at the end, is it OK to cut that off so long as I do acknoledge the artist, and present that same information visually, on the credits screen?04:37
greg-gas long as it isn't a ND, sure04:40
greg-g(IANAL, etc)04:40
greg-gND = NoDerivatives04:40
BillyCrookcan my work be CC-SA if the one I was deriving was CC-NC ?04:42
ianwelleri think it needs to be CC-BY-SA-NC if that's the case04:43
BillyCrookAh,  I thought all CC licenses carried BY04:45
ianwellerwell they do, but it's good to put it in there.04:46
BillyCrooksearching for music is tricky04:47
BillyCrookeven on cc-mixter04:47
BillyCrookneat website software though.  It's a novel interface.04:47
BillyCrooknot so much tricky as it is time consuming04:52
BillyCrookam I just not looking in the right place, or are people really not uploading the component tracks to their works on ccmixter?05:16
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Oregoni need for help09:17
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nkinkademlinksva: is the URL centerpd.org an old one?  Is the new one: http://www.law.duke.edu/cspd/15:44
mlinksvankinkade: i'd never seen the former until now15:45
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nkinkademlinksva: The former, as you saw from an email to webmaster@, is the one on the History page.  I'll change it to the other one I pasted.15:46
nkinkadeJust wanted to make sure that the latter was the right org.15:47
Red49erhello, i'm looking for a couple of answers regarding copyrights with podcasts15:47
Red49erhello, i'm looking for a couple of answers regarding copyrights with podcasts15:47
Red49erer, sorry15:47
Red49erspecifically, i'm wondering if any of my rights as the copyright holder get forfeited to apple when i upload a podcast to itunes15:48
nkinkadeHi Red49er.  Have you read the Terms of Use for iTunes?15:50
nkinkadeI don't know anything about it ... just asking.15:50
Red49erno i haven't, i've just been googling around looking for answers...but thats a good idea15:50
nkinkadeRed49er: I don't know, but I'd guess that you retain most rights, but it's not unlikely that you forfeit some to Apple under some circumstances.15:51
BillyCrookRed49er: that's the only authoritative answer15:51
Red49eralright guys, thanks a ton for your help15:51
nkinkadeRed49er: There's also a podcasting legal guide on the wiki.  Have you seen that?15:51
nkinkadeIt doesn't have any direct bearing on your question, but you might find it interesting.15:52
Red49eri've read a couple wikis, i think i read yours but i'm not positive15:52
BillyCrook<complete speculation> you probably grant apple an eternal worldwide nonexclusive right to posess and distribute whatever you upload</complete speculation>15:53
mlinksvankinkade: cool15:54
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geniiceanyone around?19:41
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paulproteusgeniice, Yes20:15
geniicepaulproteus eh too late I already posted to the mailing list20:16
paulproteusOkay (-:20:16
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geniiceyeah look for "Possible way to subvert the intention of CC-BY-SA and other BY licenses" if it gets through the moderation20:17
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paulproteusYou're welcome to join the list and then it wouldn't get moderated.20:17
geniicecc-licenses ?20:18
geniiceI have joined I thought it was fully moderated20:18
paulproteusOh, never mind, wrong list.20:18
paulproteusIgnore what I said.20:19
paulproteusYou're right on all counts. (-:20:19
geniicewhat other CC lists are there20:19
greg-ggeniice: general/open discussion: http://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/cc-community20:23
greg-gyou can post to that list and it will go to more community members20:24
paulproteusOh, hi greg-g.20:38
geniicegreg-g have do soi20:46
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nkinkadepaulproteus: When you merged the CC drupal stuff with 5.7 did you get a lot of conflicts?21:26
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nathanyBovinity: http://i.i.com.com/cnwk.1d/i/bto/20090116/darth_500x556.jpg21:30
Bovinitynathany: http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/io9/2009/01/obamagears.jpg21:30
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nkinkadeBovinity: Do you know how to easily change the sidebar menus on the wiki?21:34
nkinkadeThe "Discussion" link comes automatically once logged it, but we don't want to duplicate it.21:34
nkinkadeI suppose it's possible to add an if/then inside the loop that creates that "Views" list, but surely there's a more elegant way to do it.21:36
Bovinitynkinkade: if i recall, the links get generated into an array, or hash, so it may be tricky to get at it when we need it, which was my concern21:37
nkinkadeBovinity: Yeah, the are an array with the array $data[].21:39
nkinkadeAnd it just gets looped over to make that list.21:40
nkinkadeIf you don't know of a quicker, cleaner way, then I'll just add an if/then in there to skip the "Discussion" link in that list, and manually add it elsewhere.21:40
Bovinitynkinkade: sounds like the way to go, within the bounds of MW21:41
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nathanynkinkade: have you created mailing lists @ ibiblio before?22:41
nkinkadenathany: I have.  Just have to write to the good folks at ibiblio.22:42
nathanywould you mind doing so again and creating cc-zero-announce ?22:44
nathanynkinkade: ^^22:44
nkinkadenathany: Sure.  I'll set that up.22:46
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nkinkadeBovinity: It's now a piece of cake to get to the Talk page, but finding the Edit button is the new difficulty.23:51
Bovinitynkinkade: i noticed23:51
nkinkadeIt's no good.23:51
Bovinitynkinkade: any way we can embed the edit textarea directly in the page? ala blog commenting23:52
nkinkadeI think I'll have to fix it.  Maybe put (Edit) next to the text?23:52
nkinkadeBovinity: Well, a la the extension that Daniel showed us  Talk<something>23:52
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Bovinityhis emails read like "ways to possibly screw up mediawiki, aka dodgy hacks"23:54
Bovinitynkinkade: i see, well if one can "dynamically insert the edit form" into only the talk pages, rather than the articles, then that sounds like what I'm thinking23:56
nkinkadeBovinity: Ah.  I misread what you said.  Sorry.23:56
Bovinityoh, "$wgTalkHereNamespaces" probably allows for only the Talk: namespace. right?23:57
nkinkadeThis is turning out to be more trouble than it's probably worth.23:57
nkinkadeBut now that I've started down the path, I feel like I need to make it usable.23:57
nkinkadei.e. add an edit link somewhere.23:57
nkinkadeBut I think anywhere I put it will be/look like a hack.23:58
Bovinitytry adding an [Edit] to the #title h2, just after <div id="main-content">.23:59

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