Thursday, 2009-01-15

mlinksvai take it aloo means tuber rather than potato00:00
paulproteusI guess that's right.00:01
paulproteusAn apt definition.00:02
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greg-gpaulproteus: sweet re:
paulproteusgreg-g, If you will handle freshmeat I will happily delegate.01:12
paulproteusI have to go home and wash some clothes and go to Boston.01:12
greg-gpaulproteus: if I could get my not-yet-existent account set as something that can edit that information01:14
paulproteusCreate an account.01:15
greg-gdonig so01:15
greg-gwaiting for email01:15
paulproteusAdd its name to the bug.01:15
paulproteusI'm outta here for now.01:15
greg-gpaulproteus: ok, later!01:15
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greg-gpaulproteus: question for later: is there a reason we have Index turned off on I can't browse the packages with a browser.04:25
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paulproteusgreg-g, No reason that I know.05:23
greg-gpaulproteus: Ok.  The reason I ask is I was going to directly link to the .deb and needed to find the location and couldn't.  Decided that A) I didn't need to do that and B) couldn't do it anyways.05:24
paulproteusGot it.05:25
greg-g(this was for freshmeat)05:25
paulproteusWell, I suppose I don't so much mind that result.05:25
* paulproteus nods05:25
greg-gthanks for the confirmation, now get back to packing!05:26
paulproteusI'm at SFO.05:30
paulproteusStealing the wifi.05:30
paulproteusGo go gadget port 53 UDP.05:32
greg-gpaulproteus: haha, love it05:35
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[mharrison]Oho! I have a CC question20:26
[mharrison]If I were to license my photos with a non-commercial license, how does this affect photos with people in them?  Would I require a signed model release for all in case the photos are used elsewhere?20:27
[mharrison]hmm seems to be the same rules for any other photo that may require a model release20:35
K`Tetch_if they were photographed for pay, then yes, if not, then no, generally20:36
K`Tetch_thats my understanding anyway20:37
[mharrison]K`Tetch_, that seems to be a common but not-exactly-correct understanding20:40
[mharrison]I'd need their permission to put them in a book, pay or not20:40
[mharrison]The reason I ask is because model releases typically say where the photo will be used..."for my portfolio and website", "in this publication", and no one can copy the photo under the usual copyright.  But if it's under CC and a model release says "for my website" but someone uses it on their site too, those seem to be conflicting documents.  And people may be hesitant to sign a model release that says "Wherever CC may take your ph20:42
[mharrison]oto, it's cool"20:42
K`Tetch_"for all instances in line with the cc<whatever> license"20:44
greg-gmodel releases are a separate thing from how the photo is licensed (All rights reserverd, nonCommercial, whatever)20:46
greg-gso yeah, "model recognizes that their images will be in photographs licensed undera a Creative Commons license and understand the repurcusions thereof"20:47
greg-geven though I used the word "thereof" I am not a lawyer20:47
* K`Tetch_ hasn't seen model releases in 7+ years so is very rusty20:47
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nkinkadegreg-g: Will you be in SF for Feb 11 and 12?21:14
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mlinksvaoh i guess you must be on 'top' of it21:48
nkinkademlinksva: Yeah.21:50
nkinkadeI'm looking at it.21:50
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nkinkadenathany_: In order for me to be able to upgarde CiviCRM I've got to get Drupal to 6.x.  It seems that the Drupal CVS -> git stuff still isn't working.  I'll need to wait for Asheesh to get back to fix that first.22:46
nkinkadeI believe.22:46
nathany_that's frustrating22:46
nkinkadeIt looks like I might be able to get us up to Drupal 6.6, which was tagged/released before the last update to our repo, but not to 6.9, which is the latest.22:50
nkinkadeI guess that would be sufficient to move forward for now.22:51
nathany_sounds like a good initial step22:51
Bovinitynathany_: nkinkade: Shall I add a "Videos" tab to the Labs skin?22:58
nathany_yes please22:58
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nkinkadenathany_: I may have to wait for Asheesh to get back.  I can't figure out where the commit I want is located.22:59
nathany_maybe you can send him an email in case he checks while on vacation22:59
nkinkadeUnless you or Bovinity knows something about searching the repositories that I don't know.22:59
nathany_(and has time to respond)22:59
nkinkadeI already sent him one. :-)22:59
nathany_i usually just use gitk and hope the search functionality works :)22:59
Bovinitygitk --pray23:00
nkinkadeI can find the 6.6 commit from 10/22 in the Drupal CVS repo, but can't find it our git repo.23:00
nkinkadeIt makes me think that paulproteus did some fancy footwork at some point.23:00
Bovinityis there some horrible CVS-Git tool?23:01
nkinkadeOr maybe his import script wasn't pulling in everything we need.23:01
Bovinity(i assume it's horrible, if cvs is involved)23:01
nkinkadeBovinity: Apparently there is some such tool.23:01
greg-gnkinkade: nope23:47
greg-gI won't be in SF on 2/11-1223:47
greg-gI know23:48
greg-gI thought so, too. ;)23:48

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