Wednesday, 2009-01-14

nkinkadeIf you happen to have/use the Web Developer addon, you can disable inline styles and then you'll see the malicious content.00:00
mlinksvaah, thanks00:04
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nkinkadenathany: mlinksva: Any problem with me transfering from to Dotster?16:56
nkinkadeIt's the only domain we have with them, and it seems silly to have one domain with a registrar when we have dozens of others on a couple other registars.16:57
nathanyi don't have any problem16:57
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nkinkadeI would have just done it, but I know if I had, later someone would say "No!  That domain being there was the lynch pin of the entire organization.  We're runined!"16:58
nkinkadeAnd then I'd have to move to the islands and sell coconut water to tourists for a living.16:58
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mlinksvaget your ferry ticket now, we're ruined!17:10
mlinksvafine with me17:10
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paulproteusI would love to be sold coconut water by nkinkade.17:20
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mlinksvamaybe he can bring 3oz in feb17:24
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nkinkadenathany: Ignore that Nagios warning.   I just had to correct the config to check with HTTPS.17:40
nathanynkinkade: i figured17:40
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nkinkadeI don't think load will be an issue.  The support site will inherently be less loaded because of the nature of the transactions ...17:41
mlinksvankinkade: you missed my suggestion to bring 3oz of coconut water in feb to sell to paulproteus :)17:43
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mlinksvagreg-g: nice!18:15
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paulproteusWow, that's a pretty awesome feature-set even without the CC column!18:46
paulproteusWell, see you office dwellers shortly.18:47
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Bovinitynkinkade: is under revision control? it doesn't appear to be, or i'm missing something.19:15
nkinkadeBovinity: It isn't.19:15
Bovinitynkinkade: ah, ok19:16
nkinkadeAnd I was sad about that just yesterday when I thought to upgrade Wordpress-mu19:16
Bovinitynkinkade: as  per the screencast thread, i'm putting together the summit video on labs right now19:27
Bovinitywhich involves getting embed tags to work, whcih involves a plugin, thus my earlier query about revision control ;)19:27
nkinkadeBovinity: Why on labs?19:28
nkinkadeI thought we wanted to put all videos on  Or is this something totally apart?  I guess it is, really.19:29
nkinkadeOkay, proceed.  I'll stop what I was doing.19:29
Bovinitynkinkade: we figured keeping the tech videos and end-user videos seperate would be good19:29
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paulproteusBovinity, Let me know if it doesn't get better and I should re-record it.20:48
paulproteusI *keep* typing
nathanynkinkade: just sent you an email re: acawiki DNS21:13
paulproteusnathany, (brand name)21:15
paulproteusFrom that: "While a public instance of Rietveld is running at, organizations are of course free to run their own instance restricted and/or tailored to their own needs."21:19
nkinkadenathany: Just got back from a really late lunch, after the open-enrollment meeting, etc.  I'll check email now.21:45
nathanyno problem21:46
greg-gmlinksva: yeah! going to blog it on the CC labs blog, then when it is released to the public do it on the main CC blog21:56
paulproteusnathany, I'm going to close a few tickets lying around. Let me know when you want to sync up before I become Eastern.21:56
nathanypaulproteus: grab me when you're done with your ticktes21:57
paulproteusnathany, Now's a good time actually.21:58
nathanyok, let me finish this email21:58
mlinksvagreg-g: awesome!22:06
greg-ghow do I get back to the main flickr photo page if I only have a direct link to the image (
greg-gie: to find the license/photographer22:16
greg-gnevermind, found the image page, but it is ARR :(22:25
paulproteusI was born on a ☠ ship.22:51
mlinksvaMy friend cracks a ☠ whip.23:09
nkinkadenathany: Would it be relatively easy to move the scraper to another server?23:19
nathanynkinkade: no23:19
nathanyit needs to be on to avoid cross-domain request issues23:20
nkinkadeI'm not suggesting we do it now, but if the problems on a5 keep up I wonder if trying to check something like that would be worth it.23:20
nathanywell, i suppose we could work around it23:20
nathany(around that)23:20
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