Tuesday, 2009-01-13

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paulproteusnathany, Morning! (-:18:30
nathanymorning, paulproteus18:30
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nkinkadeBovinity: Do you need the user in WP named testuser?21:12
Bovinitynkinkade: no sir21:13
nkinkadeDelete it I shall.21:13
Bovinitypaulproteus: shouldn't the teamspace script have emailed out the status reports by now?21:16
paulproteusThe cron job emailed me saying it ran, even.21:16
paulproteusI think.21:16
paulproteusOne sec.21:16
paulproteusBovinity,   File "email/generator.py", line 178, in _handle_text21:22
paulproteusUnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u2014' in position 2462: ordinal not in range(128)21:22
paulproteusOne sec.21:22
Bovinityi bet that was me and my mdash21:23
nkinkadeUnicode, dammit!21:24
Bovinityaha, yeah, 2014 ?21:24
paulproteusUnicode Dammit indeed.21:26
nkinkadepaulproteus: What's the difference between JsWidget and LicenseChooser.js?  A more sensible name?21:57
paulproteusLicenseChooser.js is the sane public name for what we secretly internally still call JsWidget.21:57
nkinkadepaulproteus: Do any of your stats things on a6 involve an amount of network traffic?22:24
nkinkadeOr is it all local?22:24
nkinkadeNevermind.  learn is having a problem because a5 is crushed for some reason.22:27
nathanynkinkade: i was just about to make sure you were on that, but it appears you're aware already :)22:28
nkinkadenathany: can't even ping a5.  I just rebooted it.22:29
nkinkadeThat was my thought.22:29
nkinkadeSo it seems that whatever our problem is wan't the scraper, or at least not all of it.22:29
nkinkadeWell, it could still be the scraper or something related to it, but maybe not the problem you thought.22:31
paulproteusN ping is bad news.22:40
mlinksvaso we don't really know why a5 hung?22:48
nkinkadeTotal connections: 580922:52
nkinkadeTotal unique connections: 446422:52
nkinkademlinksva: No, we don't know.22:52
nkinkadeBy the time I noticed it was already too late, couldn't even ping it.22:53
nkinkadeAs usual, there is essentially nothing of use (that I can find) in the logs.22:53
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nkinkadeThose connection stats are from just about 30 seconds ago.22:53
nkinkadeQuite high.22:53
nkinkadepaulproteus: Can you think of any reason why Server Beach would refuse to create a PTR record for an IP that points to the same name as another record?  As far as I know that should be fine.23:02
nkinkadeAh, I see why.  The forward address is not the same.23:03
mlinksvankinkade: i think this is another good blog to include in planet, donatella's, embarrassed i didn't know about it before http://mediaoriente.com/tag/creative-commons/23:43
nkinkademlinksva: It's added.23:48
mlinksvankinkade: thx23:48
mlinksvankinkade: on another note, is cc spain hacked?23:49
nkinkademlinksva: Why do you say that?23:50
nkinkadeA quick glance and the site seems okay.23:50
nkinkadeOh, just saw the post.23:51
mlinksvanot sure where that is coming from though23:51
nkinkademlinksva: It's part of the post, but they have set a style on it so that it is not visible on the page ... negative top and left with absolute positioning.23:56
nkinkadeIt's there, but just shifted way off the visible page.23:57
nkinkadeI'll going to temporarily disable the Spain feed, force a refresh of the data, and then contact Ignasi right away.23:57

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