Monday, 2009-01-12

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chrismearhi there!11:22
chrismearasking for a friend: "Is it legal to use creative commons stuff, properly licensed and attributed, on a political website that expresses views that the original author might not like?"11:23
chrismearI'd have guessed the that CC licenses themselves don't put any restriction on use that doesn't fit with the original author's political views11:24
chrismearany thoughts?11:24
paulproteusI'm not a lawyer, and I know that Europe has some moral rights concepts that I don't understand fully.11:37
paulproteuschrismear, If you read the license, you'll see that in general they don't restrict the political way you use the works.11:38
chrismearthanks, that's the conclusion I drew from reading the license11:38
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paulproteusMornin', all.15:48
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paulproteusHowdy jgay.15:57
jgaypaulproteus: hello15:58
jgayI spoke with the bosses ... they get nervous when I want to go and talk about things we haven't discussed internally yet. So, they want me to discuss with our dev team things like RDFa and see if we are going to actually use it before trying to set-up some time to talk with you.15:59
paulproteusOh, okay.15:59
jgayI might have time thursday or friday, though, woudl either of those days work?15:59
paulproteusNo, I'm going to be in Boston by Thursday (for the MIT Mystery Hunt).15:59
jgayhaha, hillarious16:00
paulproteusFor Nathan, it might, though.16:00
paulproteusYeah, seriously hilarious.16:00
jgaythat's great. Are you on SJ's team?16:00
paulproteusNope, I'm on the Manic Sages.16:00
jgayWhat's your team's name?16:00
jgayI've never done the hunt16:01
jgayI've always wanted to. Maybe I should tyr to get on a team for next year and start practicing.16:01
jgaypaulproteus: I guess an in-person meeting wont' really matter, anyhow. I mean, like, if we are going to discuss something like RDFa, not sure if sitting around is going to improve the discussion much.16:02
paulproteusI imagine that's true, but I find many things are improved by eating. (-;16:02
jgayI'll try to put together a wiki agenda, then we can discuss things asyncrhonously16:02
paulproteusOkay, cool.16:02
jgayhaha, that is also true16:02
jgayyeah, that's why dinner is usually worht it to me16:02
paulproteusPresence can provide pressure that's helpful for making sure you think of everything, and low latency is nice.16:03
paulproteusBut naturally I don't believe it's essential.16:03
jgayyeah, that's true.16:05
jgayOh, hey, I had a quick question. Do you guys do anything with the open library?16:05
jgayAPI wise16:05
paulproteusNot that I know of.16:06
paulproteusI'm pretty sure that's a real no, but we're tangentially involved in the Canadian Public Domain Registry that uses OpenLibrary I think.16:06
paulproteusSo we don't, but like everyone else we know someone who does.16:07
mlinksvajgay: just runs the OL software, doesn't use the API AFAIK.  rejon or david strauss, both occasionally on this channel, can probably say more.  i'd suggest hopping on the OL mailing list16:16
mlinksvapaulproteus: go to sleep :)16:16
paulproteusmlinksva, I think it might be too late for that.16:16
* paulproteus updates our Pootle documentation16:17
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jgaymlinksva: thanks. SJ Klein and Aaron Swartz both told me to track down David Strauss. Can someone PM me his email address?16:20
jgaymlinksva: thanks16:25
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hangarHi; can someone help me figure out how best to release my game software under GPL with its art under CC?16:37
paulproteushangar, All you really need to do is be clear about what parts are available for re-use under what terms.16:38
paulproteusDo you have a specific question?16:39
hangarI'm just wondering what files I should include in a distribution16:39
hangarIt would work to include text files with the legalese and have a separate document explaining what's released under which license?16:39
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paulproteushangar, I'm no lawyer, but that seems fine to me.16:43
hangarOK, thanks16:43
paulproteusJust be sure that you follow both the GPL's directions on how to license things under the GPL, and the CC licenses's instructions too.16:43
paulproteusI think both licenses' FAQs clarify this.16:43
paulproteusAs for CC, you could use the license chooser.16:44
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paulproteusnathany, Mornin'.16:45
hangarwell, the problem is that the CC license just has a link for using it on a webpage, not for including it with the actual software16:45
nathanypaulproteus: morning16:47
greg-gnathany: we doing call in 10 minutes or another time?16:48
paulproteusnathany, Now that the first screencast is done I'm modernizing the screenshots on Translating_with_Pootle.16:49
nathanyhey greg-g -- in 10 is fine with me16:49
greg-gnathany: morning, btw :)16:49
nathanysorry for the radio silence16:49
nathanycan you priv msg me the # or call my desk?16:49
nathany(or im)16:49
greg-gand done.16:50
nathanypaulproteus: just saw your email; your sleep schedule sounds fine (if a bit grueling) to me ;)16:52
nathany(although maybe i'm just old)16:52
paulproteusI actually have no idea when I'm going to sleep today anymore.16:53
paulproteusSince my SF-LUG Python tutorial meets at 6:30, and I still seem to be awake.16:53
paulproteusAnyway, whatever, I'll figure something out.16:53
paulproteusI'm liking this being awake thing, anyway. (-:16:54
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mlinksvathere's a bad #waketime joke in there someplace for those on this channel who also follow bkuhn on not even worth articulating16:58
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nkinkadenathany: Are we supporting ccPublisher any longer?18:24
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nathanynot really; are you referring to the cc-devel forward you did?18:24
nathany(a few days ago)18:24
nkinkadeThey wrote me back, and I'm not sure how to reply.18:24
nkinkadeShould I just indicate that it's fairly old and not really supported any more, and then point them to some newer resouces ... perhaps XMP stuff?18:25
nathanyXMP stuff isn't particularly relevant18:25
nathanyassuming they're looking to host @ IA18:25
nkinkadeI guess i don't even know what ccPublisher is/does.18:26
nathanyyou can forward me their reply and i'll reply to it18:26
nkinkadeThanks. :-)18:26
nkinkadenathany: Just so I know.  Is ccPublisher out of date because there just wasn't enough demand for it?18:29
nathanyno, because we didn't have the resources to continue working on it18:30
nathany(and because at about the same time video sharing on the web took off so it seemed like deman might wane)18:30
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nathanynkinkade: is there a way to force varnish to invalidate the cache for one item?19:46
nathany(nevermind, i finally requested it enough to get the new version)19:48
paulproteusnathany, There's a 30s global expiry iirc on Varnish items.19:48
nathanyok thanks19:48
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nkinkadepaulproteus: nathany: I think the default expiry is 90s.  It's possible I'm wrong.20:24
paulproteusnkinkade, Oh, I trust you to recall bette.r20:24
paulproteusAt least it's a multiple of what I thought.20:24
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nkinkadenathany: And you can purge an item from the cache by telnetting to localhost 6082 and then using something like "purge.url <patter>"20:27
nkinkadeType help once you are connected to Varnish.  There are a number of things you can do.20:28
nkinkadeApparently there will be a web management interface in the next version.20:28
paulproteusa6 is sloow.20:54
paulproteusIt took me 30s to SSH in a moment ago.20:54
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nkinkadepaulproteus: It's possible that you tried to login at precisely the moment I was svn up'ing ccLearn to WP 2.7.21:11
nkinkadeBut still, 30 seconds on that machine, even with a largish checkout is absurd.21:12
nkinkadeWhat gives?21:12
nkinkadea6: load average: 0.00, 0.19, 0.9421:12
paulproteusLoad average is low again.21:13
paulproteusI think you're right re: svn up'ing maybe.21:13
nkinkade0.00 is pretty low.21:13
nkinkadeAbout the time you posted the message was right about the time I was upgrading.21:13
nkinkadeMust have just been a flurry of network activity that stymied your login.21:14
* paulproteus nods21:18
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stwestonhello, all.22:06
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paulproteusBye all.22:09
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