Wednesday, 2009-01-07

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jgaypaulproteus: you going to the EFF birthday party tonight?16:21
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greg-gyay, cc-devel/cchost spam from SF16:28
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paulproteusgreg-g, Yay indeed.17:24
paulproteusjgay, Chances are about 50/50 for now.17:24
paulproteusA friend has a chorale concert tonight that I will go to before it, so I don't know if I'll have time with everything else I have to do.17:25
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paulproteusgeneral, see the topic17:53
paulproteusnathany, I'm going to go into the little room and work on my screencast for a long long time.17:59
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Bovinitynathany: re: cc0.. either a WP page under /about/licenses, or a static Zope page in /license/18:31
paulproteusI've decided that I really love the sound of keystrokes when recording myself.18:31
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greg-gand in the spirit of having a complete test suite of locations (not limited to one continent) I think I should travel to Europe. Are there any CC events that CC wants to send me to?18:42
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paulproteusgreg-g, Maybe it's just poorly seated in its MiniPCI slot?18:46
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paulproteusIf you had told me this earlier, I could have picked up the spare minipci wifi card that sits at my parents' house.18:47
greg-gminipci, thanks for letting me know what it is called :)18:48
greg-gpaulproteus: could be poorly seated, I'll open it up later tonight to look.18:48
paulproteusgreg-g, It could also be failing, I suppose.18:49
greg-gI did have to remove it when I sent it in for screen replacement18:49
paulproteusOh, okay.18:49
greg-gso, there isn't a trip to Europe in my future? Is that what you're saying?18:50
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paulproteusI'm not saying that; I'm not your boss, so I wouldn't know. (-:18:50
Bovinitygreg-g: Outlook not so good. Ask again later.18:56
paulproteusOutlook not so good. Wait for Evolution.18:56
greg-gBovinity: But... we surpassed our fundraising goal!18:57
greg-gpaulproteus: even though this specific laptop isn't the best example (the no suspend thing, BIOS issue): system76 does keep doing the right thing for the customers.  In response to that thread, they are sending me a spare wifi adapter.19:18
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rejon1hunger takes over20:22
rejon1the conversation20:22
rejon1mlinksva nathany paulproteus currytime?20:23
paulproteusrejon1, I would do
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paulproteusHello Mr. Kink Aid!20:41
nkinkadepaulproteus: Howdy.20:44
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Sterennkinkade: hi, could I have the write permission on the Semantic Media Wiki git repository ? I need it to create an acawiki branch, for BibTex export.21:32
nkinkadeSteren: Sure.  One minute.21:34
nkinkadeSteren: You should already have write permission.21:36
nkinkadeWhich public key are you using?21:36
Sterennkinkade: could you remind me teh command to tell you that21:37
nkinkadeSteren: In your ~/.ssh/ directory there should be some public keys ... *.pub21:37
nkinkadeI can tell you which one is already configured.21:38
nkinkadeSteren: it begins like this: AAAAB3NzaC1y21:38
Sterennkinkade: yeah I was thinking of that, but I would have expect a command to print it21:39
Sterenwell, ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAxTrB9Y84ZG0o2+ULYdecZi14a2FcnsADC4nhqe1aorNNlHRdtmyB7+qcdPtPgu9hMCCAh7lMcQWwGy6lAxM/0rQj1SgfR9Qh+fEmDE/wpJu2XhcdPF/RsCSgMwUp26ArH5n3rfYhu860l9UkFhdcM2ONXQ9KAbrzYXgfl8dSlPMGtX+AqWvdPNdRhIKPgEAHRC9s5ONZcTv5yZozqvYe4Qq51jRYMWjWoAmb135sLop2rv3cdEIwx5kbKs3APgcPkLRDtWKeqkJjFCIT9AYH+TnBA5gOdkDOCDIRYUSTCjm8tUL99dQQgKtxOKsSDoIQnvx+fH6FC3g10dUuchKKWw== steren@steren-portable21:39
nkinkadeSteren: that appears to be the right one.21:39
nkinkadeHow are you accessing the git repository?21:39
Sterenvia git@...21:40
SterenLet's try again21:40
nkinkadeThat seems right.21:40
Sterenoh and as I got you, coudl you set up a git repo called "BibtexImport"21:40
Sterenit's for the BibtexImport extension i'm currently writting21:40
Sterenpaulproteus/nkinkade : oh maybe I can't push because the branch doesn't exist on the server, that could be the reason ?21:44
paulproteusSteren, No, that's not a likely reason.21:45
paulproteusWhat problem are you having?21:45
Steren(calling my git expert and adviser :) )21:45
Sterenstrangely, I can't push my current work on a local branch to a new branch on the server21:45
paulproteusWhat does "git remote -v" say?21:45
paulproteusOkay, and what is your git push command line?21:46
Sterenoh that's why21:46
SterenI shouldn't tell him that I want the remote to be a branch ?21:46
Sterenpaulproteus:  my push command : git push origin bibtex:bibtex21:47
paulproteusI have no idea what you're saying. Don't try to guess what I want you to do; I find that very confusing.21:47
paulproteusOkay, that's sensible.21:47
paulproteusBut you get permission denied?21:47
paulproteusLet's see.21:47
paulproteusnkinkade, Are you sure you pushed your modified gitosis-admin repo?21:47
Sterenpaulproteus: hen I verbose, I get : error: dst refspec bibtex does not match any existing ref on the remote and does not start with refs/.21:47
paulproteusSteren, $ git --version21:48
Sterenpaulproteus: git version
paulproteusThat's fairly old. Can you upgrade easily?21:49
paulproteusI am happy to help you upgrade; I want you to be on 1.5.6 or above.21:49
paulproteusThere are a lot of UI warts in older versions of git that just need to die.21:50
Sterenif it's required, yes I can upgrade21:50
Sterenis there any .deb somewhere that you know ?21:50
paulproteusWhat version of Debian or Ubuntu are you running?21:50
SterenUbuntu Hardy, planning to go on Intrepid very soon21:51
paulproteusi386 or amd64?21:51
paulproteusI can build you some debs right now, though it will take ca. 15m probably.21:51
Sterenthat would be great, but if it's easy to compile I can do it21:52
paulproteusOh, you could just add deb-src lines from Intrepid to your sources.list and then do "apt-src -bi install git-core".21:52
nkinkadepaulproteus: pushed which modified gitosis-admin?21:53
paulproteusThat would take the source Debian packages for git-core from Intrepid and build and install it on your system.21:53
nkinkadeI just now pushed some changes.21:53
Sterenyeah I can do that21:53
nkinkadeBut I got an error that I hadn't seen before, or maybe I simply forgot how to add a repo.21:53
paulproteusnkinkade, Go on...?21:53
nkinkadeIt was complaining about not finding the repo in /git/repositories/, but I seem to recall that in the past it would create an empty one for me.21:54
nkinkadeI could be mistaken.21:54
paulproteusSteren, We'll see whose build finishes first. (-;21:54
nkinkadeOr maybe it's because I defined a [repo], which I hadn't done in the past.21:54
nkinkadeIn any case, they are just warnings.21:55
paulproteusnkinkade, I agree with your analysis.21:55
paulproteusSteren, It will fail for you to build the Intrepid git-core. One sec.22:02
Sterennkinkade: great, thanks22:09
nkinkadeSteren: There's junk README file in there that you can just remove.22:11
paulproteusWow, generating the git documentation takes 5x as long as compiling it.22:11
* paulproteus 's git compile is running its self tests before it can be packaged up for Steren22:11
Sterennkinkade: ok I successfully pushed to this repository my first files of the Bibtex Import extension22:12
Bovinityi feel like i'm missing out22:16
Bovinityi've never had git docs build before22:16
Bovinitygoogle is my git documentation.22:16
Sterenpaulproteus: I'm now using git version (downloaded the Intrepid packages)22:27
Sterenpaulproteus: waw it works now, unbelievable22:27
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paulproteusSteren, Awesome (-:22:30
Sterenpaulproteus: well thanks a lot, i would never have suspect my git version to be the cause22:30
paulproteusSteren, Yes. If it's not 1.5.6 or above, just run away.22:31
paulproteusSteren, I think that if you try to apt-get update ;apt-get upgrade, you'll get git 1.6.0 from the CC repo.22:35
paulproteusAs a present for your patience.22:35
Sterenpaulproteus: well, there is nothing to upgrade :/22:40
paulproteusOops, I just did "rm *" by accident.22:42
paulproteusOkay, so those git packages are gone. (-:22:42
Steren:) well nevermind, it's working fine now, thanks again22:43
nkinkadepaulproteus: Where is that ionicer tool you made?22:55
nkinkadeI forgot the details, but think I'd like to use it somewhere else.22:56
paulproteusMaybe I should put in the CC repository or something.22:57
paulproteusI wanted it on rose.22:57
paulproteusReally it should be part of the ionice package.22:57
nkinkadeI agree.22:57
paulproteusnkinkade, The blog post has more info, I believe, except that the git URL it says to clone is a lie.22:57
nkinkadeIt's a shame that a regular user can't regulate their own processes, at least.22:57
nkinkadepaulproteus: Ah.  That's it ... CC Labs blog.   I'll check there.22:58
paulproteusIt's also the top Google hit for "ionicer"!22:58
paulproteusWow, I can't believe that was >1mo ago.22:58
nkinkadeI searched my mail for ionicer, but wasn't astute enough to search Google for it. :-)22:59
paulproteusIsn't Google your email!23:00
nkinkadeIt is, but when I search it only searches the content of mails.23:01
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* paulproteus fixes the git service on rose23:05
nkinkadepaulproteus: You've got a tiny typo on that blog post: "a script which does tw things"23:06
nkinkadeOr maybe I'm just not creative enough.23:06
paulproteusWould you be willing to fix it for me?23:06
paulproteusYou and your non-broken Fx.23:06
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nkinkadeYeah, I'll fix it.  Have you tried disabling other addons?23:08
nkinkadeThe thing seemed to work fine for me with Epiphany, but just not Firefox, then I disabled Greasemonkey and Platypus and it started working fine.23:08
nkinkadeI didn't investigate any further than that, but clearly there is something else going on and my "fix" was somewhat coincidental.23:09
nkinkadepaulproteus: Interesting, and sadly, the problem seems to have cropped up again for me again.23:10
nkinkadeSo now I've got a motivation to seek out the cause.23:10
paulproteusMaybe we should report it as a WordPress bug.23:11
paulproteusBut try a fresh profile.23:11
nkinkadeDid using a fresh profile work for you?23:11
paulproteusHaven't tried it yet.23:13
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ehirdIs it possible to blanket-license a site as a Creative Commons license by saying so on its front page, or does every document need to be tagged?23:16
paulproteusehird, Well, the note on the front page will do legal-wise, but CC search engines like Google's and Yahoo's require every page be marked.23:17
paulproteusSo it's a matter of ensuring findability.23:17
ehirdThat's not too important to me (the works won't be very useful if you start from the perspective of their license rather than their topic)23:18
ehirdSo if a front-page note will do legally, that's perfect. Thanks :)23:18
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paulproteusehird, Keep in mind I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.23:19
nkinkadeehird: It hasn't anything to do with the legality of it, and everything to do with the clarity of it.23:19
ehirdpaulproteus: of course :-)  nkinkade: Mm, indeed. For prominent pages (e.g. ones getting a lot of traffic) I might put a separate button on them.23:19
paulproteusRight, what I meant is it doesn't matter how you tell people that they're allowed to do something so long as you do tell them that.23:19
nkinkadeAs the copyright holder of a work, you are free to license and mark it as you please, but licensing it under a CC license, but not adequately marking it so that others know about it isn't all that useful, most likely.23:19
ehirdIt's just that the site is mostly static and has a large number of pages, so manually adding a link to the license to each one could get a bit annoying.23:20
nkinkadeehird: Adding some small text in the sidebar or footer is usually a good idea.  Take a look at the footer of http://creativecommons.org23:20
ehirdYes, true.23:20
nkinkadeehird: Ah, I see.23:20
nkinkadeNo common footer.23:21
nkinkadeWell, that cold be a major pain. :-)23:21
ehirdI could just script adding it to all the pages, so it's not too big of a problem.23:21
ehirdThanks anyway :)23:21
nkinkadeehird: perl -pi is your friend.23:22
nkinkadeOr sed -i, if you hate perl.23:22
paulproteusOr /usr/bin/replace if you just want fixed strings.23:23
nkinkadepaulproteus: Strangely, disabling the Ubuntu fixes addon seems to have temporarily cured the problem, but I feel sure that it's triggering some other behavior that coincidentally fixes the problem for a while.23:24
paulproteusnkinkade, le sigh.23:24
paulproteusnkinkade, There, finally, that git:// URL listed in the gitweb is not a lie.23:24
nkinkadeI just re-enabled the Ubuntu addon and it still works.23:26
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