Tuesday, 2009-01-06

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jgaypaulproteus: hey, do you have any free time next week?18:31
paulproteusjgay, Next week, maybe.18:31
jgaypaulproteus: cool. We are starting to pick up a lot of momentum at ck12, and we are starting to carve out our roadmap for things like RDFa and representing educational resources and improving sharing. I'd love to meet up and talk if you have some time.18:38
jgayI'm out in Palo Alto once a month for a week. next week will be my week in January.18:39
paulproteusSure. I wonder if nathany is also relevant.18:39
paulproteusI can't imagine he'll feel like going to Palo Alto, though!18:39
jgayno, no, I can probably come up yoru way :-)18:39
paulproteusSuper rad.18:39
jgayI'll talk with my bosses and find out what day would work best. maybe someone else from ck12 would like to join me.18:40
jgaypaulproteus: do you think you could meet in the evening for dinner?18:43
paulproteusI possibly could, but I'm sure NY would find that less palatable (!).18:43
jgayyeah ... the only tricky thing is that next week is our all staff meetup where people are flying in from around the world ... so our time together during the day is important. And going to SF takes up a block of time that I should probably do in the evenings.18:46
paulproteusYes, that makes sense.18:46
paulproteusLet's do this by email, and you pick a day, and we'll maximize participation once we know all the constraints.18:47
jgayOK, that sounds good. Thanks.18:47
paulproteusPreferably suggest >1 day, but do what you can.18:47
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paulproteusnathany, Can you slide over to my desk and see if my Super Mario Brothers wallet seems to be sitting there?19:25
paulproteusAlso, good morning.19:25
nathanypaulproteus: yes it is19:25
paulproteusThat's a relief. Maybe I will swing by the office today after all.19:26
nathanypaulproteus: the examples looks fine, but i think we should at least modify the front page template to include links to them19:26
nathany(in that introductory paragraph?19:27
nathanyotherwise someone just coming to the validator has a low probability of finding them19:27
paulproteusI didn't because I feared it would add clutter, but let me take a fresh look.19:27
nathanyi think it could be done in a lightweight manner19:27
paulproteusAlso it took me forever to figure out Pylons' handling of static files.19:27
paulproteusBut anyway, I did19:27
nathany(or even just a dedicated samples page and a link to that)19:27
paulproteusI like that idea; okay to link to it in the highlighted box?19:28
paulproteusMight as well link to an anchor in http://validator.creativecommons.org/validation/about that lists the samples, I'd figure?19:32
paulproteusNo need for a real extra page.19:32
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paulproteusWhoa, hey hdworak!19:34
paulproteusMaybe you saw the labs post? (-:19:34
hdworakAsheesh: I've got the e-mail, thank you for the labs post19:34
paulproteusI added some sample documents to the validator, and I'm trying to see where on the front page to link to them.19:36
hdworakpaulproteus: thank you for putting the stuff working on-line19:36
paulproteusAbsolutely. Thank you for giving me something to put online!19:36
hdworakpaulproteus: I am sorry for letting you down when it comes to enhancements apart from GSoC; I know I've reached the point where my promises have no credibility19:37
paulproteusThat's okay, I am in the same position with other people.19:37
paulproteusSo I understand how you feel!19:37
hdworakpaulproteus: I've been very busy with the work at the university; I've written one paper and I'm just writing another one (both pending double blindfold peer review = serious)19:38
paulproteusGood, I hope they go well.19:38
hdworakit seems that this whole PhD work will finally take off :)19:38
hdworakthank you19:38
paulproteusHah, great!19:38
hdworakby no means I want to stop cooperating with Creative Commons, since CA is my ultimate goal and you're fine representatives of its very best19:40
hdworakit reads "Download the Corresponding Source of this program."19:41
hdworakthere's a link to http://validator.creativecommons.org/validator.tar.bz219:41
hdworaknow the thing is: this is a dummy file for the time being19:41
hdworakas far as I recall, the .tar.bz2 is located in the /public/ directory19:42
paulproteusYeah, I think we should link to gitweb's tarball generator.19:42
hdworaknow, to comply with AGPL, we either ... ok, you're faster19:42
paulproteusI was thinking about that yesterday.19:42
hdworakthank you for analysing the code base19:42
paulproteusIt's easy when someone who pays my bills asks me to do so. (-;19:43
hdworakoh, was it nathany?19:43
hdworakanyway, what happened to other projects of this GSoC?19:45
hdworakare they also in use?19:45
hdworakI can see that Mihai uploaded his code to Google: http://code.google.com/p/google-summer-of-code-2008-cc/downloads/list19:46
hdworak(just curious) :)19:46
hdworakare you applying for GSoC this year?19:46
hdworakif so, are you planning any validator-related GSoC projects this year?19:47
paulproteusAs for Ankit's, he never got far enough to have us deploy his.19:47
hdworakare you planning CA internships this year?19:47
paulproteusWe probably will have CA internships. I imagine we'll do GSoC.19:48
paulproteusThose are nathany's department, so I don't really know more than guessing that the future will be like the past.19:48
paulproteusI'm surprised not to see Ankit's work here; wasn't that a prereq of him getting paid?19:49
paulproteusI think that we should try to get Mihai's work shipped in Debian and Ubuntu or something, but I have zero experience with it.19:49
hdworakpaulproteus: who does the Ubuntu packages for the current cc work then? (I know cc has own repo)19:50
hdworakor do you mean just passing it to official Deb/U repos?19:50
paulproteusI do mean official, yeah.19:50
paulproteusIt didn't occur to me to try our unofficial one first.19:50
paulproteusWe could give that a shot; nathany, let me know if you want me to look at it sometime.19:50
hdworakas for ankitg, I know that it was a prerequisite for the t-shirt and certificate, but I think they payment was there regardless, but Google Inc. rules were that if someone does not upload, they can have the money back19:51
hdworakand what about Da\vid McC\abe's RDFa support for semantic mediawiki? as far as I recall, he did many commits to the SVN or git branches19:53
paulproteusnkinkade was mentoring him; I know that did result in code.19:53
hdworakdo you know what would be the approx. deadline for the applications for the internship?19:54
paulproteusProbably the same as last year, which iirc is around March.19:54
nathanypaulproteus: what am i supposed to think about having you look at?19:56
paulproteusIsn't dropping code on http://code.google.com/p/google-summer-of-code-2008-cc/downloads/list a requirement for getting paid at the end?19:56
paulproteusWell, next steps if any for Mihai's work.19:56
hdworakI know that it was a prerequisite for the t-shirt and certificate, but I think the payment was there regardless, but Google Inc. rules were that if someone does not upload, they can have the money back19:57
paulproteusI know close to zero about it, and I theoretically offer to package it for our repo or Debian/Ubuntu official.19:57
paulproteushdworak, Oh, okay.19:57
hdworaknathany: hi!19:57
nathanyhi hdworak :)19:57
nathanypaulproteus: right, let's just put a stake in the ground and bring it up at our next mtg19:58
hdworakthanks for resurrecting the validator19:58
paulproteusnathany, Consider it staked.19:58
nathanyhdworak: sure -- sorry it took so long to circle back to that19:59
hdworaknathany: actually it was me who deceived Asheesh that the awaited updates are coming shortly (though they never did)20:00
nathanymlinksva: Bovinity: you guys doing curry today?20:00
hdworakpaulproteus: have you heard about the haXe language?20:03
paulproteusJust barely heard of it.20:03
hdworakok :)20:04
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Bovinitynathany: indeed, all these mashups are rediculously good.22:36
nathanyi know!22:36
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paulproteusBovinity, Is this about the thing this weekend?23:39
paulproteusOn Saturday.23:39
Bovinitypaulproteus: what now?23:39
Bovinitythe mashups?23:39
paulproteusSomehow the two that I think I'm likely to like are both SF.23:41

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