Thursday, 2009-01-08

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lolkatzwhat is this?17:03
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paulproteusAww, bye lolkatz.17:04
paulproteusThat's a good name, though.17:04
paulproteusIf I knew anyone named Katz it would be even funnier.17:04
nkinkadenathany:  I'm planning to move the main Nagios monitoring from a7 to a9 ... any thoughts on that?17:04
nathanynkinkade: none beyond why17:05
nkinkadeThat second spate of messages last night was probably related to a7 getting a bit busy and then Nagios's monitoring requests timing out due to network load.17:06
nkinkadeAt least that was my take.17:06
nkinkadeIt was reporting as down services on all sorts of machine, services that had no problems at all.17:06
nkinkadeSeems like the monitoring would be better on a less loaded machine.17:06
nathanyyeah, i'm fine with that17:07
nkinkadeI could also do a6.17:07
nathanyi wonder if we should do a cheap linode or something for this sort of thing17:07
nkinkadeBut I'm not sure how we are handling that box vis a vis ccLearn.17:07
nathanywhere we can run monitoring, cron, etc17:07
nathanya6 would probably be fine, too17:07
nathanyit's on a7 and .... what? now17:07
nkinkadeI'm not familiar with linodes.17:07
paulproteusThey're relatively inexpensive Xen guests.17:08
paulproteusAnd relatively well-supported ones too.17:08
nkinkadeWhere can they be hosted?17:08
nkinkadenathany: paulproteus: that might not be a bad idea, then.17:08
nkinkadeIt seems rather error prone to have our servers monitor themselves more or less.17:09
paulproteusPlus we could have that Linode run our batch jobs.17:09
paulproteuss/our/my/ (-:17:09
nathany[assuming our batch jobs fall in the resource constraints]17:09
nkinkadeShall I look into the details of a linode setup for Nagions, then?17:09
nathanyyeah, i can go ahead and provision it17:10
nkinkadenathany: The linodes are pretty cheap.17:11
nkinkadeThis will be a good alternative to outsourcing our monitoring17:11
nkinkade... which is ridiculously expensive.17:11
nkinkadenathany: I think the Linode 360 would be more than adequate, overkill even, but it's their minimum offering.17:12
nathanythat's what i'm getting :)17:13
nathanynkinkade: you can sign in at
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Bovinitymecredis: shouldn't the Colbert blog post be for "Colbert Report", or is larry only appearing on the website instead of the show?18:34
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paulproteusnathany, Did you know about ?19:36
paulproteusYou must have, but this is the first I've learned about it.19:37
paulproteus(I'm adding it to our docs.)19:37
nathanywhy must i have?19:37
nathanyit's new in 1.219:37
paulproteusI... don't know, I have a good impression of you? (-;19:37
nathany(which we weren't using before)19:37
paulproteusOh, okay.19:37
nathanyit *was* one of my bitches re: pootle :)19:37
paulproteusI know!19:38
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paulproteusAnyone want to try Rotee-brand curry-in-a-hurry? <>20:06
paulproteusHmm, it seems to be less cheap.20:07
paulproteusThough it comes with naan maybe.20:09
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mecredis_Bovinity, there?20:44
Bovinitymecredis_: yo21:18
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mecredis_hey there21:29
mecredis_just wanted to ping you about the arts enginve video21:29
mecredis_on /videos/21:29
mecredis_were you planning on migrating the original page to that21:29
mecredis_or ?21:29
Bovinityumm, where is it now?21:30
Bovinitynkinkade did the /videos/ work so far21:30
mecredis_ is the one I made21:30
mecredis_figured it should be linked to from /videos/21:30
Bovinitydid you get my earlier "colbert nation" vs "colbert report" query?21:30
nkinkadeBovinity: As far as I know they work.21:31
nkinkadeDid you find a broken one?21:31
Bovinitynkinkade: ^^ one got missed ;)21:31
mecredis_Bovinity, nope, switched machines21:32
nkinkadeHmmm.  I would have sworn to you that I did the media-that-matters one.21:32
mecredis_I think Colbert switched21:32
mecredis_err, changed names21:32
mecredis_if that was your question21:32
Bovinitymecredis_: the show is still Report.. but hte blog post refers to it as Nataion, which is just the website. but i wasnt sure if that was on purpose, like larry is only appearing on the website21:32
nkinkademecredis: Bovinity:  This one:
nkinkadeIs that not it?21:32
mecredis_that is confusing21:33
nkinkadeThere is a thumbnail on the front page too.21:33
nkinkadeI'll add the other data that I missed now.21:33
mecredis_nkinkade, should contain
mecredis_ah cool21:34
nkinkadeThat was just an oversight.21:34
mecredis_Bovinity, not sure its worth changing21:34
mecredis_yah, no rush21:34
nkinkadeBut I don't like having it in two places.21:34
mecredis_feel free to do a redirect21:34
mecredis_if that makes you feel any better21:34
nkinkadeYeah, I just hate adding yet another rewrite rule.21:34
nkinkadeOh well.  If 300 are good, then 301 can't be any worse.21:34
mecredis_ACT NOW21:35
nkinkadeThere aren't really 300, but it *feels* like it.21:35
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paulproteusnathany, Let me know when you want to do that sync-up.21:41
paulproteus(Any time before one of us leaves is fine.)21:41
nkinkademecredis:  Is this better?
nkinkademecredis: Bovinity: That link now redirects to the /videos/ version, I also added a redirect for /asharedculture -> /videos/a-shared-culture21:50
nkinkademecredis: Were there any other videos floating around, or just those 2?21:50
nkinkadeIn fact, I just delete the original 2 pages to avoid confusion.21:52
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paulproteusnathany, says: "If you have questions about using Pootle or about the translation process, you can ask in the IRC channel, or on the cctools-i18n mailing list."22:43
paulproteuscctools-i18n is on Berlios and has no posts in the past ca. 2y. Maybe we should use webmaster@ for questions, and Issues for bugs?22:44
paulproteusI'm replacing it with: "If you have questions about using Pootle or about the translation process, you can ask in the [[IRC|IRC channel]], or by sending an email to If you are an international affiliate on the CCi mailing list, you can use that instead."22:45
nathanypaulproteus: great22:47
nathanynkinkade: where does staging the civicrm upgrade fit in your schedule at the moment?22:50
nathanywe're on 2.0 now, right?22:51
* paulproteus owes nkinkade a fix over some Drupal CVS-git stuff22:51
nkinkadenathany: We are currently
nkinkadenathany: Where would you like for it to fit into my schedule is the question. :-)22:52
nathanywell looking at our IM conversation from Monday I had it towards the top of a roughly ordered list22:53
nathanyi'm thinking we need to be able to rationally evaluate what to build (and what to build it on), so earlier is better22:53
nathanyam i crazy to think that staging with the 2.2 alpha is a good idea, with a target of deploying when it's released?22:53
nkinkadenathany: What's the target date on that?22:54
nathanythe civicrm page says feb 1822:54
nathanyalthough it looks like upgrades may still be rocky22:54
nathany(at the moment)22:54
nkinkadeWhoa, they are replacing Amavis with some PHP based option, which excites me.22:55
nkinkadenathany: Looking it over, you idea may be a good course of action.23:07
nkinkadeJust bite the bullet and go to 2.2 directly, if possible.23:07
nkinkadeHowever, I know for past version you had to upgrade the database incrementally.23:08
nkinkadeThere is a side of me that would like to upgrade to stable (2.1.x), get it running nicely and then the next upgrade would only be a single version upgrade instead of battling (possible) to get it directly to 2.2.23:09
nkinkadepaulproteus: Will you have time tomorrow or early next week to get the Druapl cvs2git stuff working again?23:10
paulproteusTomorrow or early next week, yeah.23:11
paulproteusIt's doing something kind of like syncing, but not quite enough like it to be useful.23:11
nkinkadeAnd the stuff for CiviCRM is working fine?23:12
paulproteusI'm pretty sure, yeah.23:12
paulproteusLet me double-check.23:12
paulproteusYeah,;a=summary has commits.23:12
paulproteusEven new branches.23:13
paulproteusgit-svn works reliably, but there's something fruity going on with the CVS stuff.23:13
paulproteuspaulproteus@sf:~ $ telnet code 8023:14
paulproteustelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: No route to host23:14
paulproteusNever mind.23:15
paulproteusMaybe I was stepping on my own network cable or something, but it works now.23:15
paulproteusnkinkade, I'm curious if the I/O limits also apply to our swap partition.23:15
nathanynkinkade: so i'd actually be fine with doing it incrementally23:16
paulproteusIn a way, it seems cruel for them to do that; but if they don't, then we could put whatever we wanted there and access it however much we want...23:16
nathanyif nothing else i'd like to get upgraded on production to 2.1 as soon as possible so that if MK/AD do training they're using the latest release23:16
paulproteusnkinkade, Ignore anything I've been saying about I/O.23:17
nkinkadenathany: It may be that they will support a direct 2.0.x -> 2.2.x upgrade path, but I don't think they did in the past without having to upgrade the database incrementally.  2.2 is due out in about 1.5 months, and I think we can get some experience with 2.1 in that time.23:21
nkinkadeIf it was due out in just 2 weeks or so I'd say go with 2.2 right away if possible.23:21
nathanymakes sense to me23:22
nkinkadeI'll set it as a high priority.23:22
paulproteuspaulproteus@nagios:~$ dmesg | grep bugs23:23
paulproteusAll bugs added by David S. Miller <>23:23
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