Monday, 2009-01-05

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TimStarlingis LicenseChooser.js ready for bundling or not? I'm getting some conflicting signals from the wiki05:56
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mlinksvankinkade: i see we're at wp2.7 now, cool.  it adds comment paging, which screws up things, eg
nkinkademlinksva: Let me take a look.16:40
mlinksvaon my blog when i upgraded i just removed16:41
mlinksvaah nevermind, i thought it was a theme thing16:41
mlinksvabut it is just a setting16:41
mlinksvai changed it appropriately16:41
mlinksvato get rid of the apging16:41
mlinksva fyi16:41
nkinkademlinksva: So you fixed the issue?  We're good to go?16:41
nkinkadeI had tested the site, but there are aspects like this that I was sure to miss.16:42
mlinksvagood to go on that one16:42
mlinksvankinkade: but i note that commenter links are messed up eg see
mlinksvarel values are placed inside the href16:43
nkinkademlinksva: Is that not correct?  I thought that rel value should be where it is.16:46
nkinkadeWhere should the rel="nofollow" be placed, or am I looking at the wrong thing?16:47
mlinksvayou're looking at the right thing.  eg16:48
mlinksva<a href=""16:48
mlinksvashould be16:48
mlinksva<a href=""" rel="external nofollow"16:49
mlinksvaer sans the extra quote at the beginning16:49
nkinkademlinksva: Okay, I see now.  Is this a known bug in Wordpress that you know of?16:52
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nkinkadeSomeone claims that it's an outdated Google Analyticator plugin that was causing the problem for them.  I'll upgrade the plugin and hopefully that will fix it.16:54
mlinksvabtw another wordpress annoyance -- we get lots of pingbacks on pages (especially licenses and people) that are often incorrectly categorized as spam, and the ones that aren't are (correctly) not displayed.  WP doesn't have a built in option to do so, but i think it would be good to remove pingback header from non-post pages17:04
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nkinkademlinksva: The rel="" problem is was resolved by updating the Google Analyticator extension.  Regarding your second complaint, perhaps Bovinity has some insight on that?17:13
mlinksvankinkade: thx17:14
mlinksvaBovinity: what do you think re removing pingback header from non-posts17:14
Bovinitymlinksva: sounds fine. were there issues arising from it?17:15
nkinkadeBovinity: Do you know how to accomplish what mlinksva wants to do re: the pingbacks?  I'm not sure, but you know a lot more about WP than me.17:16
Bovinitynkinkade: should be a simple header.php edit. i'll take a look.17:17
Bovinitynkinkade: i see you migrated to 2.717:19
nkinkadeBovinity: I did.  Last week.17:20
Bovinitynkinkade: mlinksva: pingbacks fixed.17:21
mlinksvaBovinity: thx, see above for issue raised fwiw17:24
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paulproteusnathany, FYI doesn't include license.rdf and therefore fails to create its own egg. Is that what you expect?21:27
nathanypaulproteus: cc.license is so beta i have almost no expectations21:28
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Sterenhi! and Happy new year21:56
paulproteusHi! You too!22:00
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paulproteusnathany, FYI I'm fixing this Nagios validator nonsense; ignore the noise for now,22:54
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paulproteusnathany, For the validator demo pages, I have RDFa (taken straight from and RDF in a comment (with the old namespace). Anything else I should demo?23:30
paulproteusMaybe a non-rel-equals-license link to a license?23:30
paulproteus(Which will show no metadata.)23:31
nathanypaulproteus:  i think what you have is good23:32
nathanythe latter will just be confusing23:32
nathany(and was never a recommendation)23:32
paulproteusnathany, ACK23:46
nathanyoh, nevermind23:46

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