Sunday, 2009-01-04

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chuckIs it possible to to relicense content from GFDL to a CC license?01:55
is4depends, is it your content?02:07
is4I think that GNU and CC are finalizing the hashing out of compatibility between the GFDL and cc -by-sa 3.002:08
is4but it hasn't happened yet02:08
is4some holdout on the GNU's side02:08
is4chuck, ^02:10
chuckis4: it's a wiki02:13
is4chuck, by which you mean it's an open collaborative wiki ala wikipedia etc?02:14
is4wherein contributors originally contributed their edits(copyright) under a GFDL license?02:15
is4btw, obligatory IANAL I am not a lawyer, I am not a part of CreativeCommons, etc02:16
paulproteusis4, There's no hold-out; look up GFDL 1.3.02:17
chuckis4: yes02:18
chuckit's content released under GFDL 1.202:18
is4Oh it happened this november, no wonder.  I've been buried for two months02:19
* is4 reads mako02:19
chuckAnd not "GFDL 1.2 or any later version", either, so I think i'm pretty much trapped02:19
is4doesn't the GFDL includes 'or any later version' text be default?02:20
* is4 continues reading02:20
chuckI don't know02:26
is4chuck, it's pretty easy to look up
is4the 1.3 version02:40
is4search for the word 'later'02:40
chuckWe're under .202:40
chuckLooks like i'm fucked, we don't have "or any later version" on the site02:41
is4read section 10, Future Revisions of this license02:42
chuckyeah, it says we need "or later version"02:42
is4that's not how I read it02:43
is4If the Document specifies that a particular numbered version of this License "or any later version" applies to it,02:43
is4if it states a specific revision number you can still use later02:44
is4chuck, ^02:44
chuckno, I think it means we have to literally say "or any later version" after it02:45
is4chuck iiinteresting02:49
is4chuck, doesn't the copyright statement require you to say 'or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation' ?02:50
is4well now I'm curious02:52
chuckis4: MediaWiki doesn't do that by default02:53
is4there's no reason to believe that a standard mediawiki install satisfies the gfdl02:54
is4wikipedia satisfies:
chuckI dunno, I'm pretty sure that our MediaWiki installation came without that phrase02:55
chuckoh wait02:56
chuckyou don't actually need to say "or any later version" in the footer, it seems02:56
chuckWikipedia doesn't02:56
chuckbut they have it in a copyrights page, and I don't think we did that02:56
is4it's not a footer thing02:56
is4it has to be in the copyright statement02:57
is4what wiki are we talking about anyway?02:57
is4all of
is4or a specific projectwiki?02:57
is4chuck: oh snap:
chuckis4: oh... snap >_<
chuckhow specific03:00
is4chuck, imo you didn't satisfy for the meta wiki, but possibly are ok on individual projects03:04
is4Also, I am not familiar with yourwiki.  This is a problem... :-(03:04
chuckMeta wiki is kind of one of our main wikis, though :P03:05
chuckIt's the only one I care about ;-)03:05
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Viper550hmm, think there should be maybe a seperate set of Creative Commons licenses with "no DRM" provisions?03:15
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isforinsectseer, lemme see if I have the colors set up right04:16
isforinsectsping NotADJ and/or paulproteus04:16
is4loan_ping isforinsects04:17
is4loan_hi isforinsects04:17
is4loan_how are you?04:17
is4loan_isforinsects, are you there?04:17
isforinsectsis4loan_: I am!04:17
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Viper550I had ideas like, remove that DRM clause from the license and add a NoDRM option, "You may not use technical measures such as Digital Rights Managment systems to restrict the reuse of this work"04:20
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paulproteusisforinsects, Hi08:52
paulproteusI'm sleepy now and was away earlier.08:52
isforinsectshey paulproteus08:55
isforinsectsI've been teaching myself vim today08:57
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paulproteusHow do you like it?09:05
paulproteusIt has some nice features for navigating around text files, but in the end I find Ctrl-left and Ctrl-right and their friends in Emacs enough for me.09:05
isforinsectsI haven't used emacs enough to be able to judge yet09:06
isforinsectsI figured that enough things use vim bindings that I should learn them09:07
paulproteusThat makes enough sense, yeah.09:10
paulproteusAre you using vimtutor?09:10
paulproteusIt's pretty good.09:10
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XtevenI wonder if I could get in contact with the person who set up the wiki + openid extension13:31
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paulproteusXteven, Yes, webmaster@creativecommons is the contact address for all of us.17:41
Xtevenok thx :)17:48
XtevenI used the mailform on the site already17:49
Xtevenand inthe meantime, I also got my setup working17:49
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