Wednesday, 2010-11-24

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luisvASCII ART PLZ00:18
tychoish^ that00:33
* luisv bought CC-licensed post cards at SF MOMA this weekend00:34
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Omni|AFKI was hoping it had something to do with CruiseControl.  :-)17:13
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paroneayeaI set up a test that I intended to have fail and it's passing o_O17:33
paroneayeamaybe things are broken somewhere else then17:33
greg-gruh roh17:33
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paroneayeasometimes typing up responses to really exasperating tickets, like this one:
paroneayeamakes that ticket like 2x more exasperating20:46
paroneayeabut sometimes it feels like it helps.  A wash?20:46
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paroneayeaI'd say "guess what everyone, cc tech call!" but I think most people are off.21:19
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paroneayeaUnknownLocaleError: unknown locale 'ast_ES'21:41
paroneayea      \/            .------21:41
paroneayea      o o ;;       /\\     \    $  __21:41
paroneayea      ' C ||      // \\     #     /_/21:41
paroneayea        \//      // //\\     \21:41
paroneayea         )             \\     \   %21:41
paroneayea        \\              \\_____\21:41
paroneayea        | )            //-------21:41
paroneayea       /_/_           //     //21:41
paroneayea           LOSE YOUR SHIT21:41
paroneayea         FLIP A FUKKEN TABLE21:41
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akozakmralex, would it be PC to include scotland as a country to this page?
akozakmralex, or does it just depend on the library21:59
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mralexakozak: scotland has their own library22:01
akozakmralex, ok so it probably shouldnt be linked to
akozakok cool thanks22:02
akozakjane thought there was a chance youd be offended by the question :P22:02
mralexi don;t have that much national pride :P22:03
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akozakhaha i'm loving the new jimmy wales temple-vein banner22:06
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paroneayea        ___22:12
paroneayea   ,,,,,  ',,22:12
paroneayea  ,""""      \22:12
paroneayea ,"""-  Y -- --       DONATE TO WIKIPEDIA22:12
paroneayea ,,(-'    X \X22:12
paroneayea  ,,\.'   /(_))       OR JIMMY WALES' HEAD22:12
paroneayea    ,    ."___.       GETS IT22:12
paroneayea   \   \_",U,,"22:12
paroneayea    \____/22:12
akozaki ruined it22:12
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paroneayea        ___22:13
paroneayea   ,,,,,  ',,22:13
paroneayea  ,""""      \22:13
paroneayea ,"""-  Y -- --       DONATE TO WIKIPEDIA22:13
paroneayea ,,(-'    X \X22:13
paroneayea  ,,\.'   /(_))       OR JIMMY WALES' HEAD22:13
paroneayea    ,    ."___.       GETS IT22:13
paroneayea   \   \_",U,,"22:13
paroneayea    \____/22:13
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akozakmralex, could the deed print thing be related to yui22:20
akozakim getting some errors related to it in firebug22:20
akozakin the container.css file22:20
akozakmight explain why its a new issue22:21
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akozaksince the css hasnt been changed22:21
mralexakozak: i don't see any container.css errors in firebug22:25
mralexi see the problem22:25
paroneayeamralex: fuck?22:26
paroneayeais it hard to fix?22:26
mralexparoneayea: easy fix, but requires regenerating all deeds22:27
paroneayeamralex: which is easy :)22:27
mralexparoneayea: when the translations box was moved tot he bottom, the #header div was left open, and the print css hides that.22:27
mralexparoneayea: thus, the entire page is wrapped in #header, and getting hidden22:27
paroneayeamralex: kk, I'll fix it22:28
mralexgreat, thanks22:28
mralexparoneayea: can you make sure the translations area is wrapped in #footer, so it still gets hidden properly22:28
paroneayeamralex: yes22:28
mralexcool :)22:29
paroneayeaI'll update to staging and have you check before deployment22:29
paroneayeamralex: hrm22:42
paroneayeaso to wrap it in #footer22:42
paroneayeafooter is currently a p22:42
paroneayeaand wraps the use this license22:43
paroneayeaso should I make instead like22:43
paroneayea<div id="footer"><p>use this license</p><div>translations</div></div>22:43
paroneayeamralex: ?22:43
mralexparoneayea: yep22:43
paroneayeamralex: kk22:44
mralex#footer has no styling in the regular css, so that'll work fine22:44
paroneayeamralex: check plz22:48
akozakmralex, I just discovered the magic that is the CC colors page:
mralexparoneayea: it renders now! i just need to tweak the css a little. :)22:50
mralexparoneayea: thanks22:50
paroneayeamralex: great.  Should I deploy live or wait till you're done tweaking22:51
mralexparoneayea: you can go ahead and deploy22:51
paroneayeamralex: thanks for catching that again, and sorry for making the mistake, my bad22:55
paroneayeamralex: want me to close the ticket?  I updated live22:56
paroneayeaor should I leave it open for your tweaks22:56
mralexparoneayea: ya, i'll close when i'm done tweaking22:56

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