Friday, 2010-11-19

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JED3nkinkade: what was the error on a10?00:35 avoid the halt on boot00:35
nkinkadeJED3: memory mismatch.00:35
JED3ahh okay, so i did install the modules correctly?00:35
JED3just complaining about the 2 different capacities?00:36
nkinkadeI suppose that's it, but I'm not sure why it'd be a problem.  In any case, Linux sees the memory just fine.00:42
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paroneayeankinkade: ping16:31
nkinkadeHi paroneayea.16:31
paroneayeaI think I understand what happened with sr_LATN but16:31
paroneayeathis seems like a mess16:31
paroneayeaand something we'll need to get resolved in transifex eventually, yeah?16:31
paroneayeaor else we'll probably have to keep doing this16:31
nkinkadeparoneayea: As I mentioned in one of the emails, it's just a stopgap fix until v1.0 is launched.16:32
paroneayeaoh okay16:33
nkinkadeAt which point we can map our locale name to any arbitrary name.16:33
paroneayeankinkade: so should I just copy the file over?  I guess we don't even need msgmerge16:33
nkinkadeFor now, I had to create sr@latin in order for her to be able to translate at all using Transifex.16:33
nkinkadeparoneayea: msgmerge may not be necessary.  I'd try copying the PO and then see what git thinks about the changes.16:33
nkinkadev1.0 should launch soon.16:34
paroneayeankinkade: sounds grood16:34
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paroneayeankinkade: so I deleted sr@latin, but I'm guessing maybe I should actually leave that directory and a copy of it for now16:52
nkinkadeparoneayea: I'd leave it for now.  If you remove it and any strings change, then Nena won't be able to translate them.16:52
paroneayeankinkade: ok, adding back16:53
nkinkadeI'm guessing that we won't need to worry about it again, since v1.0 will probably be launched on before Nena needs to translate again.16:53
paroneayeaok, well added it back just in case.16:54
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nyerglernkinkade: are we just waiting for DNS to converge before the a10 nagios warnings stop?19:54
nkinkadenyergler: No.  There are some issues I'm having with a10.19:54
nkinkadeSeem to be Varnish related.  I'm trying to figure it out now.19:54
nyerglergreat, thanks19:55
nkinkadeIntermittent connection timeouts.19:55
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paroneayeaJED3: do you use yasnippet?20:31
JED3paroneayea: no, i didnt like it when i tried it many moons ago20:32
paroneayeaah really?20:32
JED3perhaps its time for 2nd go-around?20:32
* paroneayea just wrote a snippet that expands FUD into subtasks of Functionality / Unit tests / Documentation20:32
paroneayeasince I've been making subtasks of those in orgmode all the time lately and it was getting tedious20:32
paroneayeaJED3: oh well, here's an elisp expansion of that template in case you'd find it helpful:20:35
paroneayeait's nothing complex though20:36
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nyerglerparoneayea: glad to see 717 almost done; are you deploying that?22:36
paroneayeanyergler: I can deploy it as soon as I get the thumbs up to do so22:36
paroneayeajust finished all requests, was about  to deploy to staging and ask for apporval22:37
nyerglerso approved :)22:37
paroneayeaI'll just deploy to live22:37
paroneayeaI've tested it well, unit and in my browser22:37
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nyerglerparoneayea: amazing :)23:10
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