Friday, 2010-10-22

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* danbri wonders what you folks use to protect from spam10:14
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nyerglernkinkade: looks like i only ordered 1G on it16:12
nyergleri have a vague recollection of thinking they were charging too much for the extra DIMM16:13
nkinkadenyergler: Hmm.  I wonder if we should drop another 1G in there?16:13
nkinkadeI don't think i.CC is going to be memory intensive at all, but  these days 1G is seeming sort of slim, do you think?16:13
nyergleri agree, i think i was planning to get it from central or someplace16:14
nyerglercan you just find something that matches and have it shipped to the office while i'm away?16:14
nkinkadeI think the machine is mostly ready to go to ISC.16:14
nkinkadenyergler: I'll figure out the RAM thing.16:14
nyerglernkinkade: can i go ahead and power it down then before I leave? right now it's sort of barfed all over the orange room16:14
nkinkadenyergler: Before shutting it down, let me uncomment the new IP in network/interfaces.16:15
nyerglernkinkade: ok, thanks, just let me know when it's ready16:15
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nyerglernkinkade: are we still requiring email confirmation for wiki edits? (don't want to change, just can't remember)16:18
nkinkadenyergler: I'll have to check.  I have this vague recollection that we removed that and were going to play it by ear.16:18
nkinkadeOne sec., someones at the door.16:19
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nyerglernkinkade: when you get a chance can you double check what we're doing now wrt wiki editing?17:53
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danbrihi nyergler, thanks, i'd love to know too18:26
nyerglerdanbri: yup, that's why i'm checking :)18:26
danbriesp. curious whether email signups are enough to keep the devils away18:26
nyerglerdanbri: i can tell you they're not, at least not fully18:27
danbrioh and a privacy question; if someone comes along to cc wiki and makes an openid-facilitated comment, do you consider that a matter of public record (ie. you could expose the openid as data at some point...)18:27
danbrinot = not enough protection...? or not yet using email much18:27
nyerglernot enough protection; i'm thinking that we turned off the email confirmation requirement because18:28
nyerglera) it was causing lots of emails to the effect of, "why can't i edit?"18:28
nyerglerb) it wasn't eliminating spam18:28
danbriso i somehow missed a load of new spam, it was not showing in the default 'recent edits' view18:28
nyerglerweird; does that view exclude "minor edits" by default?18:29
danbriprobably i should grep sql dumps for 'viagra' next time, or something low-level like that18:29
danbrimaybe, or they were talk pages perhaps18:29
danbriwe didn't do a lot of forensics beyond rescue/repair18:29
danbriby we I mean Libby Miller who did the rescuing bit; i'm more trying to figure out how to keep it both open and safe... tough one :/18:30
nyerglerwe're saved at the moment by having one volunteer who does a great job watching things18:30
danbriah, lucky18:30
nyergleryes, quite18:30
nyerglernkinkade: what's the extension we turned on for Jesse in the CC wiki?18:30
nyergleroh, right, AbuseFilter18:31
nyerglerdanbri: you might want to check out AbuseFilter; our volunteer requested it, and i think it's helped keep things down quite a bit18:31
danbrithanks, i'll take a look18:32
nyergleralso might be interesting to take that into account for the openid data sharing idea; i'll follow-up on the thread shortly18:32
danbrii had capcha and blacklist, and felt i was doing enough but it's an arms war...18:32
danbrithanks, would love to hear your view18:32
danbriit's not a magic cure-all but if a few sites started, could be an interesting experiment at least18:32
* danbri heads off, take care! 18:34
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nkinkadenyergler: Sorry about the delay.  I had a friend stop by unexpectedly and it turned into a bit of a long visit ....18:47
nkinkadeI just checked and we stopped the emailconfirmed thing some time ago.  Now, any registered user can edit.18:48
nyerglernkinkade: thanks18:52
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nkinkadenyergler: I'm confused by your js examples for deed.js and the scraper stuff ... I'm probably overlooking something obvious, but isn't everything  being served off the same domain?19:25
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nyerglernkinkade: labs vs. a719:59
nkinkadenyergler: Maybe I didn't look close enough, sorry.  I only saw a7.20:02
nkinkadeI didn't look at the js files, though.  That must be it.20:03
nyerglernkinkade: no, it's in the HTML20:03
nyerglerbut assuming you request from (which I think is the link I gave in the ticket, the js w/o a domain will retrieve from labs; other specifies a720:04
nyerglertwo different tests, fwiw20:04
nkinkadenyergler: You link to a7 in the ticket.  Maybe that was it.20:04
nyerglerah, crap20:05
nkinkadeI was just looking around at the files thinking: this is all coming from a7, what does this prove?  I'll try it from labs.20:06
nyerglernkinkade: ok to shutdown new-i?20:18
nkinkadenyergler: Yeah, earlier I uncommented the new IP  address, and added JED3 and paroneayea as users.20:19
nkinkadenyergler: Anything else that's left can be done in it's new location.20:19
nkinkadeOh, nyergler, and I also took the liberty of renaming the box ..... are you ready?20:19
JED3thats a joke right?20:20
nkinkadeIt's going to host mirrors too, so i.CC didn't seem like the name ... and I'm sure that in the passage of time we'll heap another 5 or 10 domains on it.20:20
nkinkadeJED3: No. :-)20:20
JED3our license may only be at 3.0 but our tech is 10.020:24
nkinkadeGrade A[10]20:25
nkinkadeI actually sort of like the a# convention ... it's sort of boring, but it's short and sweet, and easy.  And it even implies some data about the order of provisioning.20:28
JED3nkinkade: i like it as well, how did the prefix "a" come about?20:29
nkinkadeJED3: It must go way back to the early days.20:29
JED3i also appreciate the "everett" user on most of the machines20:29
nkinkadeProbably had to do with Glen Brown(??) and Mike.20:29
nkinkadeThere was initially a sever called "apps"20:30
nkinkadeThen the second server provisioned was a2, then a3.  It was around the time of a4 that I came on board.20:30
nkinkadeWow, I can also use those names to mark time.20:30
JED3a1 = 2001?20:31
JED3a10 = 201020:31
nkinkadeJED3: There was no a1 to my knowledge ... just apps, then straight to a2.20:31
nkinkadeBut hey, you might be pretty close as to the names!20:32
JED3hah! we could have gone hex, and called it aa20:33
nkinkadeThat would have been much more clever than the a10 I came up with.20:36
JED3so a10 is the hostname of a linode vm right?20:37
nkinkadeJED3: No, it's the hostname of the rack server in the office right now.20:39
nkinkadeThe new, and
JED3nkinkade: ahh ok, to be racked at isc?20:44
paroneayeawooy on a1021:00
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