Monday, 2010-10-18

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nkinkadeparoneayea: It would appear that the license chooser is not producing localized text ... it always seems to be in English, no matter the jurisdiction or the language one uses in the interface.  This isn't right, is it?15:30
paroneayeankinkade: no, that isn't right15:30
paroneayeathe general chooser?15:30
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yeah.15:30
nkinkadeCheck it out a few times on your own, and if it looks like there is some breakage there maybe open a ticket?15:31
paroneayealooks working to me15:31
paroneayeait doesn't change with the jurisdiction, but I don't think it is supposed to15:32
nkinkadeparoneayea: How did you arrive at that page?15:32
paroneayeaclick link at bottom of /choose/, eg france:
nkinkadeparoneayea: Add a title to the work.15:33
nkinkadeIt would appear that filling out any of the "Additional Information" fields causes localization to break.15:33
paroneayeahm, the copy-paste isn't translated, that seems true15:34
paroneayea hm15:35
paroneayeathat's translated15:35
paroneayeamaybe the particular language is missing some of the formatter translations15:35
paroneayeankinkade: what's the "offending" link15:35
paroneayeathat you were notified of15:35
nkinkadeparoneayea: Any link you want.  Pick Portuguese as the language, then fill in a title for the work.15:36
nkinkadeSame with Castellano.15:36
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paroneayeankinkade: that's because portugese hasn't translated license.rdfa_licensed_no_title15:40
paroneayeabut has translated license.work_type_licensed15:40
paroneayeaalthough that one's currently fuzzy15:40
nkinkadeI thought Hamilton as Portuguese at 100%.15:41
paroneayeadoes he?15:41
paroneayeamaybe I should re-buildout, but15:41
nkinkadeAlright, well as long as there no problem and it just a bunch untranslated strings.  But it seems strange to me that the license name should be translated in one and not the next.15:41
paroneayeankinkade: I'll pull down the latest translations, just in case15:42
nkinkadeOr it's blurring for me because the results were seeming inconsistent, but maybe they aren't.15:42
paroneayeaRunning buildout... this may temporarily break the chooser, as that's what buildout likes to do15:43
paroneayeankinkade: reloaded, translations should be up-to-date15:45
paroneayeankinkade: portugese appears to be at 69% according to transifex15:45
nkinkadeparoneayea:  As of some days ago it was at 100%.  Hamilton spent a lot of time going over everything with a fine toothed comb, as you know.15:46
nkinkadeOur i18n situation is somewhat discouraging .... it appears to be a terrific moving target.15:46
nkinkadeNo jurisdiction cares to try to keep up with it, somewhat understandably.15:47
paroneayeankinkade: pdmark shouldn't have changed *that* many items to drop it down to 69%15:47
paroneayeaI hope nothing bad happened during the i18n merge of pdm's new strings15:48
nkinkadeparoneayea: 2010-09-30l10n: Updated Portuguese (pt) translation to 100% Hamilton Abreu15:51
nkinkadeThat was a commit message from 9/30.15:51
nkinkadeEither the PDM strings added more than you thought, or the merge went badly.15:51
nkinkade... it would seem.15:51
paroneayeawell, at least it looks like all is not lost, at least VC means we haven't lost the data15:53
paroneayeaman  i was really happy to be done and over with i18n15:53
nkinkadeWell, if something did go awry with the merge of the PDM stuff, then like you say, at least we've got it all in version control.15:54
paroneayeamaybe I should send an email to CCi that says "don't panic" :P15:54
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing.  That is, only if you firmly identify that strings changed that shouldn't have.15:54
paroneayeankinkade: yeah I'm looking15:55
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paroneayeaoh wait.16:01
paroneayeankinkade: okay, I was wrong.16:01
paroneayeaand looking at the wrong portugese on transifex16:01
paroneayeathey're at 87%16:02
paroneayeawhich is more correct sounding :)16:02
paroneayea and these look like the things that actually are new16:02
* paroneayea wipes his forehead16:02
nkinkadeparoneayea: :-)16:04
nkinkadeYeah, 100% -> 87% sounds much better.16:04
paroneayeabut this *is* untranslated, which is strange16:04
paroneayeaI'll look into it16:04
nkinkadeStill discouraging if your a translator and have been spending a lot of time getting every detail right ...16:04
paroneayeayeah it sucks16:04
paroneayeabut, I mean we need new strings :\16:05
nkinkadeYeah, not much we can do about it.16:05
nkinkadeparoneayea: I was wondering if we should be splitting these strings up into different PO files.  Have you talked with nyergler about that?  Is it even possible?16:05
nkinkadeThat is, to have one for the normal chooser, one for CC0, one for PDM, etc.16:06
paroneayeaI haven't talked about it16:06
nkinkadeTransifex supports having multiple "components" like that.16:06
nyerglernkinkade: i've thought about it in the past16:06
nyergleralways decided not to because we have some strings that are cross-product16:06
nyerglerand we'd effectively have to duplicate those for all components16:07
nkinkadeYeah, that wouldn't be ideal.16:07
nyergler(since I assume the way this works is w/ different "domains")16:07
nkinkadeBut it sure would be nice to modularize the translation of these tools.16:07
nyerglerif Tx lets you have different files for the same domain and we had a way to merge those for production, that'd be great16:07
nkinkadeI could imagine 4 distinct files at the moment: Deeds, CC0 chooser, PDM chooser and regular chooser.16:08
nyerglerbtw, even if we accept that it's ok to have some duplication (ie, it's very little effort), i think there's value in consistency -- if something is fuzzy and therefore not translated for PD, my gut instinct is it should be elsewhere16:08
nkinkadeI think most translators wold really appreciate the ability to know what precisely they are translating.16:08
nyerglerthat's true16:08
* nyergler needs to work on triaging email at the moment and getting some replies done16:09
nkinkadenyergler: I do know that Transifex, like Pootle and others, has the ability to translate a string for you if that string already exists in the system.16:09
nyerglerif there are decisions to be made, happy to talk about them16:09
nyerglerah, interesting16:09
nyerglerdidn't think about htat16:09
nkinkadenyergler: Yeah, I was just brainstorming.16:09
nyerglerit'd be worth thinking about16:09
nkinkadenyergler: Should I create a "wish" ticket and put you, paroneayea and myself on it, or should we just let this ride for now and touch on it at some point down the road?16:10
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nyerglernkinkade: not sure, i'm guessing from the heated conversation (that i didn't read) that there was a problem with the merge16:23
nyerglerso... if there's something this will fix, great, if it's just a convenience, not so sure16:24
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nkinkadenyergler: Do we care to keep logs for
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nyerglernkinkade: hrm17:36
nyergleri don't think so; also, should 99.999% just be redirects now, iirc17:36
nkinkadenyergler: Okay good ... the way I configured it to ignore logs was also catching, so just wanted to be sure. :-)17:37
nkinkadeThe solution in this case is easy: do nothing!17:38
mralexparoneayea: do you use a particular ergonomic keyboard?18:09
paroneayeamralex: yes18:09
mralexparoneayea: ah, that's what i was thinking it was18:09
mralexparoneayea: recommended?18:10
paroneayeaI like it.18:10
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paroneayeadepending on how easily it packs, I may be bringing it w/ me to SF this week18:11
mralexparoneayea: it'll be making an appearance in jen's ergonomics presentation tomorrow18:12
paroneayeagood topic18:13
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paroneayeamralex: I also use foot pedals, though I suspect I'd have a harder time convincing others of the need to use those :)
mralexwhat keystrokes are they tied to?18:17
mralexor actions18:17
paroneayeaI turn them backwards, put the front of my foot on books, and press with my heel on the backs18:17
paroneayeactrl, alt (and shift in the middle, which I don't use much)18:18
paroneayeastrain-free keyboard chording18:20
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paroneayeanyergler (or anyone): does diane have a username on Roundup?18:30
paroneayeafor nosying18:30
* paroneayea doesn't see it18:30
paroneayeaoh, user list :X18:31
paroneayealooks like answer is "no18:31
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paroneayeanyergler: !!!!22:19
paroneayea is a robot in the tech budget22:19
paroneayeait's only $400,00022:19
paroneayea  o22:20
paroneayea  |__22:20
paroneayea  \ o)22:20
paroneayea   ||--C   >>>>   >>>>22:20
paroneayea  /  \22:20
paroneayea _L___L_22:20
mralex1short circuit, all growed up22:23
paroneayeaalso a telecommuter robot22:24
paroneayea hahah22:25
paroneayeacool that it's mostly (all?) free software though22:25
paroneayea vision software looks fun22:25
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JED3nyergler: is samplingplus deprecated? if not, why?23:25
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