Monday, 2010-10-04

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nkinkadenyergler: The cut-over of will be done by John at 9:30, right?15:13
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nyerglernkinkade: we'll be starting cut-over @ 93015:32
nyerglerstarting with campaign assets, drupal code, etc15:32
nkinkadenyergler: I assume that I should be available during that time?15:35
nyerglerthat would be my preference :)15:35
nkinkadeThat is, starting one hour from now.15:35
nyergleryes, please15:35
nkinkadenyergler: I can be here.  I only ask because I happen to be in Atlanta, and was thinking to have lunch with an old friend, but that was going to take place about an hour from now, right when the cut-over happens.15:36
nkinkadeBut I'll just figure something else out regarding lunch and make sure I"m around until we feel confident that the cut-over is working smoothly.15:36
nyerglermuch appreciated15:36
nkinkadeNo need for thanks ... it's just part of my job. :-)15:37
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nyerglerparoneayea: ping16:02
paroneayeanyergler: pong16:02
nyerglerparoneayea: i assume you're working on PDM this morning, right?16:02
nyergleryou have the text for the intro page, right?16:03
paroneayeanyergler: yes, though I'm about to do the staff call organization thing also16:03
paroneayeaI think so, trying to find it in my inbox16:03
nyerglerparoneayea: great; if we can get the intro page on the chooser up on staging, that'd be great -- i think thats the last major piece that's not there right now16:06
paroneayeaThe last *major* piece, yes16:06
paroneayeaokay, I just scanned my inbox16:06
paroneayeaI don't think i have the frontpage text, or if I did, I misplaced16:07
nyerglerparoneayea: subject, "Public Domain Mark launch: website edits; new pages/content"16:07
nyerglerin one of the attachments16:07
nyerglerlet me know if you want it re-forwarded16:08
paroneayeaah okay, got it :)16:09
nkinkadenyergler: Is John in the office, but just not online yet, or is he going to be doing the switch from home?16:13
nyerglernkinkade: i'm in a meeting at the moment, neither he or alex were in when i started this meeting16:15
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JED3mralex: sites/default/files thats an upload dir of drupal right?16:48
JED3you aren't tracking any of those files are you?16:49
mralexpersonally or git?16:49
mralexi don't think they're in git, no16:49
mralexoh, i take that back actualy16:55
mralexit's intermittently in git, perhaps when kinkade remembers to add things?16:55
JED3ugh okay16:57
mralexthey shouldn't be synced though16:58
mralexJED3: is this modification to user.module meant for production?17:02
JED3which one?17:02
mralex+    if (empty($account->roles)) {17:02
mralex+      return FALSE;17:02
mralex+    }17:02
JED3uhmm, yes, sure17:03
paroneayeanyergler: based on the text of that file, I'm guessing this intro text will be within a separate page from the form in PDM?17:05
paroneayealike in CC017:05
paroneayeaso I won't just be adding it to /choose/mark/ as-is, I'll be spliting that into two pages17:05
nyerglerparoneayea: yes17:05
paroneayeakk, thx17:06
nyerglerso that text will become /choose/mark17:06
nyerglerthe form will become something else (/choose/mark/details ?), and then results17:06
mralexJED3: are you doing that thing that makes the site not load properly?17:08
JED3mralex: ??17:08
JED3ohh i see17:09
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JED3mralex: in the middle of a merge, be back up in a couple min17:12
mralexkk :)17:12
JED3mralex: actually, can we just configure apache to serve a static file somewhere?17:13
JED3instead of using that drupal maintenance page?17:13
mralexwill we be offline for a while?17:13
JED3mralex: in maintenance or offline completely?17:15
mralexJED3: off completely17:15
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JED3until i resolve these conflicts, but it may go down a bit later17:15
JED3mralex: can you fix the resolves in creativecommons.module?17:18
JED3i believe those are your changes, you can more easily merge that file17:18
JED3there's also a couple in sites/default/modules/ubercart/uc_product/uc_product.module that i'm not sure which to keep17:20
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mralexJED3: resolved17:27
JED3mralex: rad, thx17:27
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JED3mralex: can i delete all of the blocked accounts on support?18:03
mralexJED3: hmm, probably. better to ask kinkade or allison18:04
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JED3mralex: almost there... importing the users and registrations right now18:24
JED3mralex: did you see templates are now an official plugin of jquery?18:27
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JED3nkinkade: ping18:57
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mralexcopy and paste buffer overflow ftw!19:13
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nkinkadeJED3: Hi.  Sorry about the delay.19:40
mralexJED3: actualy seems to be failing right at my creativecommons_user_has_pcp function.. taking a look there since i wrote it.19:47
nkinkadeJED3:  Did you resolve the issue you were having?19:50
CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (139): SUCCESS in 5 min 0 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Goodbye CC0 (on PDM), we'll miss you19:50
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: adding these separation divs per nathan's suggestion to fix the header-overlap-problem-thing19:50
JED3nkinkade: yes i did, sorry for not replying just then19:50
JED3trying to go as fast as i can on getting support ready19:51
mralexJED3: that fixed it, sorry!19:53
JED3mralex: badass!19:53
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mralexJED3: do you know why themes/cc is getting ignored, and themes/cc.20101004 is being used in its place?20:09
JED3mralex: no i dont20:09
JED3mralex: have a second?20:28
mralexJED3: i do now.20:28
JED3i can'20:28
JED3t seem to figure out why the badges are producing Access Denied errors20:29
mralexsomething not set right in the drupal authorisation/roles?20:30
nyerglernkinkade: can you disable the test in nagios21:01
nkinkadenyergler: Yup.21:01
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CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (140): SUCCESS in 3 min 31 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Moved what *was* the index (form) of pdmark to /choose/mark/details21:08
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Adding the /choose/mark intro page21:08
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nkinkadeJED3: We've got a couple emails to info@ about people getting account creation errors, where it was requiring First and Last ... I think it must be related to the new support site.21:12
nkinkadeThere was one to webmaster@, which you should have seen ... I thought that was the wiki, but when another came into info@ I realized that it was probably from CiviCRM.21:13
nkinkadeThe PCP profile requires First and Last.21:13
JED3nkinkade: ?? the new support site has been live maybe 15 minutes?21:13
nkinkadeJED3: Well, this email just came in like 2 minutes ago. :-)21:13
nkinkadeIt may be the wiki, but I suspect it may be the support site.21:14
JED3nkinkade: wow, thatd be awfully quick of them21:14
nkinkadeJED3: If you don't think there's a problem, then you can let it go.  I just wanted to mention it to you just in case ...21:15
nkinkadeIt sounded awfully like the CiviCRM PCP profile requirement, which requires First and Last to create a Drupal account.21:15
nkinkadeJED3: This was the email "I would to create a new account and the system returned me "Firstname is  a required fiedl" and "Last name is a required field". But in the new  account form I didn't found these two fields. Only "Username" and  "e-mail adress" fields."21:16
nkinkadeThat doesn't sound like the wiki, but *does* sound just like the current registration form.21:16
JED3nkinkade: okay then yeah, that sounds like the new support21:16
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nkinkadenyergler: a5 is pretty loaded again.21:48
nyerglernkinkade: one thing i did yesterday that helped a little was killing all scraper.fcgi processes21:49
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nyerglernkinkade: it looks like the immediate load average is trending downward21:52
nkinkadenyergler: You're right.21:53
nyergleroh, nevermind, spiked again21:53
nkinkadePerhaps the killall scraper.fcgi helped in some way.21:53
nkinkadeI really and starting to think that the site just gets too busy, and that we should try to split things off, like moving the scraper to a new machine.21:54
nyerglernkinkade: i was trying to think about that and i'm not sure it's possible21:54
nyerglerit needs to do an AJAX request, not sure if we can serve that from a different domain21:54
nyergler(with cross-site rules)21:54
nyerglercould be wrong, but we'd need to check that21:55
JED3nyergler: we could could set up a real simple proxy21:57
nkinkadeJED3: But would that really help a5?  Wouldn't it just add yet another level of indirection?21:58
nyerglerit could help21:58
JED3nkinkade: yes, it could help21:58
nyerglerit's conceivably "cheaper" to make a single request than request(s) + post-process21:58
nyergleri guess that'd be easy to test -- we could even do it with varnish21:59
JED3nyergler: not too mention the scraper can make several requests all in a single deeds or triples call21:59
nkinkadeWould would be the metric for whether it helped or not?21:59
nyerglerresponse time?21:59
nkinkadeYeah, but the load issue is so intermittent.22:00
nkinkadeYou'll see it low again, and I think it's because I identified a single IP address that had way too many concurrent connections and I blocked it.22:00
nkinkadeSometimes I can identify a single IP, but a couple times recently I couldn't, which led me to believe that it was just a big spike.22:01
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nkinkadenyergler: JED3: do the cross-domain restrictions include subdomains?22:01
JED3nkinkade: yes22:01
nyerglerthe question i had was whether it was limited to the originating domain, or any domain that a script came from as well22:01
nkinkadeSo you think that possibly serving the JS from a different domain, then putting the scraper there could possibly work?22:02
CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (141): SUCCESS in 4 min 6 sec:
CC_Hudson* Nathan R. Yergler: Added buildout.devel.cfg so master will build on Hudson.22:04
CC_Hudson* Nathan R. Yergler: Install coverage during buildout.22:04
nkinkadeJED3: nyergler: One interesting thing I've noticed is that when have these problems with a5, /apps/ is usually the first one to bomb.22:05
nkinkadeAt least, it's the first one that Nagios reports as being down.  It has happened a few times that /apps/ fails, but nothing else does, then a while alter it comes back up.22:05
CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (142): SUCCESS in 4 min 21 sec:
CC_HudsonChristopher Allan Webber: Changes to /publicdomain/ per diane's document22:09
CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (143): SUCCESS in 3 min 38 sec:
CC_HudsonChristopher Allan Webber: Mark intro text paragraphs on /choose/mark/ for translation22:14
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CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (144): SUCCESS in 3 min 21 sec:
CC_HudsonChristopher Allan Webber: Textual changes to /choose/ re: diane's doc22:28
CC_HudsonProject deedscraper build (48): SUCCESS in 3 min 9 sec:
CC_HudsonNathan R. Yergler: Install coverage and generate scripts on buildout.22:33
CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (145): SUCCESS in 3 min 59 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Bold the fact that this isn't a registration process.  It isn't!22:37
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: "free of copyright" -> "free of known copyright"22:37
CC_HudsonProject cc.license build (30): SUCCESS in 3 min 17 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: We're not using Jinja2 for PDM anymore..22:40
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Free of copyright -> free of known copyright22:40
CC_HudsonProject cc.api build (14): SUCCESS in 17 min:
CC_HudsonNathan R. Yergler: Install coverage and generate scripts on buildout.22:47
CC_HudsonProject cc.api build (15): FAILURE in 47 sec:
paroneayeasuccess, success, success.22:54
mralexHugh Success!22:58
CC_HudsonYippie, build fixed!23:03
CC_HudsonProject cc.api build (16): FIXED in 13 min:
CC_HudsonNathan R. Yergler: Install coverage and generate scripts on buildout.23:03
mralexJED3: i think i see what's wrong. there isn't a PCP contribution page configuration.23:30
mralexi think i'm on it.23:30
JED3mralex: ;) alrighty23:30
mralexJED3: working now. the link to setup a new PCP was pointing at the wrong contribution page id.23:32
mralexi still wish we could embed the PCP signup process in the main site template, and not the drupal admin template23:32
JED3mralex: :/ and there's no way to do this?23:33
mralexJED3: i think it was that thing you turned off in the /user/ area, that wasn't working properly23:34
JED3doesn't the civicrm_theme module all you to set themes based on the roles of the current user?23:34
mralexi have no idea23:34
JED3mralex: o ok23:34
JED3mralex: the "Start" pcp link on the profile page still isn't working for me23:34
mralexi don't think so23:34
mralexyeah, dang theme bug caught me up there23:35
mralexJED3: *now* it should work. sigh.23:36
JED3mralex: ahh man i hate to pile em up, but the recaptcha needs to be updated for a our new domain23:37
mralexugh, does that mean logging into some reCaptcha account, that i don't have passwords for?23:38
JED3mralex: not sure :/23:40
mralexnkinkade: ping?23:40
mralexJED3: weren't we using recaptcha on the old
JED3mralex: i dont think so23:48
nyerglerwe were not23:49
mralexnew keys are new. and work too.23:49
mralexwill ping webmaster@ too, for the record.23:49

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