Tuesday, 2010-09-21

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geoffmcchello, anyone know a way around ERROR(8192) cchost_lib/cc-util.php"(442): Function split() is deprecated12:41
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geoffmccok. found a post about topic in general. I searched for split and replaced with explode. if i should have done something else please PM me with what i should have done as its kinda quiet right now12:48
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greg-gwhoa, cchost inquiry14:21
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JED3mralex: like my default profile pic for the profiles? http://zupport.creativecommons.org/johndoig hah17:05
mralexlol :P17:05
JED3:) how's that infographic coming along?17:06
JED3nkinkade: ping17:06
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah.17:07
JED3or mralex for the matter, on zupport when a user is logged it, they are redirected to their civicrm dashboard, where/how is this configured?17:08
mralexJED3: i'll be working on revision 2 of the pcp intro today :)17:09
nkinkadeJED3: I'm not aware that a user is ever redirected to a CiviCRM dashboard.17:09
nkinkadeUnless mralex wrote a rewrite rule to make that happen.17:10
mralexi didn't, but i am aware of this happening on zupport, doesn't seem to on Support17:10
nkinkadeThough I did install a Drupal module for that purpose, but I thought I uninstalled it???17:10
nkinkadeMaybe not.17:10
mralexmaybe it's still active on zupport17:10
nkinkadeI only ever installed it on zupport.17:11
nkinkadeJED3: Did you ever figure out the login issues on zupport?17:11
JED3nkinkade: yes i did17:11
nkinkadeI can't login with my username any longer.17:11
JED3nkinkade: you'll need to reset your password17:11
JED3sorry :/17:11
nkinkadeJED3: What was the issue?17:11
JED3nkinkade: well i wrote some code that would support migrating passwords from the cc network, and i didn't realize that i had that development branch running on zupport when i was trying to log in17:12
nkinkadeJED3: It's telling me that a user with my email already exists.17:12
JED3nkinkade: when you try to reset your password it tells you that?17:13
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah.17:13
JED3yeah just put nkinkade+zupport@creativecommons.org17:13
nkinkadeIt must be that there is now my old zupport user, and also my migrated CC.net user, right???17:13
JED3nkinkade: correct17:13
JED3did you guys know about user+whatever@google.apps.addresses?17:14
JED3i recently found out myself17:14
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JED3nkinkade: also, how can i re-enable the previous civicrm admin theme? the cc support theme doesn't seem very accommodating to civi and its breaking in a lot of places17:18
nkinkadeJED3: http://zupport.creativecommons.org/admin/user/login_destination17:19
nkinkadeLooks like I never disabled the module.17:20
nkinkadeYou can disable it if you want ... it's called Login Destination17:20
nkinkadeJED3: Hmmm.  The admin theme should be determined by the module civicrm_theme.17:21
nkinkadeBasically, virtually every page should have the default Garland theme, except ones that we have preconfigured in the module itself.17:22
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nkinkadeJED3: I see a that the CiviCRM Theme module got disabled ... was this just the result of your migration?17:23
nkinkadeRe-enabling it just totally broke zupport.17:24
JED3nkinkade: no the migration shouldnt have affected that17:25
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nkinkadeJED3: Well, the module was disable, whereas it was enabled previously, just as recently as a day or two ago.17:25
nkinkadeAnd now that I re-enabled it all pages just come back blank.17:25
JED3nkinkade: the theme was disabled before i started migrating17:26
JED3mralex: did you disable that theme by chance?17:26
nkinkadeJED3: Which theme?17:26
mralexJED3: nope17:26
JED3the civi theme module17:26
nkinkadeJED3: I'm not talking about a theme, but about  module called "CiviCRM Theme"17:26
nkinkadeIt allows you to set a different theme for admin pages than for user pages.17:26
nkinkadeIt was enabled before, and working, but it got disabled somehow.  Is zupport showing up for you at all?17:27
mralexzupport isn't showing up at all for me17:27
nkinkadeMe either.17:28
nkinkadeSomehow things go changed such that re-enabling the CiviCRM Theme module totally fucked zupport.17:29
JED3nkinkade: yes, that module must have been disabled before i started migrating, because i recall mralex demo'ing the pcp stuff to me a couple days prior to my work and it appeared to be disabled then17:30
JED3nkinkade: its working again17:30
nkinkadeWell, it doesn't matter how disabled or how it happened, but it was.  And something has changed about zupport such that it breaks the site.17:30
nkinkadeJED3: I renamed the module dir.17:30
nkinkadeIf we want the Garland theme for most admin pages, and the regular CC theme for other pages we need to figure out what changed about zupport that broke that module.17:31
nkinkadeJED3: What version of Drupal is zapport?17:34
nkinkadezupport was running 6.19 and the the db was upgraded to that version.  If zapport was at a lower version it may not be updated and we may be hitting version incompatibilities.  That is, we may be running a db at 6.19 with zapport code that is at like 6.15.17:36
nkinkadeThough I think from 6.15 to 6.19 it's nothing more than bug fixes and security patches, etc.17:36
nkinkadeJust a thought.17:36
JED3nkinkade: yeah zapport is 6.1517:37
nkinkadeJED3: Okay ... we'll the zupport db is 6.19.17:37
nkinkadeIt wouldn't surprise me if this is the issue we are hitting here.17:37
JED3nkinkade: hmm okay17:38
nkinkadeJED3: That's just a guess ...17:38
nkinkadeI don't think we can easily revert the database, assuming there were schema changes at all.17:38
nkinkadeI think the only path forward will be to update the zapport code, or the zupport code now, I guess.17:39
JED3nkinkade: ahh i know what it is then17:39
JED3nkinkade: i just need to merge the drupal 6.19 branch into my branch17:40
JED3that should fix it17:40
nkinkadeCool.  JED3: let me know when you do that and I'll trying putting the civicrm_theme module back in place.17:41
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nkinkadeJED3: What's the status with zupport?18:44
JED3nkinkade: still trying to merge cc_staging_6.19 with cc_network_php18:53
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paroneayeayou know what I don't like about doctests?19:10
paroneayeaI never remember to run them when I run nosetests19:10
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paroneayeanyergler: is hudson set up to run --with-doctest?19:13
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paroneayeafor nosetests19:13
paroneayeaprobably swould  be a good idea to do for all our projects19:13
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nyerglerpaulproteus, i don't think so20:01
nyerglerer, sorry paulproteus20:02
nyerglerparoneayea, i don't think so20:02
nyerglerJED3, I don't understand why the merge is still in progress; are there areas of changes on both sides beyond the templates?20:02
nyerglerparoneayea, --with-doctest reports as an unknown parameter to nosetest; investigating20:13
paroneayeastrange I'm getting it here too20:15
paroneayeaI've gotten it to work before, weird20:15
paroneayeanyergler: how about --doctest-tests20:16
paroneayeathat only tests the doctests inside tests/20:17
paroneayeawell it's listed as an option in --help!20:17
paroneayeamaybe we should contribute a --with-doctest test to nose ;D20:17
nyerglerparoneayea, --with-doctest is listed as a valid option (http://somethingaboutorange.com/mrl/projects/nose/doc/plugin_doctests.html)20:19
nyerglerprobably a version/dep issue, i'm guesssing20:20
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JED3nyergler: sorry didn't see your ping, i'm working on the merge on another machine20:44
JED3nyergler: the problem is that the branch i was working on was based on drupal 6.15 and zupport has since been updated to drupal 6.1920:45
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jed_nkinkade: ping21:11
mralexJED3: is zupport broken again?21:11
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nkinkadejed_: I'm here.21:11
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JED3nkinkade: you asked to be notified of when i finished the merge21:12
JED3which module did you rename to fix zupport earlier?21:12
nkinkadeJED3:  civicrm_module21:13
nkinkadeYou actually have to move it out of the module directory.21:13
nkinkadeBut that still doesn't answer what about zapport broke that module.21:13
JED3nkinkade: zupport was running the cc_network_php branch, which was branched from cc_staging_6.15 some time ago21:14
JED3the current rev of civicrm requires drupal 6.1921:14
nkinkadeI hope all this merging isn't going to screw our git-svn upgrade process.21:14
JED3don't see how it would, the drupal upgrades should be simple here on out21:15
nkinkadeJED3: How so?21:15
nkinkadeI've just found that in the past if the history isn't pretty well linear, then the git-svn rebase totally vomits with loads of inexplicable conflicts.21:16
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nkinkadeJED3: So what changed about our Drupal install that upgrades should be simpler from now on?21:30
JED3sorry i didn't mean to imply that they would be simpler, but rather, that the difficulty wouldn't change21:30
JED3the merge i just completed didn't affect the history of any of the files that Drupal upgrades will affect21:31
JED3with the exception of one file, but its a simple conflict to resolve21:32
nkinkadeWell, we'll see how it goes when it's time to upgrade.21:32
nkinkadeFor what it's worth, the conflicts I used to get when upgrading in the past weren't on files that we had ever touched.21:33
nyerglerparoneayea, are you doing doctests in cc.engine or elsewhere?21:33
nkinkadeApparently it was rebase choking on the history or something, presumably because it couldn't fully decipher what was going on based on what git-svn imported.21:33
JED3ohh okay, then yeah, then the problem will still be there in the future, no better or worse21:34
nkinkadeJED3: The problem hasn't existed for quite some time, since I totally redid things to make the history absolutely linear.21:34
nkinkadeNow I'm worried that with all these merges git is going to start having problems again.21:35
JED3ahh I see...21:35
nkinkadeI really wonder whether our use of git-svn is the most sensible thing.21:35
paroneayeanyergler: there are a couple in cc.license21:35
paroneayeathough they are just for a couple of utilities21:36
paroneayeaits not critical to fix21:36
paroneayeaI was going to add some to cc.engine also21:36
nkinkadeI'm starting to think that subversion with vendor branches might be better.21:36
JED3well i had to options to make the merge possible, i could have rebased my work any squashed all of the commits into one thus removing any of the back-version files from the drupal 6.15 it was based on or21:36
JED3i could merge an manually "git checkout --ours" for each conflicting drupal file21:37
paroneayeabut I decided to just go with normal tests for nwo21:37
JED3i went with the latter to preserve the history21:37
nyerglerparoneayea, yeah, i don't have time to dig into nose weirdness21:37
nyergleri'd say if you want to do doctests (ie, not in the python docstrings, but in txt/rst files), just add a test that creates the suite21:37
nyerglerdoctestsuite, that is21:37
paroneayeanyergler: yeah, makes sense21:38
nkinkadeJED3: But something has changed about Drupal since your merge (even of just 6.15) that has broken the civicrm_theme module.21:38
nkinkadeThat doesn't seem right to me.21:38
paroneayeanyergler: sorry, didn't mean to have you traverse into such annoying depths21:38
paroneayeaI thought it would be easy initially :)21:38
paroneayeatea refill time, brb21:39
paroneayeaI think I'm on my 6th cup today..21:39
JED3nkinkade: i am pretty sure something was going on with the civicrm_theme module before i touched zupport at all21:39
nkinkadeJED3: Why's that?21:40
JED3last week mralex was showing me how the PCP's were working on zupport and we noticed that the civicrm theme wasn't working21:40
nkinkadeIn any case, something changed that now causes nothing but blank screens with the module in place ... that wasn't happening before.21:40
nkinkadeJED3: That was probably just a configuration issue.21:40
nkinkadeYou have to tell the module which paths you want to use which theme.21:41
nkinkadeIf a certain page was using the wrong theme, then it was just a config issue.21:41
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nkinkadeJED3: Okay, this is not working because branch cc_network_php does not have all the commits merged from cc_production_6.1921:50
nkinkadeThe last commit in your branch from me was: 752b90fecebbe81d18fd3c1a18eaa32a522a5ae021:51
nkinkade"Added an internal CC privacy notice to default theme."21:51
nkinkadeWhich is missing around 23 newer commits.21:52
nkinkadeSomething about the merge seems to not be right.21:52
JED3nkinkade: i merged cc_network_php -> cc_staging_6.1921:54
nkinkadeAh.  Well, something is still messed up, then.21:55
nkinkadeBecause I had committed a change, that resolved the issue we are now seeing again.21:56
JED3commited on staging_6.19?21:57
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nkinkadeJED3: I figured it ... it was some extra/old module file in the civicrm_theme directory that was causing a conflict.  I'm not sure how the file got there ... maybe in the move/merge it got recopied or something.22:11
nkinkadeBy the way, what does this mean:22:11
nkinkadeWhat does it mean by listing all those files under "Conflicts"22:11
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JED3i'm not too sure why they're listed in the commit message22:12
nkinkadeOkay, I just figured out precisely why your merge broke the civicrm_theme module ... it was probably my fault for not fully removing a those old files from version control.  When I patched civicrm_theme, for some reason my patch, rather than renaming a file and changing the contents ... the patch emptied the old file and created a new one.22:13
nkinkadeYour merge just filled the old data back into the old, empty file in version control.22:13
JED3ahh because i didn't change the commit message after working through all of the conflicts, none were actually resolved and a part of the changeset, i can ammend the commit for clarity22:14
JED3nkinkade: ahh okay, which file was it?22:14
JED3nkinkade: also fwiw: http://drupal.org/node/15804322:14
nkinkadeJED3: http://code.creativecommons.org/viewgit/drupal.git/commit/?h=cc_staging_6.19&id=1dd91761b81ebf906209573635b5bc8c95d3e1f222:15
nkinkadeThose files.22:15
JED3ahhh okay22:15
nkinkadeAnd you can see how it happened by comparing this commit:22:16
JED3they're supposed to be empty?22:16
nkinkadeWith what your merge did.22:16
nkinkadeJED3: No, they were supposed to gone.  Really, I think it was a rename, but the way I updated the module caused that.22:16
JED3okay good22:16
nyerglernkinkade, JED3: fwiw "conflicts" in the commit message is a default git puts in there when things are conflicted; typically you remove that part of the message when you've resolved them, before you commit the merge22:32
nkinkadenyergler: Right.  JED3 explained that above. :-)22:33
nyergleroh, sorry22:33
nyergleri misread22:33
nkinkadeJED3: Out of curiosity, what do you mean by "none were actually resolved and a part of the changeset" ... does that mean that instead of resolving the conflicts you just removed those changes from the commit?22:34
JED3nkinkade: well if you look into the changeset for that commit, you'll notice that none of those conflicts are included22:35
JED3the only files that were merged in were ones that did not contain a conflict22:36
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nkinkadeJED3: How do the CC.net profile pages work?  That is, when I login I see the profile page immediately.  Will that page, or a similar one display for users who have a login, but aren't members of CC.net?23:07
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JED3nkinkade: can you give me an example of a user that wouldn't have a cc.net profile?23:30
nkinkadeJED3: We are going to let arbitrary people, even people who haven't donated at all, create Drupal accounts so they can manage their information, subscriptions, and most importantly created PCPs.23:31
nkinkadeI just sent you and Alex an email about this.23:32
JED3nkinkade: yes we wont show any of the openid or work registration information for people who haven't donated23:32
nkinkadeWe just need to take into account that there may be many Drupal users who aren't CC.net member, but who also need to interact with the system.23:32
JED3they will however be able to create a public profile if they want to23:33
nkinkadeJED3: Then I imagine that you and mralex will work together to get the right data to display.23:33
JED3yes, thats been taken into consideration23:33
JED3nkinkade: this was a specification from the beginning23:33
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nkinkadeThe ticket is now assigned to mralex anyway ... I was just checking that this was all taken into consideration.23:34
JED3you'll notice that there is now a drupal user role called "Commoner"23:34
JED3only drupal users with that role, will have access to premium features23:34
nkinkadeCool.  I leave it to you and mralex, then.23:34
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