Sunday, 2010-09-19

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CC_HudsonProject deedscraper build (39): FAILURE in 3 min 30 sec:
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CC_HudsonTransifex robot: l10n: Updated Portuguese (pt) translation to 100%01:21
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ProgValIf someone publishes a document with the CC-BY-NC-SA, is he allowed to sell this document as a book ?06:59
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nevynProgVal: the copyright holder can do whatever they like.08:57
nevynProgVal: but it'd be stupid because nobody else could sell the book...08:58
nevynlike distributors, bookshops etc etc.08:58
ProgValthe book is not using the CC-BY-NC08:59
ProgValer... CC-BY-NC-SA08:59
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LaibcomsA question: Is it valid (and legal) to have the Lyrics under CC By-SA and the Music/Tune under All Rights Reserved?  Or it should be the Song itself, as a whole?10:09
Laibcoms2 authors, yes. One Lyrics, one Music/tune composer10:10
erlehmannLaibcoms, I am certainly no lawyer, but my gut tells me the tune is surely a derived work — isn't it?10:12
erlehmannWell, maybe not.10:12
erlehmannLaibcoms, you probably cannot combine them. Haha, reminds me of software issues with GPL-incompatible licenses.10:13
erlehmannAlso, disregard everything I said.10:14
erlehmannJust musing.10:14
Laibcomsnp ^_^ tnx!10:19
LaibcomsI just thought, is my question similar or not in the case of: using a CC By-SA music in a video?  I mean, does the video falls under derivative work?  Or two different cases?10:20
LaibcomsOOh there, found it -->  It's a package - the "song", not individual parts (ie lyrics 'and' music).  Tnx tnx!10:26
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