Saturday, 2010-08-07

nkinkadeJED3: I'm here again.00:14
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mtchello - have got a question - could someone point me to information on using CC-licensed materials in (US-located) public libraries12:45
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lukushi - I was wondering if there are licences which specifically deal with data?14:57
greg-glukus: we recommend CCO, which is not a license, but instead a waiver,
lukusthx for the link greg-g15:02
lukusgreg-g, why do you recommend CC0 above the other option?15:05
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greg-glukus: sorry, I'm in and out of IRC today (saturday errands and such), mabe this helps?
lukusno probs greg-g, I understand16:09
lukusI'll have a look .. basically, I just need to explore options for a client16:10
lukusi expect to have to do a bit of research, you've put me along the right path16:10
greg-ggood deal16:10
greg-gso, I would recommend against any license for data that requires a "share-alike" attribute, just because it gets very very sticky16:11
greg-ganyways, if you tend to just leave your IRC client on, feel free to leave a qustion (with my name in it, so it highlights/notifies me) and I'll get back to you when I have a chance16:12
greg-ghave a good day, lukus16:12
lukusi appreciate it16:12
lukusyou too :)16:12
* greg-g goes to the farmer's market16:13
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