Friday, 2010-08-06

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akozaknkinkade, how do you usually create TS users?16:07
nkinkadeJust login, then go to the create user page and create a user, akozak.16:07
akozakThis Collection extension can be configured to tell the rendering server to log-in to the wiki.16:07
akozakThrough the API, that is.16:08
akozakOk, will do16:08
akozaknkinkade, I don't think I have the right permissions because Special:Userlogin doesn't have a create new user option.16:25
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akila87Hello paroneayea,16:28
paroneayeaheya akila8716:33
akila87Hi I got your mail16:33
akila87still I could n't solve the 64 bit problem.16:33
paroneayeadon't worry about it for now.16:34
paroneayealet's focus on making a release and wrapping things up.16:34
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akozaknkinkade, when you get a chance could you either elevate me to admin on TS or create a user called pdfexport for me?16:34
akila87i did most of the warp up.16:35
nkinkadeakozak: You're an admin now.16:35
akozakthanks nkinkade16:35
akila87paroneayea: cc license dialog and several other utility classes remaining for wrap up.16:36
paroneayeaakila87: I'm not sure I understand that... what about the cc license dialog and utility classes?16:37
paroneayeaI thought the cc license dialog was functioning well.. do you mean there are some bugs or something?16:37
akila87no just to do some wrap ups and clean the code and add the comments16:38
akila87the addon is functioning well in windows and ubuntu (with the script)16:39
paroneayeaah okay16:39
paroneayeayes code cleanup and comments are good :)16:39
paroneayeado make sure that you update that documentation on the wiki and etc though16:39
akila87and are we going to upload the addon on the test page or on the original addon page.16:41
paroneayeaare you talking about in the openoffice extensions directory?16:42
paroneayeaoriginal addon page I would think16:44
akila87then we have to ask nathan to upload it.16:46
akila87However I'll upload the current version to the testing page16:47
paroneayeanyergler: ^^16:48
nyergleroh, am i owner of the current addon?16:49
nyergleri wonder if i can give another user permission to upload...16:49
nyerglerdoesn't look like there's an obvious way16:52
nyerglerakila87, can you send me the following when it's ready to go:16:52
nyergler* the OXT16:52
nyergler* release notes (maybe just pointer to the wiki page?)16:52
nyergleri guess that's it16:52
akila87I'll send you the addon with the installation instructions (unfortunately we need them for ubuntu (may be linux) ).16:53
paroneayeaakila87: one questionm16:54
paroneayeathere's the "check for updates" feature inside of openoffice16:55
paroneayeamaybe putting the oxt in a zipfile will make that not work?16:55
paroneayeait may just be more important to put those instructions on the wiki.16:55
akila87i think we can have several versions for different platforms.16:56
akila87lets see what we can do.16:57
akila87paroneayea,  nyergler, what we can do about the logos like picasa wikimedia? I think we can not just use them with out a permisson16:59
greg-gyay, the MLibrary website will (probably) be switching to CC:BY from BY-NC in the near future (after I craft an FAQ, etc)16:59
greg-g(probably only because there could theoretically be someone who is against it, but after today's meeting with a group of librarians, I don't think so)16:59
greg-gdang, where's tvol to tell about it :)17:00
paroneayeaakila87: I have to run, planning to meet some people for lunch.  I'll talk when I get back in an hour17:00
akila87paroneayea: sure :)17:00
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paroneayeanyergler: hi19:20
nyerglerhey paroneayea19:26
paroneayeahey nyergler... so19:27
paroneayeathe languages listed in <languages> for jurisdictions19:27
paroneayeaI thought that when multiple, the first one was the default19:28
paroneayeait seems that may not be so19:28
nyerglercounter example?19:28
nyerglerthat's what i recall as being the case19:28
nyergler(first is default)19:28
* paroneayea blinks19:28
paroneayeawait a minute19:29
paroneayeaoh I see what I did19:29
paroneayeauhhhhhh never mind :)19:29
nyerglerok :)19:29
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paroneayeanyergler: hey... so I kind of wonder20:52
paroneayeathis isn't super important for now but20:52
paroneayea        # determine the cache dir and make sure it exists20:53
paroneayea        self.cache_dir = os.path.join(global_conf.get('here'),20:53
paroneayea                                      os.path.normpath(cache_dir))20:53
paroneayea(in wsgi_cache)20:53
nyerglerparoneayea, yes?20:53
paroneayeawhy not allow users to just do %(here)/cache/ instead of making that assumption?20:53
nyerglerparoneayea, because i didn't want people to wander outside of the "sandbox"20:54
nyerglermaybe a silly thougth20:54
nyerglerjust seemed like a good idea at the time20:54
paroneayeayeah, I mean it also kind of tethers it to paste deploy20:54
paroneayeawhich I like but not everyone uses20:54
nyerglerparoneayea, does it?20:54
nyergleroh, i guess global_conf is a paste-ism?20:55
nyerglerdon't remember20:55
paroneayeamaybe I'm wrong, but I thought it was20:55
nyerglercould be, don't know20:55
paroneayeaok, well thought I'd ask.  I'll file a note to look into it more later.20:56
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nkinkadeWhat?  http://communia-project.eu21:05
nkinkadeThat's hard to believe.21:05
akozakit's missing an under construction banner21:10
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paroneayeanyergler: okay, well I looked into it a bit more, and it looks like the whole setup right now is kind of based on the idea of the paste filter-factory anyway, so it is kind of tied to paste21:18
paroneayeanyergler: would you be open to at some point in the future (not at the moment) making it usable w/o paste deploy?21:18
nyerglerparoneayea, sure21:32
nyergleralthough is it really filter-factory dependent?  i thought it was just wsgi middleware and we were using paste to configure it (could be totally, 100% wrong)21:33
paroneayeanyergler: I think it is... iirc middleware is pretty much just a callable that behaves like a normal wsgi app and wraps an application (though I think how it wraps it is not necessarily specified)21:35
paroneayeain that example they give there is no "global_conf"21:35
paroneayeathat's an idea relevant to paste deploy and having .ini files21:35
nyerglerah, ok21:35
paroneayeathe reason I brought it up at all is that the script I used that mostly just called urls through wsgi_cache and webtest21:37
paroneayeaneeded to pass in a cache directory, and then I realized it couldn't be absolute and I needed to supply a global_conf21:38
paroneayeaanyway it doesn't matter terribly atm because hopefully this mkdeeds thing is a temporary hack21:38
paroneayeaYou know what's one thing I wish wasn't iterable in python?21:45
paroneayeaevery now and then I accidentally pass in a string as an argument instead of a list of strings21:45
paroneayeaand I get a string of characters21:45
paroneayeaI think I would prefer having a method like .chars()21:46
paroneayeaand just have iterating on a string return an exception21:46
paroneayeagranted that's my fault for being the guy who passes in strings instead of proper sequences containing strings but hey :)21:47
nyerglerparoneayea, concur21:47
nkinkadeJED3: What's going on here:
JED3nkinkade: good question, looking now22:03
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JED3nkinkade: hmm still looking22:11
nkinkadeJED3: Thanks.  I just launched the new code for displaying licenses on internationa/xx/ pages to the live site, and I was clicking around to make sure things were okay and found that.  I'm checking for others.22:12
JED3nkinkade: awesomem, well jp was broken with ro just a few minutes ago but i just fixed that22:12
nyerglerJED3, what was the problem?22:14
JED3jp was the result of malformed rdf that chris and i addressed yesterday22:14
JED3ro is shaping up to look like the same story22:15
nkinkadeJED3: CZ is broken too.22:20
JED3nkinkade: i see the error, it has to do with the local url for the jurisdiction, i'll have a fix in 5 minutes22:21
nkinkadeJED3: Cool.  In that case I'll let the code live.22:21
JED3nkinkade: fixed22:26
nkinkadeJED3: All of these are broken too: EC, GT, HK, NZ, NO22:29
JED3fuck okay22:29
JED3wait are you sure?22:29
JED3check the wordwide plugin, the local_url is an "" if it doesn't exists22:30
nkinkadeJED3: Okay, I'm fixing that code right now.22:34
nkinkadeJED3: How have you changed the RDF.  It looks like some site that did in fact have their own site, now don't show up as having one.  Ecuador, for example.22:44
nkinkadeThat returns local_url="", when in fact their site is
nkinkadeSpain works, but it seems that Ecuador's local site went away.22:45
JED3nkinkade: let me check, its either a fault of cc.license or the rdf, more like the latter22:45
nkinkadeAnd CZ has their  own site, too.22:45
nkinkadeAnd GT too ... the fix seems to have removed whatever sites were configured.22:46
JED3nkinkade: CZ doesn't have one listed in the RDF22:46
nkinkadeDefinitely Norway has a nice site.22:46
nkinkadeJED3: We should be adding them then ... they were listed in the old licenses.xml file.22:47
nkinkadeThat should probably be the reference point.22:47
nkinkadeI think it's too soon to absolutely take the RDF as the absolute truth ... there still seem to be errors in the transition.22:47
JED3nkinkade: the reference point? as in what we use as the identifier for the jurisdiction?22:48
nkinkadeJED3: As in how we react to problems liek this.22:48
JED3ohh okay license_xml should be the reference point, gotcha22:48
nkinkadeThe code is looking into the RDF, but the RDF can't fully be trusted yet.22:48
nkinkadeBugs seem to be popping up every other day as a result of the holes in the RDF.22:49
nkinkadeJED3: For now, if I give the URLs of those sites can you add them to the RDF?22:50
JED3nkinkade: yes, do want to mine for the missing ones?22:52
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah, I'll send you and paroneayea a list via email.22:52
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nkinkadeJED3: Just sent the email. This is trivial to fix, right?22:56
JED3nkinkade: yes it should be22:57
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JED3nkinkade: you still around?23:27
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