Friday, 2010-07-23

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nyerglerparoneayea, ping14:10
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paroneayeankinkade: I don't know why I said to do the redirect in wordpress when obviously apache is the right place.19:27
nkinkadeI don't know either. :-)19:27
nkinkadeBeen a long day? ;-)19:27
paroneayeaa long week.19:28
paroneayeaokay, so!19:40
paroneayeankinkade: so I should probably merge in that i18npkg merge branch to i18n19:40
paroneayeabut that means we also need to change the path on transifex to cc/i18n/i18n19:41
nkinkadeparoneayea: Definitely.   As soon as you have time, because Pootle is now offline.19:41
paroneayeaI'm going to work on that now19:41
nkinkadeparoneayea: What's this about the path?19:41
paroneayeaso in the merge of i18n and i18npkg as we discussed in the tech meeting19:42
paroneayeathe structure of that repository is moving into cc/i18n/19:42
nkinkadeWhat else will be in that directory?19:42
nkinkadeparoneayea: ^^19:42
paroneayeankinkade: check out mergepkg19:43
nkinkadeparoneayea: Got it.  Okay, just let me know when the merge is done and I'll update the location of the source repo in Transifex.19:45
paroneayeathen I'll have to work on the post-receive hooks on monday, assuming I probably won't be able to finish those w/in 2 hours19:47
paroneayeaer, 319:47
paroneayeamaybe I will be able to19:47
paroneayeaI'm not counting on my head being that well together today though19:47
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paroneayeankinkade: okay I pushed it20:01
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paroneayeaI'm not sure what you need to do to tell transifex "there are commits here, pull them!"20:02
paroneayeais there a clean way to do that?20:02
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yes, you can "refresh the cache" on Transifex to pull new stuff.20:06
paroneayeaah okay20:06
nkinkadeparoneayea: Done.20:07
nkinkadeIt seems to be working fine, and I can see that some of the stats for various languages have changed so it appears to have pulled in some new stuff, which I take to be a good sign.20:07
paroneayeayay :)20:08
paroneayeayes it should have the stuff from svn too20:08
paroneayeasince I merged pootle and transifex's stuff20:08
mralexJED3: whose music collection is jedpad sourcing from?20:11
paroneayeais that part of the new office-music-setup-thing20:25
JED3mralex: mine, next version will have uploading20:28
JED3mralex: if you want (and have an external) I can merge your collection with mine20:28
mralexJED3: ah, neat. i was just noting the small collection of Top Goth Hits of The 80s :D20:28
mralexmissing the cure, and maybe christian death, though ;)20:29
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JED3mralex: wish i had sisters of mercy in there too :)20:29
mralexyou do!20:29
JED3do i?!20:29
mralexi dunno if the office would appreciate This Corrosion though20:30
JED3wow this is rad, people are actually using it20:30
JED3i can't believe it even works, i built it all last night over the duration of a 6 pack20:31
paroneayeaJED3: :)20:31
mralexwould be cool if the page didn't reload on selection20:31
akozakJED3, needs chat20:32
JED3yeah definitely, i'll add ajax and a better UI soon20:32
JED3akozak: agreed!20:32
mralexclearly doesn't have enough social networkin20:32
JED3akozak: mralex paroneayea: fork it then!
JED3it really needs a "now playing" section as well20:33
akozaki found a bug20:33
mralexdid you just upvote fugazi 9 times?20:33
akozakmore like a feature actually20:34
JED3lol whats the bug?20:34
akozaki just voted for my song 19 times20:34
paroneayeaJED3: oh nice, tornado20:35
JED3haha yeah theres no ceiling set right now for how many times you can vote for a song20:35
JED3paroneayea: yeah, i'm really impressed with tornado thus far20:36
JED3tornado 1.0 was released today actually20:36
paroneayeaJED3: I was trying to figure out what was controlling the music player but I'm guessing it runs as a separate daemon that just checks the same mongodb instance?20:37
JED3paroneayea: yeah the music streamer (Icecast) is basically just using a dynamic playlist rather than the static text file it normally uses20:39
paroneayeaJED3: how do you set up icecast to do that?20:39
paroneayea(actually I've never used icecast ever... ;))20:39
JED3paroneayea: its not hard at all, read the README on github20:40
paroneayeaJED3: cool :)20:40
JED3its how radio stations are able to use icecasts in their broadcasts20:40
JED3Ices2 (what actually streams the music data) is ogg only20:40
paroneayeaso you transcode submissions?20:41
paroneayeaassuming not all users are submitting oggs :)20:41
JED3so i had to compile my own version of ices 0.4 with python integrated in order to stream mp3's which is what i'm currently using20:41
JED3paroneayea: no one is submitting anything yet20:42
JED3but yeah in the future i'm just going to conver the entire library to ogg and then transcode any submissions to ogg20:42
JED3my ices binary has already seg faulted twice though :P we'll see how it holds up20:43
JED3ohh nm its segfaulting on ogg files20:44
paroneayeayour ices binary has it backwards ;)20:44
JED3haha yep20:45
JED3messed with that last night as well20:45
JED3something like 10x faster than python's re20:45
akozakJED3, lets collaborate on an android controller app for this :P20:45
JED3akozak: haha20:45
paroneayeaI am not normally "this guy" but:20:46
paroneayea _        _  __20:46
paroneayea| |_ __ _(_)/ _|20:46
paroneayea| __/ _` | | |_20:46
paroneayea| || (_| | |  _|20:46
paroneayea \__\__, |_|_|20:46
paroneayea    |___/20:46
JED3judging from the email threads i've been reading, thats highly appropriate for today20:47
paroneayeait's so appropriate.20:48
* mralex gets ready to submit some m4a :P21:05
nkinkadeparoneayea: How does one run sync and po2cc and what not these day with the git i18n repo?21:31
nkinkadeI seem them at cc/i18n/tools, but they give errors about all sorts of modules being missing.21:32
paroneayeankinkade: if you do a buildout21:33
paroneayeathey should be runnable bia ./bin/21:33
paroneayeaer via21:33
nkinkadeparoneayea: I don't see any buildout dir in i18n.21:35
nkinkadeOh, I have to do first, right.21:35
paroneayeait apears I broke the rules and checked in bootstrap.py21:36
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Error: Couldn't find a distribution for 'Babel>0.99'.21:38
nkinkadeSorry, I'm just not very familiar with buildout.21:38
paroneayeaohnoes that error :\21:38
paroneayeakk one sec21:38
paroneayeaoh I know what it is.21:39
paroneayeankinkade: run buildout with python2.521:39
paroneayeaer, bootstrap21:40
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nkinkadeparoneayea: It appears that python2.5 is not available on the latest version of Ubunut (Lucid) ... at least not without some back-bending.  Are we stuck at python2.5 forever?22:02
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paroneayeankinkade: we aren't really22:17
paroneayeathe only reason we "are" is22:17
paroneayeais specifically 2.522:18
paroneayeaif we switched it to 2.6 I think it would be fine?22:18
paroneayeaer, ported whatever patches are in there22:18
paroneayeaI know we've had this conversation with paulproteus about what those were before ;p22:18
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nkinkadeparoneayea: When I commit to git I seem to be getting some errors related to the pushing the changes to staging: IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/var/www/'22:21
paroneayeankinkade: that's because the current post-receive hook is no longer relevant :)22:24
paroneayeayou can ignore the errors22:25
paroneayeathey'll go away when I fix the script on monday.22:25
nkinkadeparoneayea: Cool.  Just wanted to make sure that it was on somebody's radar.22:25
paroneayeankinkade: I'm creating a ticket for making a 2.6 babel egg22:28
paroneayeathink that's a bug, a feature, or a wish? ;)22:29
nkinkadeparoneayea: I'm not sure.  I just checked out i18n on a7 and did all my changes there.22:29
nkinkadeIt would be nice to work on my local machine, but I it's not critical.22:29
paroneayeawish, then.22:29
nkinkadeThat sounds right.22:30
JED3mralex: i need some cure over here, do you have any?22:31
mralexJED3: a bunch22:31
JED3catch this thumbdrive then22:31
paroneayeaI caught your toss mid-air over the internet.22:34
mralexJED3: head's up22:34
JED3mralex: sweet they're in there now22:39
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