Thursday, 2010-07-22

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DarkRedmanHi all00:38
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jgaypaulproteus, greg-g, I know the term "collection" is not easily defined ... but, I had an example and I wanted to understand when the line is crossed from being a collection of works to being some adaptation17:05
jgayand I was hoping you could help me decide if it's a fuzzy case or if it clearly falls on one side of the line or the other17:06
jgayLet's take this example:
jgayIt's a chapter of a book. A lot of the images come from different sources (e.g., Wikimedia Commons)17:07
* paulproteus nods and listens17:08
jgaysome are GFDL too17:08
jgay(but not the special GFDL that lets you have the dual license with CC BY SA -- old gfdl)17:08
paulproteusAs I understand things, adding images like that is no problem.17:08
paulproteusThat seems not like a derivative to me.17:09
jgaypaulproteus, it gets a little trickier17:09
jgaynow, let's imagine the following use case. I go to the wikipedia article on Mars and use the image and read the article and then, let's say i discuss the article in a fashion clearly inspired by the wikipedia article17:10
jgayam I starting to cross some line with the wikipedia article. I'm using and discussing the same image. I'm sequencing my discussion in a similar fashion. But, I'm rewriting it from scratch.17:10
jgaySo, could I say copyright my text and simply include images under CC BY SA, but it would be OK, because my use of the images would still be a collection? Would I be concerened about the images at all or simply concerned about a possible derivatives claim from the wikipedia text?17:12
jgaygreg-g, thoughts?17:14
greg-gjgay: I have to run off to a meeting, can I respond in about an hour or so?17:16
jgaygreg-g, sure ... whenever you like. Thanks!17:16
jgaypaulproteus, but, you would confidently place the use of images in a book as collection?17:16
jgaysince they are more or less self-contained?17:17
paulproteusI mean, that's what I would do, yes.17:21
paulproteusI'm no lawyer, blah blah (-:17:21
paulproteus(but I do think my answer is sane)17:22
jgaypaulproteus, no worries, I'm not coming to IRC for legal advice nor official CC advice17:36
jgayjust bouncing thoughts around ... getting what other peoples gut feelings are ... not professional opinions17:36
paulproteusjgay: Natch, just thought I'd disclaim for the other people listening in. (-:17:38
jgaypaulproteus, are you at oscon?17:48
paulproteus"Yes" (but hiding at a cafe currently)17:48
jgaypaulproteus, did you go to the Financial Incentives panel yesterday? I was wondering how that was ... if it was informative and if they covered broad issues like Hedge Funds using free software to create powerful trading systems, etc.17:50
paulproteusI did, and can talk more about it later17:56
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greg-gjgay: yeah, so, re: the images part: totally fine. re: the discussion: ideas are not copyrightable. So, if you talk about how Mars is such and such and I talk about it, too, am I infringing? no. So. you should be fine.19:26
jgaygreg-g, ok, just wanted to make sure I had that right. Thanks19:26
jgayI'm trying to make sure I draw my lines clearly in a short piece i'm writing19:27
greg-gjgay: any time19:27
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Do you know where the photo of the whiteboard is from our meetings?22:45
nkinkadeOr better yet, do you recall how we were going to handle the shutdown of  Redirect?  A note at index.html noting the new location?22:46
paroneayeankinkade: I don't remember but I can forward you the whiteboard image22:53
nkinkadeparoneayea: I just opted to display a message rather than automatically forward users.22:54
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paroneayeathat sounds like the way to go22:55
paroneayealess confusing.22:55
nkinkadeparoneayea: I just shutdown pootle.  I think you're safe to do the final push of i18n from svn to git whenever you like.22:55
paroneayeankinkade: I'll have to do it tomorrow22:56
nkinkadeparoneayea: Tomorrow is fine.22:56
paroneayeankinkade: ok sync up then22:56
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