Wednesday, 2010-07-07

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enrryhi all11:24
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paulproteusHello rjcp!14:06
rjcpHello paulproteus14:06
enrrygoodbye all!14:24
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enrryhi all!17:13
k9d-925greetz, any reports from the salon in sf last night?17:15
k9d-925i wound up skipping it to work on my preso for dorkbot tonight =\17:15
mralexk9d-925: we recorded the event,
k9d-925nice, bookmarked the channel!17:18
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enrrygoodbye all!17:26
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* paroneayea forgot to join IRC this morning ;x17:33
paroneayeankinkade: yo17:37
paroneayeawhen you have a sec, if you could let me know about how to link directly to the msgid that would be helpful17:38
paroneayeain pootle17:38
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akila87hi paroneayea,17:54
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yeah.  One sec ... let me find it.17:55
nkinkadeparoneayea: The link will look like this:18:01
nkinkadeChanging, of course "vi" to whatever lang code and the item=.18:01
nkinkadeThe only way I have found to find the item number is to look at the source for the page where you see the string.18:02
paroneayeankinkade: aw man, that's kind of a pain18:03
paroneayeayou'd think there would be like a msgid=foo parameter18:03
paroneayeaanyway, thx for the help18:03
nkinkadeparoneayea: Maybe we can just start pointing people to the Transifex.net18:03
paroneayeais it ready?18:03
nkinkadeI can't see any reason to keep using Pootle, but we haven't made the official switch yet.18:04
paroneayeaI imagine if we were using pootle + transifex at the same time there could be svn conflicts18:04
paroneayeaso what are we waiting on... an announcement of sorts?18:05
paroneayea(I guess we'll be talking about this in meeting this week)18:05
paroneayeaoh hey akila8718:11
paroneayeasorry, didn't see that message18:12
paroneayeawhat's up18:12
akila87paroneayea: i got the mail.18:12
akila87ya i think its better.18:12
paroneayeaso that makes sense?18:12
akila87yep :)18:12
paroneayeagreat :)18:13
nkinkadeparoneayea: I think we should table topic during our meetings.  I can't see why we shouldn't just make the move final.  But I know  NRY wanted to settle the whole thing about commits to being automatically pushed to staging before we launch officially.18:13
paroneayeasounds good18:15
akila87paroneayea, i think [0] is better because it less confusing. if we are using [1] sometimes we can antecedently add unwanted strings too. like ""18:16
paroneayeaakila87: In the extraction process?18:16
* paroneayea looks again18:17
paroneayeaso the difference you mean between [0] and [1] is calling xgettext on specific files?18:18
* paroneayea confused maybe on what you mean?18:18
akila87if we use [0] we just have to put _() for the texts we want.18:19
akila87but if we use [1]18:19
paroneayeaI think [1] was suggesting doing that also (and is mostly the same thing?)18:20
paroneayea    xgettext -k_18:20
paroneayeaSystem.out.println(_("Operation completed."));18:20
akila87first we have to make the bundle, and in netbeans it shows all the strings as a list and you have to choose them one by one.18:20
akila87ya but i felt like [0] is easy when we have about 100 strings.18:21
paroneayeaextracting new strings probably won't happen too often and we can probably run "xgettext -k_ […]" before adding them to the catalog18:21
paroneayearunning that manually from the commandline (rather than through netbeans) I would suspect might be easier18:22
paroneayeabut I don't really know :)18:22
paroneayeanyergler: ^^^ <- does that seem right?18:23
akila87no i mean about creating the bundle from netbeans, if we use the [1]18:24
akila87but in [0] we just have to use _() for the strings that need to be translated xgettext -k_ will do the rest.18:25
paroneayeaMaybe I misread but I'm not sure how [1] isn't saying that, but it doesn't really matter because I agree that this is the right approach anyway :)18:26
paroneayea[nyergler: nm, we clarified it]18:26
akila87and should we have make a script to make the resource bundle from .po, when compiling or user have to first create the resource bundle for each .po manually and then build the project.18:29
akila87i think you are talking about having a script to do it automatically ?18:30
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paroneayeathe former, yes18:31
paroneayeait could be a separate script even, as long as the build system calls it18:31
paroneayeaonly downside is if it slows the build system down18:31
akila87ok. :)18:31
paroneayeaif it slows things down to terribly then I think having it as a script that's run separately from build would be okay18:31
paroneayeasince those translations probably won't change as often as you recompile18:32
paroneayeagive it a test with the automatically-run-at-build and see how that goes18:32
akila87ya that make sense.18:33
paroneayeagreat :)18:33
akila87i'll try it and tell you. hopefully, on tomorrow :)18:34
paroneayeasounds great18:34
paroneayeathx akila87!18:34
akila87hey, I'm the one who should thank :D  thanks paroneayea!!18:35
paroneayeanonsense ;)  I'll settle for mutual thanks though.18:36
akila87:D :D18:36
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paroneayea     __ ____18:49
paroneayea (O)== |    |=(O)18:49
paroneayea    |  |O  o|         DESTROY ALL HUMANS18:49
paroneayea    |__|[ww]|18:49
paroneayea   |    |  _ |  _18:49
paroneayea   | ((((((_ |((_18:49
paroneayea   |    |    |18:49
paroneayea   |____|____|18:49
paroneayea     |_|  \_\  _18:49
paroneayea   _/_/_   \_// /18:50
paroneayea   |___||   |/_/18:50
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paroneayeahey mralex20:50
paroneayeaare you the one who edits the javascript on normally or whatever?20:50
paroneayeamaybe that's nkinkade.  Anyway:20:51
mralexi work on it20:51
paroneayeadeed.js has an error on staging20:51
paroneayeathat ======= line shouldn't be there20:51
paroneayeamakes the js engine unhappy20:51
mralexlooks like a bit of svn conflict left over, safe to delete20:52
paroneayeaah :)20:52
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JED3paroneayea: i believe that'd be my error21:09
JED3feel free to revert anything i did there21:09
paulproteusnkinkade: Do you happen to use something like RRDTool?21:37
paulproteusFor my own benefit, I'm going through a tutorial at
paulproteusIt's a general tool for graphing time-based data for servers, like temperature or bits per second or Varnish cache hits over time.21:38
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nkinkadepaulproteus: We use RRDTool, but indirectly via a package called cacti.21:50
paulproteusWhat sort of stuff do you measure with it?21:51
akozakI'm in love with mediawiki mode for emacs21:51
akozakthanks for the help JED321:51
JED3akozak: no prob21:52
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JED3paroneayea: i've got this apache mongodb log working very nicely, but can't think of any interesting use cases for it now that i have it built21:55
JED3any ideas?21:55
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akozakanyone a regex wizard?22:40
akozakI'm trying to filter a buffer for instances of {{{field|***whatever is here***}}}22:41
mralexthe bit between field| and }}}?23:01
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paroneayeaakozak: wait, are you trying to capture ***whatever is here*** ?23:09
akozakparoneayea, that surrounded by the field braces23:10
akozaklike, each line contains one {{{field}}} element23:10
paroneayeaso you want to transfer it or just extract it?23:11
paroneayeaer, not transfer23:11
akozakI guess either, I'm working in emacs so if I could do it on an emacs buffer and then open the results in a new buffer or window that would save me time23:12
akozakI know I can execute a shell command on a region23:12
akozaki was just going to grep my current buffer23:12
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nkinkadeakozak: $ perl -nle 'print for m/(\[.+?\])/g' test.txt23:36
paroneayeankinkade: :)23:36
nkinkadeakozak: you would need to change that to, say, {{{.+?}}}, instead of \[.+?\]23:37
nkinkadeBut that should spit out all matching instances to stdout.23:37
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