Tuesday, 2010-07-06

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srDoctorxALGUM BRAZUCA AI??04:46
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Dj-Ge3Fcine are sa imi dea si mie09:01
Dj-Ge3Fun cc09:01
Dj-Ge3Fdau money09:01
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erlehmanni cannot into moon language09:11
erlehmannbut „dau money“ sounds nice09:11
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thisisparkeris anybody from cc in here that is familiar with the process of adding new indexes to search.cc.org?13:12
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greg-gthisisparker: a little early for those people to be online :)13:25
thisisparkeryeah, i thought as much greg-g :)13:26
thisisparkerworth checking though13:26
greg-gyep, might wait until mralex, nkindade, and nyerlger get online though13:27
greg-gs/wait until/try again when/13:27
thisisparkeralright, thanks. greg-g !13:28
* paulproteus waves to thisisparker.14:07
thisisparkerhey paulproteus !14:07
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thisisparkerhey mralex nkinkade can i ask one of you guys a question about cc search?17:05
mralexthisisparker: yeah?17:05
nkinkadethisisparker: mralex would know the most.17:05
thisisparkerthen mralex ! a few related questions, i guess: how do new sites get added to search.cc.org? and how long does that process take? and are new sites going to be added to both interfaces, at least for a while?17:07
mralexthisisparker: need the url, and the querystring for CC searching (ie, how to search for different license types), unless it's PD only.17:10
mralexthisisparker: i'd rather not add more to the current interface, she just can't take any more (to paraphrase a certain starship engineer)17:11
thisisparkeri understand. you're giving it all she's got.17:11
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* luisv waits for thisisparker to hit on an alien17:12
thisisparkerbut once you have that data, approximately how long would the turnaround time be, mralex ?17:12
mralexa day at the most, about an hour at the least17:13
thisisparkeroh, alright, that's quick. thank you!17:14
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Don_SIs there anywhere where the CC licenses (more specifically, CC by-sa) can be found "preformatted" in plain text format?17:22
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k9d-925whos headed to parisoma 2nite? =)23:08
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