Friday, 2010-06-18

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watatemhow can i make a function pointer to a type? like typedef <function pointer here> name00:05
paroneayeawatatem: see the /topic00:25
paroneayeaI think you're looking for a C channel?  This is Creative Commons :)00:25
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watatemoh! im very sorry00:48
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alabdGood day all , should we comply CC-BY-SA license when want to give text to my teachers (2 of them) in university ?06:58
alabdreally 28 people except me are here ?07:42
alabdgreg-g: hello , would you answer above ^08:17
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karlcowHarcourt Studio, French Photograph studio, quite well known for its stars portraits has decided to publish some photos in Wikipedia11:02
karlcow(French article)11:02
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akila87Hello  paroneayea,16:31
paroneayeahiya akila8716:47
paroneayeahow are things going?16:47
akila87paroneayea, this is what I came up with
paroneayeaThat looks very good to me :)16:50
paroneayeait would be helpful to have explanation of what cc0 vs public domain certification are16:50
paroneayeawhich maybe you were going to get to16:50
paroneayeabut anyway it looks spot on in design to me16:50
akila87ya but the thing do we need to have the PD also. nyergler, what do you think?16:52
akila87If we want to put that the dialog will become long and little bit complicated16:53
paroneayeaI guess the public domain certification is being discouraged in face of cc0... I dunno16:53
paroneayeawell maybe you could put the (?) icons next to each?16:53
greg-gWhat if I'm making a ODT of a us government work, or a work from pre-1923?16:53
paroneayeagreg-g: good point16:53
nyerglerakila87, paroneayea, I think we can leave off PDC16:55
nyerglerPD Certification is for use on describing existing works that are already in the PD16:55
nyerglerpresumably that's a very, very thin edge case for this sort of tool16:55
greg-gvery thin, but, at least with presentation slides, you'd be surprised how much PD-INEL or PD-OLD or PD-GOV stuff we have in Open.Michigan OER16:56
greg-gineligible for copyright, ie: too basic/simple/lacking required creativity16:58
nyerglergot it16:58
* greg-g is kind of proud of that wiki page16:59
nyergleri think that it needs to be clear in the UI that PDC is for existing works, not new works... maybe that means we need to split it back into two dialogs? not sure16:59
paroneayeaMaybe in that case the public domain certification should be a separate menu item?17:00
paroneayeaand CC licnses / CC0 should be in the dialog that exists currently17:00
nyerglerparoneayea, i can see that as a possibility17:00
nyergleri think we should probably get feedback from a larger group than #cc, though17:01
akila87I think paroneayeas idea is better17:01
nyerglermaybe email cc-devel/cc-community ? (may receive little useful feedback, but soliciting it is useful)17:01
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akila87we can put a notice in the bottom of the dialog something like "If you don't own the rights to this work, then do not use CC0. If you believe that nobody owns rights to the work, then the Public Domain Certification may be what you're looking for."17:01
nyerglerakila87, i think i like that17:02
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greg-gakila87: could you still send me an email asking for feedback that I could send to some people who work in the OER community?17:03
greg-gthanks much17:03
akila87do you want it now or i can send it with some UI mock-ups by tomorrow. (I mean I'm in GMT +5.30 its 22:30 here)17:06
greg-gakila87: whenever is fine with me, I thought getting their feedback would be useful17:06
greg-gso, no rush17:06
paroneayeaakila87: yeah, tomorrow should be fine.. could you send the email to nathany and myself also?17:07
paroneayeanyergler I mean17:07
akila87sure paroneayea,17:07
akila87I'll work on the metadata and the other things until we get this thing clarified.17:09
paroneayeathanks akila87 !17:10
greg-gsorry to butt in there :)17:11
paroneayeayour butting in is welcome greg-g :)17:13
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lotiawas #discovered post sprint?19:00
lotiasorry, totally missed the verb there. lets try, was #discovered closed post sprint?19:00
paroneayeaI'm done with my fixing things and testing19:07
paroneayeagonna bring sanity live again now19:07
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greg-glotia: it still seems to be there (I just /join'd it)19:11
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mitsuhikohey everybody23:15
mitsuhikosay i have a documentation for a project that comes with a distinct visual style23:15
mitsuhikoi want subprojects of this project (which don't have to be written by me) to be able to use this style for their own purpose23:16
mitsuhikohowever everyone else might only use this style if the visual appereance is noticable changed23:16
mitsuhikodoes anyone know a license that sortof does that?23:16
mralexsounds like you need to define a style guide and style rules for the project23:19
mralexnot really a licensing matter23:19
mitsuhikomralex: and what license would you use for the files in question>?23:23
mitsuhikothe cc license does not prevent others from using the style23:24
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