Tuesday, 2010-06-15

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paulproteusHelllooo, world.13:54
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nkinkadeJED3: Have you been doing some Google Checkout testing, or donation testing in general?17:08
JED3nkinkade: no, i haven't17:08
nkinkadeEvery day or so I get a handful of emails from Google Checkout Sandbox about orders placed.17:08
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mralexmaybe poeple using zupport by mistake?17:09
mralexdoes drupal have an admin-only mode, if so, may be best to turn it on for zupport17:10
JED3nkinkade: i've added a few contributions in the civi admin17:10
nkinkademralex: I don't think that could be it because the user information is a B.S. data that I used for my checkout account.17:10
JED3mralex: yeah you can turn the site off "for maintainence"17:10
nkinkademralex: But then we wouldn't be able to test with zupport.17:11
JED3nkinkade: you could but you would need be logged in as admin17:11
mralexwe'd have to be logged in17:11
JED3... i think17:11
nkinkadeThat sounds right, actually.17:11
nkinkadeI'm baffled about where these could be coming from.17:11
nkinkadeSomeone would have to have my login to Google Checkout, I think.17:12
nkinkadeThey all show up on zupport, too.17:12
nkinkadeJED3: None of these look familiar: http://zupport.creativecommons.org/civicrm/contribute&reset=117:13
JED3nkinkade: can you log out for a moment?17:14
nkinkadeYeah, but why's that?17:14
JED3i'm getting an error that looks like a user can't be logged in on multiple machines17:14
JED3Database Error Code: Duplicate entry 'nkinkade@creativecommons.org-1' for key 2, 106217:14
nkinkadeJED3: You're logging in as "admin"?17:15
nkinkadeIf so, my logging out won't fix that, I think.17:15
nkinkadeIt's the UF-match stuff in CiviCRM.17:15
JED3every civi url gives me that error17:15
nkinkadeWe need to update the email address for the admin account, that's all.17:16
nkinkadeThere, changed.17:17
nkinkadeWe shouldn't have that problem anymore.17:17
JED3nkinkade: no these do not look familiar17:17
JED3all of my tests have amounts greater than $7517:18
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JED3and i haven't been in zupport at all these past few days from what i can recall, i've been mucking around on zapport17:19
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nkinkadeHmm.  And these strange donations probably can't be coming from zupport/donate either, because that whole form is broken.17:20
nkinkadeIt links to OneClickDonate.php, which just returns a 404.17:20
nkinkadeJED3: mralex: Ah.  I just figured it out.  They are all recurring contributions, and these new ones are just the 2nd payments in the subscription.17:22
nkinkadeMy god, I guess this means I'm going to have to manually cancel dozens of recurring contributions on Google's Sandbox. :-(17:22
JED3nkinkade: ahh okay17:23
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mralexnkinkade: nyergler: maybe ani mentioned; but the server arrived yesterday. — dell rackmount, yeah?18:41
nkinkademralex: Yeah.  It'll be for backups and log files.18:47
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paroneayeai18n.git master and trunk differ19:37
paroneayeaand do not merge cleanly for that matter19:37
nkinkadeparoneayea: Maybe the push script is broken?19:37
nkinkadeparoneayea: Well, the merging part does not surprise me at all.19:37
nkinkadegit-svn is apparently not perfect in this regard.19:38
paroneayeaah right.19:38
nkinkadeI've encountered this with our civicrm, drupal and mediawiki install, all of which run from git repositories that were pulled in with git-svn.19:38
nkinkadeIf you try to do a merge or anything like it and the commit history is not nearly linear, then it usually blew up totally.19:39
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paroneayeanot too big of a deal19:39
nkinkadeWhat I have found is that it's important to keep the commit history linear ... no merges, that is.  And to just do a git rebase when it's time to upgrade.19:39
paroneayeabut explains why I didn't have the vietnam translation.19:39
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erlehmannnkinkade, i believe it is impossible for me to group the inputs using a fieldset by using the wordpress facilities.20:15
nkinkadeerlehmann: It doesn't have to be a fieldset.  I could just as easily be a styled div.  The idea is to just group them visually.20:15
erlehmannhowever, i can use css to make partial borders around some parts of the table cells (yes, wordpress uses table cells)20:16
nkinkadePerhaps a styled div would even be better, actually.20:16
erlehmannshould i do that then ?20:16
nkinkadeYeah, just group them in a sensible way so that it's obvious they belong together.20:16
nkinkadeHow you go about implementing that isn't important.20:16
erlehmannas long as i use the form_fields array, i cannot introduce new elements.20:17
erlehmannokay, will be done then.20:17
nkinkadeGreat, thanks.20:17
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erlehmannalso, saving on inserting seems to work now. i will make the report when everything is done.20:19
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paroneayeankinkade: oh.  So there's another reason besides it not being translated that vietnam wouldn't have shown up on the dropdown :)20:32
nkinkadeWhat's that?20:32
paroneayeathe vietnam licenses would need to be generated first20:33
paroneayeaI'm assuming we want to generate the vietnam 3.0 rdf20:35
paroneayeasince the deeds exist for it20:35
akozaktoo many new droid phones, too fast20:39
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erlehmannnkinkade, i made a border and it is beyond ugly. would a simple horizontal line suffice ?21:10
nkinkadeerlehmann: I'll leave that up to you for now.  The point being that people should be able to see the form and immediately understand that any fields you added are all related.21:10
mralexerlehmann: url?21:11
erlehmannmralex, its not online yet.21:12
nkinkadeerlehmann: mralex is CC's designer.  He's good at this stuff.  When the time comes he may be able to give you advice and/or feedback.21:12
erlehmannnkinkade, i'll go for the line then. if that is considered to subtle, i'll just put the CC icon into each label.21:12
erlehmannoh, fine. wait, i'll make a screenshot21:12
nkinkadeFor now, just understand that it's important that people recognize the relationship between the 3 fields.21:12
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nkinkadeYeah, just be creative about it and use your best judgement.  We can worry about the details of presentation later.21:13
nkinkadeDon't get too caught up in CSS and presentation right now.  Let's make sure the core functionality is where we want it first.21:13
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erlehmannmralex, it is about this interface http://daten.dieweltistgarnichtso.net/pics/screenshots/web/wordpress-cc-plugin/finished-interface.png21:14
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erlehmannnkinkade, then i'll just make a line and worry about nonstandard wp-content and plugin folders first.21:15
mralexshall i hold off on asking if Public Domain/CC0 will be supported?21:15
nkinkadeerlehmann: That makes sense.  Thanks.21:15
erlehmannmralex, no one asked me to add it yet.21:15
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erlehmannnkinkade, would that make sense anyway ? after all, it is without BY ?21:16
nkinkademralex: You should ask that. :-)  ... and erlehmann, we may want to add those later.  For now focus on the main 6 CC licenses.21:17
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nkinkadeJED3: Have we pretty much abandoned the idea of OneClick notifying CC.net?21:23
nkinkadeIf so, I'm going to disable it, so that it stops logging errors.21:23
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JED3nkinkade: unfortunately yes, i hate to put to spoil both our work on that feature, but it won't be necessary in the future versions of CC.net21:24
JED3nkinkade: aye, go ahead and disable21:24
nkinkadeJED3: So for now we'll just keep using the cron job, right?21:25
JED3nkinkade: correct21:25
JED3in the future its all sync'ed using civi and drupal hooks\21:25
nkinkadeCool.  Thanks.21:26
JED3i have it running on zapport right now, i'm very surprised at how fast and easy its been to model the cc network using CiviCRM and Drupal21:26
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