Monday, 2010-06-14

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poseidIf I would like to open a platform to share special kinds of photos, could I use CC licence and still use the photos for selling to others?15:41
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nkinkadeposeid: If you are the copyright holder of all the photos then you could license them under a CC license, otherwise you'd need to get everyone to agree to release them under some CC license.  For selling, you a Non-commercial CC license would allow you to retain commercial rights.15:54
poseidno, probably, the community would be willing to upload photos, the question would be if we, as the platform owners, could act as a broker for selling the images, besided pure sharing...15:57
poseidor if e.g. famous people would be willing to upload a photo displaying themselves, what consequences could we face when using these images... ?15:59
poseidwould famous people be allowed to share photos about themselves when they have licensing deals with a publisher or agency?15:59
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mralexnkinkade: just read the thread.17:37
nkinkademralex: Yeah.  It would appear that somehow that link got back in the Analyticator plugin.17:41
mralexnkinkade: and i still can't find any other info via google of other attacks17:41
nkinkadeI'm looking at other sites that have this issue and the placement is random, and also they all seems to be run on a CMS called TYPO3.17:42
mralexthat's an old Rails based cms17:42
mralexlike, 4 or 5 years old17:42
nkinkadeBut the placement of the links is very random, to an extent that it makes me almost feel like they were manually inserted.17:42
nkinkadeFor example, take a look at this page and notice how meticulously the link was inserted:
nkinkademralex: That makes me worry that someone may have in fact compromised an account, but it's still not sure.17:50
nkinkadeAnd like you, I can't find anything else, other than that thread I linked to, that seems to be related.17:50
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nkinkadeThough it is suspicious that most of the sites I found are running TYPO3.17:50
mralexnkinkade: well, only administrators could edit the settings of the analytics plugin.17:51
nkinkadeThat would lead me to believe that there may be a vulnerability in TYPO3 that allowed the person to login or edit pages.17:51
mralexreset passwords on all admins?17:51
nkinkademralex: Right, that is what I was mentioning in my first reply to Nathan, the one before I got ridiculous.17:52
mralexright :)17:53
mralexalthough, i think we did all we could given the information at hand — other than updating all plugins and WP, which would have been reasonable.17:54
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paroneayeankinkade: so do all pages which support multiple languages pretty much accept the lang= GET parameter?19:52
paroneayeaI guess maybe, why wouldn't they19:52
nkinkadeparoneayea: As far as I've ever observed, that is how it works.19:53
nkinkadeAnd I think it's probably pretty important.19:53
nkinkade... so that people can link to a document in their native language, if necessary.19:53
paroneayeaMakes sense.  I only added lang= support to the pages where I knew it was an option, but that seems sily in retrospect19:53
nkinkadeparoneayea: Where do we stand with the cc.engine stuff?  Was the ball in my court?19:54
paroneayeayes and no19:54
nkinkade... or was I waiting for you to figure out the package vs. git checkout stuff?19:54
paroneayeaI think it's going to take a bit to get this process more "smooth"19:54
paroneayeait's clear enough that it adds the right data to the file and etc19:55
paroneayeathe problem is that it isn't clean to push that out to the servers easily19:55
paroneayeaand requires all that packaging19:55
paroneayeaI think it might take a bit to resolve that19:55
paroneayeaand maybe in the meanwhile I should just finish those last steps and then work on making the process smooth immediately afterwards?19:55
paroneayeathat way we don't need to delay re-launching this19:55
paroneayeaI think that the "having you do it" was still useful, useful enough to point out that we *do* need the fabric scripts right now and to not use python eggs, etc19:56
paroneayeadoes that seem sensible to you nkinkade ?19:57
nkinkadeparoneayea:  I agree.  So I added the Vietnam 3.0 RDF, but I didn't add the Australia 3.0 license (which was an upgrade from 2.5).19:58
nkinkadeSo you'll go ahead and add Australia 3.0 and then relaunch the thing?19:58
nkinkadeparoneayea: How do you want your name on the Planet?  Chris or Christopher?19:58
paroneayeaI'll also send an email to nathan and you about the fabric stuff19:58
paroneayeaChristopher I guess19:59
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nkinkademralex: Do we use the Sociable WP plugin?21:38
mralexnkinkade: no21:39
nkinkademralex: I'm wondering if, to simplify our install, we should just remove any plugins that we have no intention of using.21:40
mralexnkinkade: true21:40
nkinkadeI think you may know more about all the plugins we have than I.  Would you be able to review what we've got and tell me which ones I can safely delete totally?21:40
nkinkademralex: ^^21:41
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