Friday, 2010-06-11

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akozaknkinkade, looks like the update didn't fix it. ill have to look into it tomorrow00:05
akozaksorry, looks like the data update didn't re-enable maps on the Events page00:05
nkinkadeakozak: Cool.  Let me know if you think I should be investigating this as well ... though I know next to nothing about it all. :-)00:05
akozakthe upgrade went fine :)00:05
akozaknkinkade, ok, thanks for the upgrade00:05
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alabdGood day all, Want to copy some texts that are licensed Free , so humble(i) should paraphrase those texts into My hard Book , but don't know how to paraphrase such thing like > "Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others'. "  first line here
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alabdcan someone hold a definition under a license ?06:17
alabdfor example ubuntu word definition06:17
alabdreally 30 people here ?06:21
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alabdis question unclear ?06:38
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alabdGood day all , greg-g , is this a true paraphrase ?10:09
alabdmain sentence :   Shuleworth recognized the power of Linux and Open Source10:09
alabdparaphrased sentence : he was aware of Gnu/Linux profits that we explained completely before in that time10:09
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alabdany opinion ?10:23
alabd is this true rephrase to avoid copying and to use the main text in legal way ?10:26
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paroneayeankinkade: ping15:59
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Hey.16:23
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paroneayeankinkade: yo.  So...16:34
paroneayeawant to work on that vietnam & australian rdf stuff?16:35
paroneayea(or, might have time to work on that later today if you're presently busy?)16:35
nkinkadeparoneayea: We can look at it now.16:35
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nkinkadeparoneayea: So does this just mean that I check out the code, and step through that wiki page?16:42
paroneayealet me take one last look to make sure you won't be wasting your time on something that's obviously out of date16:42
paroneayeabut yes16:42
nkinkadeI'm checking out license.rdf as we speak.16:45
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paroneayea okay, so that looks right to me16:49
akila87hello paroneayea,16:52
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nkinkadeparoneayea: What branch should I be working on?16:59
paroneayeaheya akila8717:05
paroneayeankinkade: master17:05
akila87paroneayea, i have updated the svn17:06
paroneayeaakila87: great! :)17:06
akila87but didn't added the picasa code.17:06
akila87image selection by license should be implemented.17:08
akila87i'll upload it after i added that.17:08
paroneayeaah okay17:09
paroneayeasounds good :)17:09
akila87paroneayea, i think nathany's idea is good.17:09
akila87ill start working according to that.17:09
paroneayeagreat )17:10
akila87i hope I can finish the GUI part in the weekend17:10
akila87then we can do the changes accordingly, is that ok?17:11
paroneayeayup, sounds good17:12
nkinkadeparoneayea: I'm getting this as I buildout, seems to just be a warning, though:  UserWarning: Unbuilt egg for setuptools [unknown version]17:15
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akozaknkinkade, someone in #mediawiki says maybe its stored in cache17:19
akozakand says to purge memcached17:20
akozakwhich doesnt make sense to me17:20
nkinkadeakozak: We're not using memcached, to my knowledge.17:20
akozaknkinkade, yea.17:20
akozaknkinkade, I'm still confused since the user said she's been locked out for hours. shouldn't the timer have expired?17:21
nkinkadeakozak: I would have thought so.17:21
akozakmaybe she really just means she doesn't know her password17:21
akozakwhich is why I sent the details to reset pwd in mysql17:21
nkinkadeThat could be, maybe you could just email her and verify.17:22
akozaknkinkade, also from #mediawiki: or set $wgPasswordAttemptThrottle to null, ask the user to log in, then restore the setting?17:26
nkinkadeparoneayea: running bin/jurisdiction --add mades lots of mysterious changes to jurisdictions.rdf ... git diff returns a confused mess, but I suspect it worked just fine.17:26
nkinkadeakozak: I feel like I tried that with Alessandra and came up empty.17:26
nkinkadeIt was another one of those moments where I was feeling down on MW.17:26
nkinkadeBut you could try that too, with this woman.17:27
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akozakheh nkinkade, you tend to see mw at its worst and never get to work with it at its best ;)17:28
nkinkadeYeah, working with in on the backend.  From a user perspective I'm sure it's fine.17:30
JED3nkinkade: did you figure out the UserWarning you were getting?17:31
nkinkadeJED3: I didn't look into it.  It appears that the buildout worked, and that those were just warnings.17:32
JED3nkinkade: yeah, but that warning will persist anytime you attempt to use setuptools17:33
nkinkadeJED3: Do you know what caused it?17:34
JED3yeah, you have an unbuilt setuptools egg17:34
JED3sudo rm -fr /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/setuptools.egg-info; sudo apt-get install --reinstall python-setuptools17:35
JED3nkinkade: ^17:35
JED3had to do this yesterday actually17:36
nkinkadeJED3: Thanks.  I'll see if that does it for me too.17:37
nkinkadeparoneayea: The fab stuff isn't implemented yet, rigth?17:37
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nkinkadeparoneayea: How do I update staging, again?  You pasted this here in #cc recently, I think.17:39
nkinkadeNevermind about the fab stuff, I just saw the color legend at the top.17:40
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paroneayeankinkade: hey sorry17:54
paroneayeawas at lunch17:54
paroneayeayeah so17:58
paroneayeankinkade: so as for a "whole bunch of changes" to the rdf, yeah17:59
paroneayeaunfortunately it doesn't remember ordering and thus the whole thing is basically a recommit :(17:59
paroneayeathat seems to be true with both rdflib and librdf17:59
paroneayeait's really painful when running the translation machinery on every deed and when regenerating index.rdf18:00
paroneayeaas for updating staging18:00
paroneayeaif you're just updating the RDF you really only need to do three steps18:01
paroneayeaoh wait18:01
paroneayeahm that's not true :)18:01
paroneayeaif you're doing an rdf update you're going to need to release a new package.18:01
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paroneayeaLet me type up some instructions for that on the wiki.18:02
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paroneayeaactually this raises some interesting questions.  I should ask nathany18:09
paroneayeaI wonder if we should be running git checkouts of cc.licenserdf on all servers rather than python eggs.18:09
nkinkadeparoneayea: That seems like it would make things easier.18:15
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nkinkadeAt least from my perspective, but you and Nathan know a lot more (if not 100%) more about how things should work.18:15
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paroneayeayeah it probably would be a lot easier.18:17
paroneayeankinkade: well, nathan's not around.  Maybe in the meanwhile it would make sense for me to make a package release of this for now and then make those fabric deploy scripts next?18:19
nkinkadeparoneayea: I still haven't added Australia 3.0.18:19
paroneayeaoh :)18:19
nkinkadeSo before you do that, let me add that.18:19
nkinkadeI was going to test incrementally with VN first.18:19
paroneayeamakes sense.18:19
nkinkadeBut if updating these requires building out new packages, then I guess it's best for me to do everything at once.18:20
paroneayeaHold on.  I'm going to try switching staging over to not using an egg18:21
paroneayeawe won't have the fabric scripts18:21
paroneayeabut at least we won't have to make a package release18:21
paroneayeaand you can test incrementally.18:21
paroneayeawith just a couple of steps.18:21
paroneayeaI'll do that now.18:21
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paroneayeayeah so18:35
paroneayeathe license.rdf git checkout is 63mb in the compressed files in .git/ (776mb including the checked out files) and will likely just keep growing huge18:36
paroneayeagrumble grumble18:36
paroneayeastupid rdf non-preservation of order18:36
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paroneayeankinkade: so it should be a lot easier to update on staging now.18:41
paroneayeankinkade: okay, so basically this is all you need to do for now18:47
paroneayeaUpdate the git repository:18:48
paroneayeacd /var/www/ && git pull18:48
paroneayea(you need to sudo su john to do this for now)18:48
paroneayeacd ..18:49
paroneayearm -rf cache/licenses18:50
paroneayeato clear the cache18:50
paroneayeaand then restart apache18:50
paroneayeaand you should be good.18:50
nkinkadeparoneayea: Why is restarting Apache necessary?18:52
paroneayeankinkade: cc.license caches some of the queries it does to the RDF store18:55
paroneayeaand since cc.engine is launched by apache now (via fcgid)18:56
nkinkadeparoneayea: Will a reload be good enough?18:56
nkinkadeI suspect that will be adequate18:56
nkinkadeparoneayea: 776M!18:57
paroneayeayeah it's crazy18:57
nkinkadeThat's a lot of text.  So we stopped saving RDF in separate files?18:57
paroneayeawe do save them in separate files.18:57
paroneayeaand then combine them also into one big file :)18:57
paroneayeaoh man18:57
paroneayeadid I document that?18:57
paroneayeaif you're updating the deeds you're going to need to update index.rdf18:58
paroneayeaoh, but you used to update index.rdf before iirc right?18:58
paroneayeathat's not a new thing18:58
paroneayeathough it has a new command.18:58
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paroneayea./bin/merge cc/licenserdf/licenses/*.rdf19:03
paroneayeayou need to run this to generate the new index.rdf19:03
paroneayeaI've documented that bit now.19:06
paroneayeawait wtf19:07
paroneayeayou know what's taking up 700 mb or so? :D19:07
paroneayeait's the old deeds!19:07
paroneayeawhich we don't even use any more!19:07
paroneayeaI'm gonna git rm those19:07
nkinkadeNice.  Because I was at a loss to explain 750M of text ... that's a lot of text.19:10
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alabdGood day all , can definitions/facts/historical events be copyrighted ?19:17
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greg-galabd: not in the US.19:21
greg-galabd: per your question about paraphrasing: isn't the issue nonexistant for you since Iran does not respect any other country's copyright laws, thus you can do whatever you want?19:22
greg-gI'm not saying you *should*, ever. But isn't that what you were trying to convey to me yesterday?19:22
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nyergleroh hai IRC from 37000 feet :)19:23
mralexdon't look down!19:23
nyerglerso much space!
nyerglerlol yeah, no shit19:24
mralexyou'll need long arms to reach those tray back tables19:24
greg-gnyergler: lay down and take a nap?19:24
nyerglergreg-g, i could... instead i'm hacking on discovered code (insert joke here about using a dvcs while actually on a plane with a real internet connection)19:25
greg-g:) nice19:25
nyerglerpaulproteus, dithyramble -- i just replied to your pre-sprint update email19:26
greg-g... from 37,000 feet!19:26
nyerglergoing to eat lunch momentarily, then will look @ the rdfa plugin issue19:26
greg-g... from 37,000 feet!19:27
* greg-g could do this all day19:27
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paroneayeanyergler: dammmmnn19:33
alabdgreg-g: yes iran law allow me but islam and humanity does not allow me to copy want to rephrase some texts , but beside rephrase some texts are definitions/facts/historical , can these kind texts be copyrighted any part of world ? regard to that facts are not for a person ... ?19:34
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mralexoh no, did his plane crash?19:35
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alabdgreg-g: in you'r opinion can this page be copyrighted or copylefted ? regard to that the page is declaring some facts
greg-gmralex: wow19:44
greg-gthe joke19:45
greg-galabd: facts themselves can not be protectd by copyright in the US, but the expressions of those facts sometimes can19:45
alabdohum , for example there is written ubuntu will be free for ever19:46
alabdcan we rephrase it or should we rephrase it at all ?19:46
greg-galabd: quoting with citation is also a fine thing to do, with limited quotes19:46
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alabdgreg-g:  but no humble want to know if it's expression can be copyrighted at all ? > for example there is written ubuntu will be free for ever , can we rephrase it or should we rephrase it at all ?19:48
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alabdgreg-g: ?19:51
greg-gsorry, alabd, I'm busy working on my work right now and am thus delayed.19:51
greg-galabd: your question could be debated by legal scholars and they might not agree, so I don't want to give you the wrong idea.19:52
alabdgreg-g: how can they be not agreed , you mean they will say this sentence can be copyrighted "ubuntu will be free for ever" ?? this is a fact and seems does not have a expression19:54
greg-galabd: you seem to have made up your mind, no? Go with what you think is correct.19:54
alabdis it possible at all to copyright some facts ? how ?19:54
greg-gagain, copyright protects the expression of facts, not the facts themselves.19:55
alabdgreg-g:  does this sentence have expression ?19:55
alabd"ubuntu will be free for ever"19:55
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greg-galabd: most people would probably say no, but it does depend on the country you are in19:56
greg-galabd: I will not give you a yes or no answer on this, I am not your lawyer, sorry.19:56
alabdDoes this sentence have expression ? "ubuntu will be free for ever"19:56
alabddoes above question need lawyer really ?19:57
greg-galabd: sorry, I am now going to go back to my day job so I can leave and have a nice vacation this weekend. I wish you the best.19:57
alabdfor the last question greg-g , what do you mean of "but it does depend on the country you are in" you mean the sentence mentioned may be expression in some country ?19:58
alabddon't you think it is so simple and clear that this sentence "ubuntu will be free for ever"  does not have any expression ? or am humble wrong why ? answer this for me before going ?20:00
alabdgreg-g: thanks a lot God peace you it's late should go20:03
alabdbye 4 now20:03
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nkinkadeparoneayea: I must have done something wrong, because Vietnam isn't showing up in the chooser.20:38
paroneayeankinkade: hm20:40
paroneayeaI see what happened.20:45
nkinkadeI didn't bother to remove the cache because these licenses are new and should have no cached entries, by the way.20:45
paroneayeaah right20:45
paroneayeawell anyway20:45
paroneayeahere's what happened20:45
paroneayeaif you look at jurisdiction.rdf20:45
paroneayeayou'll see there's an entry for but20:46
paroneayeaall the title assertions say country.vn20:46
paroneayeathat's because it tried to run it through the translator but there *is* no msgid currently20:46
nkinkadeparoneayea:  I'm sure that is in i18n.20:47
nkinkadeDid it not get pushed to the git repo?20:47
paroneayeaso that20:47
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paroneayeaokay, so... a) cc.i18npkg doesn't have it, and you're right, it didn't get pushed to the i18n git repo20:49
paroneayeawe were going to switch that over to just use svn instead of git in cc.i18npkg, and I haven't done taht20:49
paroneayeab) even if that's the case your buildout I suppose would be pulling a *release* of cc.i18npkg.  Which again requires the "relying on making a python egg release", which I guess makes this process more complex than it should be.20:51
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nkinkadeparoneayea: I think our plan is to totally abandon the i18n subversion repository in favor of the git one.20:52
nkinkadeLike with license.rdf, it sure would be nice if we could just git pull, restart Apache and be done. :-)20:53
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aombkhi people, i have a question. is there any patent alternative working right now? i mean is there any alternative solution for lets say programmers to patent something in an open way that doesnt prohibit other people from anything, just in order to protect yourself from other people patenting your idea and sueing you. i dont know if i make myself clear...21:07
aombkmeaning something like creative commons but not for copyright but for patents21:07
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paroneayeaughhh.  I am completely out of it.21:23
paroneayeaafter I am done working I think I'm gonna go take a nap.21:23
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