Wednesday, 2010-06-09

mralexnkinkade: now that's out of my system.. i'll fix the dorky icon.00:06
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mralexnkinkade: fixed and committed to the local repo.00:28
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nkinkademralex: Thanks.00:35
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Phoxisi have a question02:54
Phoxisi am the author of a blog, and it is already under CC-BY-SA02:54
Phoxisbut for some purpouses i do not want to allow people to remix my works, instead want them to ask me before they do, and thus i have decided to change to CC-NC-ND02:55
Phoxisis is possible to change the license from CC-BY-SA to CC-NC-ND  ?02:55
Phoxiswhen i am the author ?02:55
karlcowPhoxis: for the new content yes. But you can't forbid what has already been done in the past. If someone already did something with your content under your license they had the right to do it.02:57
Phoxisno i will not restrict previous remixes done with the existing licenses, but can the existing posts be re-licensed under CC-NC-ND ?03:01
Phoxisi want to do this to stop any random use of the content, instead if someone approaches me , i could inspect and wave the ND condition03:02
Phoxiskarlcow: I mean will it be a violation of the CC license i am using now (CC-BY-SA) if the author changes the license, probably with some kind of notice or else.03:03
Phoxisi have read  "What if I change my mind?"  portion in page, and it allows me to change the existing license, but the changes will not be applicable to the other copied or derivative works03:13
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Phoxis1i want my works to be shared to who are interested, but do not want a spam site to just copy my work and use it, which site simply runs upon copied contents09:23
Phoxis1does CC protect me from this ?09:23
erlehmannPhoxis1, what is a „spam site“ ? sites are usually navigated to by users themselves.09:41
Phoxis1a splog09:42
Phoxis1which autocopies contents09:42
Phoxis1or a manual spammer09:42
Phoxis1i want my stuffs to be shared productively and to correct people09:42
erlehmannPhoxis1, cc is free-for-all, if they obey the restrictions. also, why do you hate boingboing ?09:50
Phoxis1whats boingboing ?09:50
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erlehmannigorlukanin, hello there10:51
erlehmannmy plugin is usable. not done, but it generates nicely styled RDFa-enriched markup10:51
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igorlukaninerlehmann: Sounds nice. I think I'd have to test my extension to interpret the markup back to license definition a bit later10:58
erlehmannigorlukanin, WILL YOU DO HTML5 MICRODATA11:03
igorlukaninerlehmann: What is this CAPS for, then? :) In fact, I wasn't planning to support it, but this may be an interesting alternative to supporting RDF/a in embedded objects11:06
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erlehmannnkinkade, nyergler:
erlehmannit works and looks good.11:48
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greg-gerlehmann: since neither nkinkade nor nyergler are online right now, they won't see that12:39
erlehmanngreg-g, they read logs, dont they ?12:40
greg-gerlehmann: not really12:43
erlehmannthen i will repeat myself when the time comes12:43
greg-ggood deal12:44
erlehmanngreg-g, do you want to test the plugin? i am looking for feedback.12:53
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akila87hello paroneayea,15:17
paroneayeayo akila8715:18
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paroneayeahow goes15:18
akila87i cahnged the license insertion GUI and going to add the CC015:18
paroneayeacool.  Have you pushed those commits and made another release to the ccooo test page?15:21
akila87whats your idea about the new layout
akila87no not yet15:22
akila87i thought i should ask from you at first.15:22
paroneayeaoh that looks nice15:23
akila87sorry i was little bit busy last few days15:23
akila87hope i could have done more.15:24
akila87is it ok if I post the blog post in the week end?15:24
paroneayeaPlease do commit and push those changes to SVN soon though15:25
paroneayeaI just got back from vacation so I'm catching up a bit :)15:26
akila87sure i'll test them bit more and put them as soon as possible15:26
akila87and what do you think about the wizard15:26
akila87in MS addin they separated the 3 steps and put them in three dialogs15:27
akila87I'm little confused about what is the best way.15:28
paroneayeaMaybe we should talk to Nathan Yergler about that, but I tend to think that keeping it in one step makes more sense, to keep things like
paroneayeapersonally I would think 3 separate dialogs would be unnecessary, maybe irritating.  But also personally I don't like having to go through too many pages of a wizard if unnecessary :)15:31
akila87ya actually i fellowed that layout. clicking next next... will be very annoying15:31
akila87but we can put wizard for CC015:32
akila87something like this
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paroneayeaYes, following that same process mostly makes sense I think15:36
paroneayeathe main question I have is15:36
paroneayeahow will the user select between CC0 and the main CC licenses in the first place?15:36
akila87for that we will have to put a wizard15:37
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paroneayeaso do you mean, there will be a first dialog like:15:38
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paroneayea ____________________15:39
paroneayea|                    |15:39
paroneayea| o Select normal CC |15:39
paroneayea|   license          |15:39
paroneayea| o Select CC0       |15:39
paroneayea|____________[ Next ]|15:39
akila87ya first to select between CC0 and CC and if needed we can add PD also15:39
akila87and i thought of having an option to select 3 (some number) previously used licenses in the first dialog15:40
akila87so the user can select one at once (if he know the thing already)15:41
akila87will that make a sense?15:42
paroneayeaMaybe.  But I also wonder if that's a bit of overengineering.15:42
paroneayeawell maybe not15:42
paroneayeaI suppose that does make sense.15:43
paroneayeaProbably that shouldn't show up at all unless the user has already selected a license, not even as grayed out, to reduce confusion for first-time users15:44
paroneayeaThis might be a nice feature, but I think it should be saved for last.15:44
akila87making this as simple as possible will be the better thing.15:45
akila87even some of my friends got confused with the terminology like share alike.15:45
akila87so adding further options will definitely confuse the user15:46
paroneayeathe first pre-selection dialog even at all creates confusion for people who don't even know what CC0 or the public domain is and expect to just select a license, like on /choose/15:47
paroneayeaHm, I guess that confusion is somewhat inevitable15:48
akila87ya thats true15:48
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paroneayeathere's one of two ways to reduce that confusion15:48
paroneayeawell maybe three ways15:49
paroneayea1) Have strong wording encouraging normal CC license process as the default in that first dialog box, and have that as the default selected radio option already15:49
paroneayea2) Simply have the normal licenses /choose/ like page be the default as it is now, but have an option or button from that page to "jump" to the CC0 chooser15:50
paroneayea3) have the CC licenses selection and CC0 wizard be separate menu options entirely15:51
paroneayeaall of those are confusing in separate ways I guess :)15:52
paroneayeahopefully I'm not making things too confusing by posing all of them.15:52
akila87nope :)15:52
paroneayeadoes that make sense, and what do you think?  Maybe this is something that would be wise to run by nathan15:52
akila87ya i also agree.15:52
akila87i like the second option15:53
akila87we can put something like "If you want to allow the public use of your creation without any restrictions you can try this licenses"15:55
akila87in the bottom of the dialog15:55
akila87something that won't make them afraid :)15:56
paroneayeathat may be a good idea.  Although CC0 is not technically a license :)15:56
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akila87ya i mean something appropriate, like these "options"15:57
nyerglerwelcome back, paroneayea15:59
paroneayeaI would say we could pastebin this conversation and link it to nyergler but maybe that would be rude.  I guess I'll formulate an email instead :)15:59
paroneayeahey nyergler!15:59
paroneayeayes, good to be back :)15:59
paroneayeabrb, making tea16:02
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erlehmannnkinkade, check out the repository, the plugin should me something like 90% functional for day-to-day use. only some css fixes remain. and showing the license in the media manager overview. and microdata. and cleaning up th FIXEMEs and TODOs an the source code. and microdata … but otherwise, it works pretty well.17:21
nkinkadeerlehmann: I'll take a look shortly.17:23
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nyerglerparoneayea, nkinkade: fyi the SF staff is doing a welcome lunch for interns off site @ noon, so we may be a few minutes late for the call (hopefully not, but who knows)18:01
nyergler(the tech call, that is)18:01
nkinkadeNo problem.18:01
erlehmannnkinkade, any feedback on things I would should fix ? if not, next dev stop is HTML5 Microdata.18:02
nkinkadeerlehmann: There are, but we should probably have the conversation via email.18:03
erlehmannokay, shoot me a mail then. :)18:03
nkinkadeAlso, I'm not totally sure we care to add Microdata ... nyergler may have information on that.18:03
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nyergleri don't think we should add it at this time18:04
erlehmannwell, it was my goal for the „everything went better than expected“ scenario18:04
erlehmannokay. less overall complexity then. i'll go write more stylesheets then instead, after fixing the other issues. i like writing stylesheets.18:05
nkinkadeI'll outline it in an email but quickly the things I see are this: the RDFa is mostly non-existent and/or broken, the Media Manager doesn't seem re-display the saved licensing/attribution data, for the correct version number your plugin should consult the CC API.18:06
erlehmannargl. okay, got that.18:06
erlehmanneverything as planned.18:07
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akozaknyergler, what public address do you think people should email to add a feed into discovered?18:17
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nyerglerakozak, webmaster?18:22
nyergler(if so, we should add you to that alias)18:22
akozaknyergler, works for me, unless you'd like to create a DiscoverEd-specific alias18:24
nyerglerakozak, i don't think there's evidence of need yet, so i'm fine with webmaster18:26
nyerglernkinkade, can you add akozak to webmaster?18:26
nkinkadenyergler: Done.18:28
nkinkadeJED3: Is there any convenient way to determine the most current license version available via the API?18:28
JED3nkinkade: sure18:28
nkinkadeJED3: Thanks.18:30
JED3as long as a version is specified, it'll default to respond with the latest version18:30
nkinkadeJED3: What's the "staging" part of that?18:30
nkinkadeIs that code live?18:30
JED3nkinkade: it was the name we used for the release, it should be replacing "dev" very soon18:31
JED3actually its probably safe for me to do that now...18:31
JED3nyergler: thoughts on this?18:31
JED3nkinkade: yes its live18:31
nkinkadeJED3: But the URL will change?18:32
JED3nkinkade: yes, to "dev", but the version currently running on dev will work in the exact same way18:32
JED3... for this use case at least18:32
nkinkadeJED3: The /dev/ one returns 2.0.18:32
JED3ohh nm then heh18:33
nkinkadeJED3: What concerns me is that if I point someone to the working version staging/, what happens when the URL changes in the future?18:37
nkinkadeIt seems like that shouldn't be a moving target.18:37
paroneayeankinkade: so is cc.engine re-enabled on staging?  It looks like everything but /licenses/ is working.18:40
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yeah, it should be, I think.18:40
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greenman27Anyone want CC for shells?20:02
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greg-gI like shells20:02
paroneayeagreenman27 loves his CC terminal apps20:04
greg-gI was getting ready to say "CC licenses aren't for source code, don't license you new shell under a CC license, use ...."20:05
paroneayea CC shells!20:06
paroneayeagreg-g: :)20:07
nyerglerparoneayea, nyergler, akozak, JED3 -- call on line 2 in a couple minutes?20:29
paroneayeanyergler: sounds good20:30
paroneayeasomething weird is going on.  I have to restart my phone.20:31
nyerglerparoneayea, ok, we're dialing in now20:32
paroneayeaI'll be on as soon as my phone decides it likes calling again.20:32
nyerglernkinkade, you around?20:34
nkinkadenyergler: Yeah.20:34
nyerglernkinkade, are you dialed in? not sure if we're in the alternate universe20:35
nkinkadeNo, I'm not dialed in.  I will now, though.20:35
nyerglerthanks :)20:35
nkinkadeYou missed my name on the call above to call in.20:35
nkinkadeSo I didn't see the meeting was about to happen.20:35
nyerglersorry about that20:35
nkinkadeOne sec.20:35
nyergleroh, right, i was talking to myself :/20:35
nyerglersorry about that20:35
paroneayeaTalking to yourself is a bad habit for a dungeoneer.20:57
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JED3nkinkade: i've moved the latest version of our api to /rest/dev/ now21:20
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paroneayeankinkade: in licenses.xml, for jurisdictions with multiple languages, it's the first one that's always the default language, right?22:18
nkinkadeparoneayea: That's what nyergler has told me in the past.22:19
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nyerglernkinkade, paroneayea: correct23:20
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JED3nkinkade: ping23:53
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