Tuesday, 2010-06-01

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erlehmannthis ! http://daten.dieweltistgarnichtso.net/pics/screenshots/web/wordpress-cc-plugin/dummy-upload.png11:20
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paulproteuserlehmann: That looks pretty great!14:06
erlehmannpaulproteus, that probably was the easiest part14:06
erlehmannafter all, its non-functional14:07
paulproteusAlso the "attribution URL" box (imho) should have ane asy option for "This blog post I'm about to make"14:07
erlehmannpaulproteus, that is only the media manager. i will not add anything else till it works.14:09
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JED3igorlukanin: ping18:00
JED3mralex: ping18:02
mralexJED3: pong18:02
JED3i'm trying to install the cc support drupal theme locally, i should be able to clone the repo into sites/default/themes or sites/all/themes right?18:03
JED3...to have it appear in the drupal admin for enabling18:03
mralexthe branch si origin/200918:03
JED3okay thats where it is now, but its not appearing in the lsit of available themes18:03
JED3ohh okay, let me checkout18:03
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mralexi ought to merge it back to master by now, really...18:03
JED3hmm drupal still isn't picking it up for me18:05
mralexi'm not sure if there are any other things you have to touch to make it appear18:06
JED3ahh crap, i'm using drupal 7 that must be it18:06
mralexif you're the site admin i think you have to give it permissions, or something18:06
mralexoh, that might be, dunno18:06
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mralexnkinkade should know18:06
JED3i think read priv's suffice for a theme18:06
JED3guess i'll rollback to an earlier ver. of drupal (which i should be working on anyways)18:07
JED3drupal 7 isn't released yet is it?18:07
mralexi mean permissions inside drupal, i think you have to activate it for users. i guess i'm not sure how to explain it :)18:07
mralexno, i didn't think 7 was available yet18:07
JED3doesn't matter anyways, because i dont think civi supports drupal 7 yet18:07
igorlukaninJED3: pong18:08
JED3igorlukanin: hi18:08
JED3just got your email18:08
igorlukaninWhat do you think? Am I missing something?18:08
JED3igorlukanin: its likely that i fudged the config somewhere, but first i wanted to make sure that the machine you were testing from had the correct hostname18:09
igorlukaninWell, I'm "igorlukanin@igorlukanin-laptop" (copied from my terminal =))18:11
JED3hmm that's what i have too18:11
JED3.. in the config18:11
JED3well the key you attached to your last name is different from the first one you gave me18:12
igorlukaninLet me check this18:13
JED3looks like this is your emailing key18:13
igorlukaninJust re-checked this: the key I sent you today is the same one as sent on Apr 29, I fetched them from the mail archive now and diff'ed18:16
igorlukaninI have no idea how they may differ :)18:17
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JED3igorlukanin: you're right, i just assumed they were different because the key i added to our git server had a different user@host18:21
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igorlukaninJED3: So, when may I retry connecting?18:29
nkinkademralex: Are you going to handle changing the "source" for donations?18:30
nkinkadeI forgot where that file is, by the way.18:31
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JED3igorlukanin: try now18:32
JED3igorlukanin: i added your key incorrectly18:32
JED3should work now18:32
mralexnkinkade: it's done18:32
nkinkademralex: Thanks.18:33
nkinkadeBut just so I know, which file is it?18:33
mralexnkinkade: it's inline in the querystrings, in /donate18:33
mralex(actually in a php var at the top of the page)18:34
nkinkadeCool.  I had a little lapse there.  Thanks.18:34
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igorlukaninJED3: Hm, I got the same output: http://pastebin.org/29902418:37
igorlukaninI suppose I should not be asked for password18:42
JED3igorlukanin: correct, looking into it right now18:45
nkinkadeigorlukanin: Are you 100% sure that your client is using the right key?  Just checking.18:47
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igorlukaninJED3: Got it!18:49
JED3igorlukanin: awesome, sorry about that, i kept adding the wrong key like a moron18:50
JED3igorlukanin: have you had a chance to log into the wordpress blog on labs.cc.org?18:50
JED3if you could write a quick introduction to your project that'd be great18:52
greg-ggood work everyone on the launch of Catalyst. Sexy, speedy, and reliable as usual.18:52
igorlukaninJED3: Well, I succeeded after I did "chmod go-rw keyfile", I made it accessible for everything today when trying to figure the problem, so I'm a bit guilty too =)18:53
igorlukaninJED3: Yup, I looked at the blog. I'm going to commit do a first commin right now (just a PoC, nothing special), then I'll write about the project, definitel18:55
JED3igorlukanin: great!18:55
JED3mralex: catalyst looks awesome, noticed a minor bug with the buttons on the /catalyst page18:56
mralexJED3: oh?18:56
mralexmake sure you refresh, might be some cached css hanging around18:56
JED3yeah, the img src's need to be rooted to the domain18:57
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JED3going to cc.org/catalyst/ with trailing slashing, breaks the img's18:57
mralexthat's odd18:57
JED3well the src's are "wp-content/../../" they just need to be "/wp-content/../../"18:58
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mralexoh i see. wtf.19:00
mralexthanks for catching that, i somehow missed a clearly erroneous src.19:00
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JED3mralex: np :P19:03
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JED3paroneayea: ping19:04
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paroneayeaJED3: pong19:12
JED3paroneayea: hiya, have you ever built a babel extractor entry_point?19:13
paroneayeaJED3: nope..19:14
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igorlukaninJED3: John, you may look at what I commited, if interested =)19:17
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JED3igorlukanin: very cool, gonna configure it to pull nightly into my firefox profile :)19:21
igorlukaninJED3: Beware of crashes (just kidding) =)19:22
JED3igorlukanin: i dont think this is much use to you, but it may be helpful in some way to know how i recently approached checking whether a resource contained cc-rel19:22
paroneayeaJED3: what are you configuring an extractor for?19:23
paroneayeaI'm curious19:23
JED3it uses server side rdfa parsing, which isn't much use for this project i'd say19:23
JED3paroneayea: the metadata_scraper, just to grab from a few templates19:23
igorlukaninJED3: Anyway, I'm interested19:23
JED3igorlukanin: http://code.creativecommons.org/~john/19:23
paroneayeaJED3: as soon as you have that figured out, let me know :)19:24
JED3paroneayea: will do19:24
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JED3i've got it bootstrapped, but the extractor isn't picking anything out for me :/19:24
JED3igorlukanin: the CC icon in the location bar looks absolutely perfect, i'm really excited to see where this project leads this summer19:28
igorlukaninJED3: Tried "http://lessig.org/", got nothing. Do I get correctly that the source is here: http://code.creativecommons.org/viewsvn/metadata_scraper/ ?19:28
JED3igorlukanin: yeah so the message you're seeing there is a bit misleading19:31
JED3what it really means is that "http://lessig.org/" is not the subject of any cc metadata relationship19:31
JED3he has plenty of cc-rel on there but he doesnt have, for instance, a rel=license for the lessig.org homepage19:32
igorlukaninGot it19:33
JED3igorlukanin: try typing "http://lessig.org/blog/" instead19:33
igorlukaninJED3: Looks nicely. I'll dig into the code to know it deeper. And if it'd be publicly hosted someday, it'd probably be nice to have a way to open the info related to the viewed page from my extension19:37
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JED3paroneayea: ping20:04
paroneayeaJED3: pong20:15
JED3paroneayea: sorry i think i've answered my own question20:16
paroneayeagood news though20:17
JED3paroneayea: had to do with discovering this http://labs.creativecommons.org/~paulproteus/eggs/20:17
paulproteusUh oh!20:17
JED3which contains some "customized" babel eggs20:17
paroneayeapaulproteus!!  *studio laughter*20:17
paulproteusYeah, 'cause I wrote some patches.20:18
paulproteusThey were merged!20:18
paulproteusI wonder if I put that on my OpenHatch profile...20:18
JED3ohh suhweet20:18
paulproteuspaulproteus: http://openhatch.org/people/paulproteus/ , see the bottom of the page20:25
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paulproteusJED3: er, you look at http://openhatch.org/people/paulproteus/ , the bottom of the page20:26
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paroneayeaoh right, so the good news:20:31
JED3paulproteus: ahh that perfectly explains things20:31
paroneayeaformatters working again, now with translations working properly too20:31
JED3paroneayea: hurrah20:31
JED3paulproteus: was there anything else custom to your babel forks that wasn't merged into babel?20:32
paulproteusI don't think so; I think just those two patches/bugs.20:32
JED3oh okay20:32
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paroneayeankinkade: yo yo21:01
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nkinkadeparoneayea: What's up?21:17
paroneayeankinkade: so I just finished fixing things with the formatter and chooser and stuff21:19
paroneayeawe could launch the vietnam jurisdiction from the cc.licenserdf git package21:19
paroneayeaif you're down and ready to do so21:19
nkinkadeparoneayea: How about tomorrow earlier?21:19
paroneayeankinkade: okay... we're leaving for vacation tomorrow, but if we do it really early we can do it21:20
paroneayeaor I could just do it21:20
paroneayeawhich would save time but eliminate the chance of running you through the process atm21:20
nkinkadeparoneayea: It would be best if you updated the documentation, then I stepped through it as a check on it's clearness and accuracy.21:20
paroneayeaIt looks like I may have done more updates to http://teamspace.creativecommons.org/Managing_License_RDF than I thought21:24
paroneayeaI'll give it a "functional overview"21:25
paroneayeasince I'm short on time I'm not going to remove that color coding and etc21:25
paroneayeaand we'll just see if things work right before cleaning up its prettiness21:25
nkinkadeThat works.  I'll try to run through it tomorrow.21:26
paroneayeaokay.  I can only be around for a very, very short time tomorrow morning :(21:26
paroneayeaand I don't know if we'll have internet access21:26
paroneayeaafter tomorrow21:27
paroneayeaI would assume so though21:27
paroneayeait looks like that's all accurate except for this section: *Update the license engine + deeds*21:27
paroneayeaand that doesn't really matter for updating the RDF itself21:30
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JED3paroneayea: got the extraction to work21:54
paroneayeaJED3: :D21:54
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nkinkademralex: Somewhat high priority.  All /donate links should point to OneClick.php, not OneClickDonate.php22:12
nkinkadeI guess I could go in and edit the ones on the page, but there's still the JS generated ones.22:12
mralexwtf, i fixed that already.22:13
nkinkadeI was sure we had made this cut-over a number of weeks ago.22:13
nkinkadeYeah, that's what I thought too.22:13
nkinkadeWas there some regression when you launched the updated /donate page?22:13
mralexi think i only updated Support, and not Zupport. so it reverted once i pasted everything from zupport this morning22:14
nkinkademralex: The other thing is that it needs to be passing the oc_acton=donate var.22:15
nkinkadeI only noticed this regression because a Google Checkout donation came in and I reviewed it closely to make sure all the code was working, and some strange things were happening.22:16
mralexjeeze, that's embarrasing. it's back to normal now.22:16
nkinkadeA receipt didn't get sent out, and there was some stray data.22:16
nkinkadeCool.  Thanks.22:16
nkinkademralex: You've got "oc_acton"22:17
nkinkadeWe're getting an error.22:17
nkinkadeI need to make that script drop the user back on /donate, so your nice error code will show.22:17
mralexsigh. fixed.22:20
nkinkademralex: Did you copy over the code this morning?22:25
nkinkadeOkay, good.  That means there are only 6 contributions that came in since then ... and I've already got a script for sending out missed receipts, which should be the only problem we have.22:26
nkinkadeActually it looks like only one GC contribution didn't get a receipt.  Even better ...22:28
JED3nkinkade: no reason at all22:28
nkinkadeJED3: :-) ... give me minute.  I think I actually have to muck around in a small sqlite3 database to give you those privs.22:30
JED3yikes, okay, thanks nkinkade22:30
JED3username is jed322:30
nkinkadeActually you could do it, as it's on a7, but since we're moving away from Pootle very soon it's not worth you even knowing where/how that hack works.22:31
nkinkadeJED3: See if you've got perms now.22:35
JED3nkinkade: thanks, yes that worked22:37
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dpicmralex: ping23:56
mralexdpic: hola23:56
dpichey, a few days ago you mentioned having an svg of the free culture seal on approved CC licenses?23:56
mralexdpic: i was unable to locate it23:57
dpicah, okay thanks23:57
dpicknow where else i could find someone that might have it?23:57
mralexi don't think anyone else had the source file for it23:57
mralexi'll keep an eye out for it23:57
dpicthere is no longer a source file for the seal? x.x23:57
dpicmattl: you said you might have it too?23:57

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