Friday, 2010-04-16

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akozaknkinkade, mralex,
mralexit's all gone!00:10
mralexit's just slow00:10
mralexreal slow00:10
akozakosm is kinda slow00:11
akozaki had it on nasa for a second and that was VERY slow00:11
mralexis there supposed to be a map tileset too?00:11
mralexFF is waiting for to send me something00:11
akozaktry reloading00:11
akozaki switched it back to osm00:11
mralexit's still really lame (and a blocking issue, imo) that the page doesn't load asynchronously  but stops while the map initialises00:13
akozakmralex, yea. might be one reason to use the google map.00:13
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akozakor the google layer, rather.00:14
mralexweird.. if you click on a pin multiple times… it loads up multiple popups00:15
akozakheh yea i noticed that00:15
akozakmaking it a little bigger helped00:16
akozak300 high instead of 25000:16
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ea4xgrsuppose one wants to install the validator; on ubuntu minimal it takes 80.8 MB of required packages and their dependencies; on ubuntu standard it's 30.1 MB17:26
ea4xgrthen additional 83 MB are required for the libvalidator and validator directories in total17:27
* ea4xgr is going to check the requirements of libvalidator alone17:28
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ea4xgractually, dependencies are 1.1 MB less (79.7 MB on the minimal Ubuntu 9.10)18:57
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ea4xgrnkinkade: $ git push19:40
ea4xgrfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly19:40
ea4xgrany ideas what the cause is? :)19:40
ea4xgrI'm trying to push one modified file to the libvalidator repository19:40
nkinkadeea4xgr: It's usually a permission thing.19:42
nkinkadeHave you ever pushed anything successfully to that repo?19:43
ea4xgrnkinkade: no, I did not19:46
ea4xgrnkinkade: I did push to monaco and validator19:46
nkinkadeea4xgr: You have pushed to another repo successfully?19:47
nkinkadeOoops.  Okay.19:47
ea4xgrnkinkade: I was to have the write access to cc.publisher and libvalidator, too19:47
nkinkadeLet me check what is different about libvalidator.19:47
nkinkadeea4xgr: And you are certainly using the same key for the validator stuff as for the others?19:50
ea4xgrnkinkade: yes19:50
ea4xgrnkinkade: same key, same login, same machine19:51
nkinkadeea4xgr: Try one more time.19:52
ea4xgrnkinkade: it's the same (the remote...)19:53
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ea4xgrnkinkade: I've found the mistake, I've initially pulled using the read-only access (git://)19:55
ea4xgrnkinkade: my lame mistake; sorry to bother you19:55
ea4xgrnkinkade: it works now19:55
nkinkadeea4xgr: No problem.  I was just wracking my brain as to why it wasn't working for those, but was for monaco and others.19:55
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ea4xgris there any backup of the Git repos?19:56
ea4xgrshould something terrible happen19:56
nkinkadeea4xgr: Yeah. :-)19:56
ea4xgrthat's pro19:56
nkinkadeBut presumably there's not much that you could do that couldn't be undone via git itself.19:57
nkinkadepaulproteus with his backwards smileys, again!19:57
* paulproteus is listening to "My Evil Twin" by TMBG.19:57
ea4xgrpaulproteus: hi!19:59
ea4xgrpaulproteus: what's up? :)19:59
paulproteusea4xgr: Hi! Good to see you again. (-:19:59
ea4xgrgood to see you, too19:59
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