Tuesday, 2010-04-13

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ea4xgroshani: hello13:55
oshanihello ea4xgr13:55
ea4xgroshani: thank you for your interest in the License Validation Service (as its developer)13:55
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akozakI wish i was a regex wizard.17:23
akozakSMW only returns dates in the format XX MONTH YEAR17:24
akozakand if you have a date range for an event, youd only be able to display it as XX MONTH YEAR - XX MONTH YEAR17:24
akozakbut I'm guessing you could define an array being the elements in that string and then compute the difference17:25
akozakbut you'd need some regex to split it up17:25
akozakmaybe I could just split out each character17:25
akozakinto an array element17:25
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akozakmralex, i could use your input: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Events18:09
mralexwow, someone's gone and beefed up that page a lot ;)18:10
akozakI wonder who :)18:10
akozakthere really ought to be a better way to develop pages like this in a sandbox without clogging up the recent changes feed18:12
mralexwell there is wiki-staging.cc.org18:12
akozakthat might work, although it's missing the data and a couple extensions I use18:14
akozakdata as in the pages that get queried18:14
mralexakozak: it's confusing that some event titles link to a wiki page and some link to an external page18:22
mralexakozak: imo, they should all link to a wiki page, with an optional external page link18:23
mralexthat is, swap the linking around18:23
mralex18 April 2010-18:24
mralex18 April 201018:24
mralexthat's weird too18:24
mralexit looks ok if the event spans multiple days, but otherwise it shouldn't look like that18:24
mralex(but i guess that might just be malformed data in the system? since other single day events have the correct date format)18:25
mralex(data validation FTW)18:26
mralexoh weird, i see events that span multiple days aren't displaying the full date range on the index page18:29
mralexthe event pages look pretty nice18:29
mralexdate formatting is a bit iffy tho18:30
akozakmralex, wow conditional fail18:31
akozakone sec18:31
akozakmralex, yea I can't control the date display unless I learn some regex18:32
akozakor unless I'm missing something in SMW18:32
mralexhow come the dates show up formatted differently on the events index?18:33
akozakmralex, I think it's because the events index dates get pulled from the #ask query, whereas the wiki pages get displayed based on how the form spit out the template call18:34
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akozakand as far as I know, I can't change either very easily18:35
akozakwhich sucks18:35
mralexis it a matter of how the data is input in the first place?18:35
akozakmralex, possible. if you look at http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Special:AddData/Event you can see how the fields are formatted18:36
akozakthey have input type=date18:36
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mralexthe edit form for an event is quite slick too18:36
mralexway  more user friendly than i recall18:36
mralexhow do i get to the event item page template?18:37
mralexoh, yeah, right at the bottom of hte edit page itself.. :P18:37
akozakmy biggest pet peeve about mediawiki is that you essentially have to make your templates have ugly code if you want to avoid unwanted <p> generation18:39
mralexi was wondering why it looked all compacted and ugly18:39
akozakthen again it wasn't designed to be a development environment18:39
mralexi thought there was soemthing you could put in at the top to make it not autoformat… __NO_UGLY__ or something18:39
mralex(not that, but like that)18:40
akozakwow that would be amazing. ill look into it.18:40
mralexi'm pretty sure you can force it18:40
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akozakas in force it not to inject formatting to the page?18:41
akozakI don't see it in http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Magic_words18:42
mralexah, i guess not then. oh well.18:42
akozakI would love that feature18:43
akozakanyway, I still have to make links for all of the properties in the event templte (i.e. link "conference" to a query that lists conferences)18:44
akozakerr, e.g. haha18:44
akozakmralex, changed the links around like you suggested18:47
mralexand dates are appearing correctly :D18:48
akozaki had the conditional reversed18:49
mralexah, heh18:49
akozaki need a cheat sheet for that stuff18:49
mralexany way to make pages like http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Special:Ask/-5B-5Bdate::-3E2010-2D04-2D13-5D-5D-20-0A-20-20-5B-5BCategory:Event-5D-5D/-3FDate%3D/-3FLocation%3D/-3FEventType%3D/-3FEventCategory%3D/-3FMainurl%3D/-3FEnd-20date%3D/sort%3DDate/order%3DASC/format%3Dtemplate/template%3DEvent-20List/link%3Dnone have a proper page title?18:51
mralex(also DANG that's an ugly url)18:51
mralexnot much you can do about that, i know18:51
akozakI could potentially just create another page with a query that has a higher limit18:52
akozaklike 50 events18:52
mralexcould you have a page that contains the search query, including pagination?18:52
mralexalthough it's easy to say we won't ever have that many events in the list18:54
akozakwell, the problem is that the link at the end of the query is automatically generated18:54
akozakyou can tell because the whole div is a link18:54
akozakso it would take some clever queries to do your own clean pagination18:54
mralexhow about a "get everything" query, and add some javascript pagination?18:54
akozakI'm not sure how you would tell the query to break itself up18:55
akozakas in, send the first 10 elements to one div, the second to another, etc18:55
akozakyou might be able to do it by month though18:56
akozakquery for April in one div, May in another, etc18:56
akozakand the next page link would go to the next month18:56
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akozakthat will take some clever use of parserfunctions to set the current month and the subsequent queries...18:57
akozakmralex, do you know of any similar use of javascript on the wiki that I could look at as an example?19:02
mralexhm, i don't. just imaging what jquery could do with it.19:06
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akozakugh, I figured out how to output a strong of the next month, but I just realized December will break the query.19:17
akozakbecause then it would query for January of the current year19:18
akozakthis is a pretty trivial problem, except when you only have mediawiki extensions as tools19:21
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akozaknkinkade, around?22:32
nkinkadeakozak: Yeah.22:32
akozaknkinkade, weird wiki problem... the Recent Changes link in the toolbox isn't a link anymore.22:33
akozakcan you click on it?22:33
nkinkadeakozak: Ooops.22:33
nkinkadeI made a change this morning that localized the text, and it seemed to be all working.22:33
nkinkadeLet me see.22:34
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nkinkadeakozak: Fixed.  Sorry about that.22:49
akozaknkinkade, no problem. I didn't have the faintest idea what could've caused that.22:50
nkinkadeJust a blunder on my part. :-)22:50
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