Monday, 2010-03-29

ea4xgrI've subscribed to the cc-devel mailing list. The e-mail address used for the list (and only for the list) is myIRCnick at the domain gmail.com00:14
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Nushiooh sweet, there is a channel for creative commons01:44
* Nushio was guessing/wondering01:44
NushioThere was a study a while ago regarding what 'non commercial' meant01:44
Nushioi was wondering if anyone had any info on that01:45
NushioI'm interested in publishing a comic book, and would like to use the cc-by-sa or cc-by-sa-nc license01:46
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Nushiothanks a lot greg-g!02:28
greg-gNushio: no problem :)02:28
Nushioare you familiar with the topic? could I ask you a quick question?02:29
Nushiobasically, i'd like to release the comic online as "non commercial", but would still like to sell printed versions of the comic02:30
Nushioim not sure if that would require me to use dual-licensing or not02:30
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d00bHi every1, can any1 tell me who is the mentor for GSOC.. ??14:32
d00bis nathany is back frm kenya conference  ??14:33
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stasd00b: you might wana try on cc-devel mailing list15:20
paroneayead00b: nathany will probably be on here in a while also15:24
d00bstas: paroneayea: thnks for ur reply...jst waiting 4 nathany15:25
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d00bhi nathany: I'm waiting 4 ur reply on cc-devel mailing list for Openoffice addin for Ontology Extraction, if ur free, thn please reply.15:56
nathanyhi d00b, just got into the office, digging through email now; sorry for the delay15:57
d00bnathany: thnks for ur reply, take ur time..i'm not in hurry :)15:58
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nathanythanks, sorry that this fell at a busy time for me... i'll try and get you a reply shortly15:58
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lotianathany: validating correct rdfa. should a pacge have no errors when passed through the w3c validator?16:41
lotias/pacge/page/ even16:41
nathanylotia, ideally, yes16:42
lotiafor both pacges and pages?16:42
nathanymost parsers will deal with some errors, but the W3 validator understands RDFa these days16:42
nathanyeven in pacges16:42
lotiadarn, you guys are taskmasters.16:42
nathanylotia, because RDFa will co-exist with HTML (even though it's only spec'ed for XHTML), most parsers will deal with that situation16:42
nathanylotia, i wish i knew how to make a whip-crack noise over IRC ;)16:43
* lotia accidentally entered .... sheesh16:46
lotianathany any samples of correctly formed rdfa that you could point me at16:50
nathanylotia, one second16:51
nathanylotia, one that validates completely:
nathanylotia, one that does not validate, but which does have RDFa that can be extracted:
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lotianathany: thank you.16:57
nathanylotia, sure, let me know if you have any questions about the examples (they're both a little cooked)16:57
lotiawill do. i'm working on running the sample output of our drupal app through w3c16:59
greg-gneat, I didn't know nathany was an expert in crop fertilizer17:10
* greg-g waits for someone to pick up the perfectly placed joke hand-off17:11
nathanygreg-g, well i do shovel shit for a living17:12
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greg-gdangit, I missed the post-handoff high-five17:18
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d00bnathany: Do u have any idea that whether OBO file format is available for other ontologies excluding the gene ontology ??18:12
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nathanyd00b, I think OBO is just an OWL[2?] ontology, so it's not necessarily a file format (if that makes sense)18:14
d00bnathany, I think OWL and OBO is little different, so we need to do some mapping if me want to make plugin for OWL:
d00bin that case I think it will be more useful...rather just supporting OBO format as what currently MS-Plugin is doing18:30
nathanyd00b, ah, I didn't realize the MS Plugin only supported the OBO format.18:31
d00beven in the todo list of MS-Plugin , the developer mentioned that it would be great if  we support owl or plain I'm wondering that in order to make openoffice plugin better thn ms-plugin, we can use owl format right from beginning and regarding obo, we can first map to owl n thn use it..18:33
d00bnathany, wat do u say ??18:33
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nathanyd00b, I don't have an opinion about the initial format to support; ideally any implementation would have an abstraction around the actual ontology so we could easily add support for alternate file formats18:35
d00bnathany, sound good, Anyways got ur mail..n I'm very sad that still there is not mentor rite now, but still I made my application in small txt format, can i share it with u ??18:38
nathanyd00b, yes, certainly; i hope to have a follow up from the person i want to mentor the project later today18:38
d00bnathany, I mailed my application to your  cc email id, hope u will review it soon n please comment, so that I can improve it further.18:56
nathanyd00b, thanks18:57
stasnathany: around?18:58
nathanyhi stas18:58
stassorry cross posted your email :)18:58
stasabout what I was writing on options panel18:58
stasI better explain you in an example18:59
stasI'm from Romania, so I'm not interested in scrolling along all of the available cc licenses18:59
stascause if the media is under my copyright18:59
stasthe main license I will be interested in are which are from my country19:00
stasso that's why I think we need an options screen19:00
stasjust to limit search time and usability19:00
stasalso, that screen can be used to update the license's title and description, the default might get expired after some time19:01
stasso this will ease the work19:01
nathanywhat do you mean by license's title and description? title and description of the licensed work?19:01
stasnope, in different countries, the license description and title is translated19:02
stasstill not sure about that, maybe we can just include it in localization packages that will be provided with the plugin19:03
nathanystas, that'd be my preference; that way everyone benefits from improved translations19:03
stasok so now I'm clear what exactly is required and I think I'm ready to apply :)19:05
stasthanks a lot for sharing ideas19:05
stasbtw, should I send my application as soon as possible or it doesn't really matter19:05
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nathanystas, if you'd like feedback, sending it earlier is a good idea19:06
nathanybut there's not advantage in our selection process to doing so19:06
stasthats cool then :)19:06
stasea4xgr: hi, and thanks for sent infos regarding application templates and stuff19:07
ea4xgrstas: my pleasure :)19:07
ea4xgrstas: I just hope that it will help to encourage ppl to participate in free software development :)19:08
stasea4xgr: about that, may I ask how many applications you received last year? (this is my 1st gsoc)19:10
ea4xgrea4xgr: I neither received nor submitted any applications last year (please remember that I am not a creative commons' representative)19:10
ea4xgrea4xgr: I can share my application from 2008 with you, that's no problem19:11
* ea4xgr will be afk for a bit :)19:11
stasi see19:12
d00bea4xgr: hi19:13
d00bea4xgr: around19:16
ea4xgrI'll be back in a few minutes, sorry19:21
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* ea4xgr is back20:36
ea4xgrd00b: I'm back20:36
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d00bea4xgr: in which project did u worked ??20:45
ea4xgrif you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask :)20:47
d00bea4xgr: great idea... are you applying dis year also ??20:49
ea4xgryes, I shall apply for a project at CC at GSoC20:50
ea4xgrI am glad you like the idea; please bear in mind that this is free software and if you like the idea, it would be amazing if you would continue working on it20:50
ea4xgrthere are a lot of things to be improved when it comes to validator and a few bugs, too!20:51
ea4xgrthe TODO list is here:
nathanyea4xgr, I'd be happy to talk to you about about things I'd like to see improved on the validator if you like; send me a reminder email if you want some details20:52
d00bea4xgr: ya sure..20:52
ea4xgrnathany: of course, I'll send it right away20:53
d00bnathany, did u checked my proposal...??20:53
nathanyd00b, I have not yet, no; i try to triage email once a day, then work through things i flag as needing a reply before i start the process over20:54
d00bea4xgr: are you interested in OpenOffice plugin for Ontology extraction....(any idea or knowledge, which you want to give it to me)20:54
d00bnathany, its ok...i'll wait 4ur comments :)20:55
ea4xgrd00b: I am interested in all the projects, however, I am afraid I cannot be much help with this regard20:55
d00bea4xgr: ok...20:57
d00bea4xgr: had u ever made any openoffice plugin ??20:59
ea4xgrnathany: the e-mail has been sent21:01
ea4xgrd00b: unfortunately, no, I have not; I am positive that it would be a wonderful opportunity to pick up some new skills21:02
d00banyways.. I'm luking for some1 who used BasicAddonBuilder plugin for openoffice,..21:03
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ea4xgrd00b: I'm not sure whether this will be much help, nevertheless: please be aware that a great student-Mihai Husleag-has successfully completed an plug-in for CC at GSoC 200821:07
d00bea4xgr: Great help... atleast I'll learn the coding style, and willl tweak with this plugin tonight, thnks :)21:10
ea4xgrany time21:10
d00bez4xgr: can i add u in gtalk, so that we can talk more in this issue, since internet connection is little slow in my room so it create problem with freenode ...21:14
ea4xgrd00b: if it supports XMPP, that's fine - I'll priv you the details21:16
d00bea4xgr: XXX21:17
d00bis it ri8 ??21:17
ea4xgrno, not exactly, I use this account only to send messages to the group :)21:18
ea4xgrea4xgr: please check out the priv messages I have just sent to you21:18
ea4xgrd00b even21:18
d00bea4xgr: wats ur original 1 ??21:19
d00bwhich u use frequently21:19
ea4xgrd00b: can you see the private messages I have sent you on the IRC? I am reluctant to post the e-mail addresses on a channel which has its logs published on-line :)21:19
d00bea4xgr: replied in pm21:20
ea4xgrhowever, you can reach me at the following address: username - "myGivenName"; domain - ""21:20
ea4xgrnathany: sorry to bother you, but is there any chance to have an e-mail address removed from the IRC log, so it cannot be harvested?21:21
d00bea4xgr: thnks21:21
nathanyea4xgr, done21:29
ea4xgrnathany: thank you very much21:31
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ea4xgroh, I can see this GTalk <-> XMPP bridge really works, good job21:43
ea4xgror is GTalk an XMPP implementation in the first place? :)21:43
ea4xgrok, the latter is correct21:48
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ea4xgrnathany: thanks22:41
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