Thursday, 2010-03-25

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paroneayea |\__\18:49
paroneayea/   o_o18:49
paroneayea  /vvvv   I AM BATMAN18:49
paroneayea  \vvvv18:49
akozaklooks like an owl18:54
mralexyeah, definitely an owl18:55
paroneayea |\__\18:56
paroneayea/   o_o18:56
paroneayea  /vvvv   I AM POSSIBLY OWLMAN18:56
paroneayea  \vvvv   DEPENDING ON WHO YOU LISTEN TO18:56
paroneayeaoh I see, you guys thought that was like, a stomach18:57
paroneayeaI just like making pointy teeth18:57
paroneayea      MIKE THOMPSON18:57
paroneayea  ||||||18:57
paroneayea "" \  /18:57
paroneayea "" o  o     S18:57
paroneayea "          / \  o18:57
paroneayea G  vvvvv  |o o|//18:57
paroneayea | (       \_^_/OOO18:57
paroneayea \  ^^^^     //o _|\O18:57
paroneayea /  ____)   o _|_|<18:57
paroneayea/    \ \\\   /  / \O18:57
paroneayea      \     /  /18:57
paroneayea       EATS BABIES18:58
paroneayeaho ho ho, old google hwops days inside joke ascii art18:58
akozaki like to think you do that on the fly18:58
paroneayeaI do some things on the fly18:58
JED3paroneayea: do you have an emacs to xchat|irssi|whatever-client plugin?18:59
paroneayeaJED3: yes18:59
paroneayeaemacs irc client18:59
JED3oh you use erc?18:59
paroneayeathat way I can see when people are talking in channels I care about by looking at the mode line18:59
JED3oh neat-o, i just started using irssi, not sure why i leaped over trying erc first, doing so now...19:00
paroneayeaalso I can copy and paste things from my ascii art file like THAT19:00
paroneayea         __             __19:00
paroneayea         | \_         _/ |19:00
paroneayea          \  \.-----./  /19:00
paroneayea          / ____     __ \19:00
paroneayea         |   __ \_|_/_ .'19:00
paroneayea         /   L_\   /_l  \19:00
paroneayea        |      ,   ,     |19:00
paroneayea      ./    vvvv---vvvv |'19:00
paroneayea     /     _          ./'19:00
paroneayea    |       \_       ./19:01
paroneayea    /         \.   ./19:01
paroneayea   |            \  |19:01
paroneayea   | \.          |  \19:01
paroneayea  .'    \         |  |19:01
paroneayea  |      \        |   |19:01
paroneayeaooh, I have some more HWOPS referencing ascii art in here19:01
paroneayeadatacenter monkey:19:01
paroneayea    .-.19:01
paroneayea  c/o_o\c        I hear u need some19:01
paroneayea   \_o_/\.    _     hard drives19:01
paroneayea     //DC \  / \      swappin19:01
paroneayea    //\__ /\/19:01
paroneayea   '-  __/19:01
paroneayeasysadmin monkey:19:01
paroneayea    .-.19:01
paroneayea  c/=_=\c         i hear u need some19:01
paroneayea   \_^_/\.    _    bash scriptin19:02
paroneayea     //SA \  / \19:02
paroneayea    //\__ /\/19:02
paroneayea   '-  __/19:02
paroneayeaMike Thompson monkey:19:02
paroneayea    \-/19:02
paroneayea  c/o_o\c         I REQUIRE BABIES19:02
paroneayea   ^^^^/ \.    _19:02
paroneayea    ^^//MT \  / \  ALSO COFFEE19:02
paroneayea     //\__ /\/19:02
paroneayea    '-  __/19:02
mralexi need an adult19:03
akozakthe bash script monkey is not happy19:03
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JED3` i want ascii art to mock this, paroneayea19:10
akozaki think we just found a metrics engineer19:11
paroneayeahm.  While I am generally not a fan of barbie due to the image issues her branding conveys, I actually thought that was pretty progressive of them and is probably a good thing given the ifluence barbie actually has19:11
akozakit was actually the result of an internet vote19:12
paroneayeathe interernet was progressive then :)19:12
paroneayeamaybe this is close enough:19:12
paroneayea    ///\\\         ///\\19:12
paroneayea    \\~_~|         *_*)||    DID YOU HEAR THE LATEST19:12
paroneayea    _/ -' ,_       '-/--\    EXCITING CELEBRITY GOSSIP?19:12
paroneayea   /  V \//         /.'  |19:12
paroneayea  //\   /u         // \  /   NO?  OH RIGHT THERE'S NO19:12
paroneayea  \\/=o=|         -.  /  \   SUCH THING19:12
paroneayea  (/\ | |            /++++\19:12
paroneayea    /_/_/             ||||19:12
paroneayea   |___)_)           /-++-\19:12
nathanyi for one look forward to the first retrospective of ascii art impressionism19:13
akozakthat ascii woman is nearly nsfw19:13
akozaktoo much leg19:14
paroneayeanathany: ++19:14
paroneayeaakozak: oh shit an entire column of pipe leg characters19:14
akozakshes actually quite terrifying19:15
akozaklooks like the robot maid from the jetsons19:15
paroneayea          ,,,19:19
paroneayea        u^llll^19:19
paroneayea       / \ * _*\19:19
paroneayea     O--  | |_||--O   OH MR. J19:19
paroneayea      _\__/___/19:20
paroneayea     / 'uuuuuu'\19:20
paroneayea    |  |    o  |19:20
paroneayeaI love the jetsons.19:20
paroneayeaokay, back to work19:20
JED3`akozak mralex curry/lunch?19:22
akozakJED3`, hmmm19:26
akozakwhich curry?19:27
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paroneayeaJED3: stupid question maybe, but19:52
paroneayeawhat's the laziest way to turn a generator into a list?19:52
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paroneayeaI've been doing list comprehensions, which seems silly maybe19:53
paroneayeagenerated_list = [i for i in this_generator]19:53
paroneayeahm, had some discussion on this in #chipy20:14
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JED3paroneayea: are you using Firebug in Chrome?20:24
JED3paroneayea: list(generator) perhaps?20:25
nathanyparoneayea, JED3, nkinkade I think we're supposed to have a sync meeting in 5 min; i'd like to cancel unless there's something we need to discuss... not quite here mentally today20:27
nkinkadenathany: No problem.20:27
nkinkadeI'm a little shy on anything meaningful to report this week anyway.20:28
nkinkadenathany: But I would like to chat with you at some point about the IPN stuff.20:28
JED3nathany: no items from me20:29
nkinkadeI don't think it will be a huge amount of work, but I'm finding that we'll basically have to reinvent the wheel with regard to having our own IPN handlers.20:29
nathanynkinkade, ok, trying to remember if you sent an email while i was in kenya that i haven't replied to on that20:29
nkinkadeThe Civi code isn't quite modular enough for us to be able to leverage it, so I'll to somewhat rewrite IPN handling, though I may be able to borrow some of the Civi code.20:30
nkinkadenathany: No, no pending emails.20:30
nathanynkinkade, got it20:30
nathanyis this something we can coordinate with them to improve their approach?20:30
nathanyie, do the development, test, with the expectation we can push upstream?20:30
nkinkadenathany: I would have review their code a bit more.  I suspect that it could be modularized, but even figuring out how to do that without breaking other things in CiviCRM might take some time.20:31
nkinkade... and likely some input/help from Lobo or others there.20:32
nathanyis it worth checking in with them and finding out if it's something they're interested in?20:32
nathany(i suspect it is)20:32
paroneayeaJED3: yeah, for some reason that doesn't work with the "generator object triples" returned by rdflib's .triples() method20:34
nkinkadenathany: I'm asking on #civicrm right now.20:35
nathanynkinkade, great20:35
nathanynkinkade, i'm going to go get some coffee :) brb20:36
JED3paroneayea: is .triples() returning a type object that inherits generator?20:41
paroneayeaJED3: (Pdb) result.__class__20:42
paroneayea<type 'generator'>20:42
paroneayeapretty weird, no?20:42
nkinkadenathany: You can see dlobo's response on #civicrm ... basically go for it, and they will integrate it into core if it works.20:45
nathanynkinkade, awesome20:46
nathanylet's do it :)20:46
nkinkadeI may spend a little time investigating that route as it seems better than trying to rewrite all the code, and then have to maintain two implemenations.20:46
nathanyyes, exactly20:46
nathanyand i like the idea that we can do it, and don't necessarily have to "own" it forever (even if we do help with fixes, bugs, improvements, etc)20:47
nkinkadenathany: But back to my original question ... before we/I do that, are we feeling pretty certain that we must have IPN handling?20:47
nkinkadeThe alternative is to just rely on a cron job like we are now.20:47
nkinkadeI could pretty easily add some tack-on function to that that notifies, etc.20:48
nathanythat's a cron job that runs CP right?20:48
nkinkadenathany: Right.20:48
nkinkadeAnd we've already customized CP.php anyway, so it won't be any sweat for us to customize it a bit more to notify or do anything else.20:49
nathanyand we decided that that running CP from IPN was a bad idea due to locking, right?20:49
nkinkadenathany: Well, doing our own IPN handling would require us to further modify CP.php so that we could pass in a trxn_id in order to help avoid problems that could arise by not locking the DB.20:49
nathanydoes Civi have IPN handling at all right now?20:50
nkinkadeThe main question here is whether we want to give donors near immediate responses rather then them having to wait for 15 or 20 minutes potentially.20:50
nathanynkinkade, i think we do, especially if CCN is going to be a more integral part of fundraising20:51
nkinkadenathany: It does have all the IPN handling, but CP.php doesn't use any of it because it was meant to be run from a cron job.20:51
nathanyof course, that assumes that we're not talking about weeks of dev time :)20:51
nkinkadenathany:  It's certainly a better implementation, but will just require some time.20:51
nathanynkinkade, so what we really need to do is modify the IPN handling to allow it to "ping" other services with the IPN information, right?20:51
nathanyi guess i'm not clear on how that implies additional CP.php mods20:51
nkinkadeWe should almost talk about this on the phone. :-)20:52
nathanynkinkade, right20:52
nkinkadeBut we can hold off until tomorrow or early next week.20:52
nkinkadeI can then spend a little time determining how much work it would really be.20:52
nathanyyeah, let's talk tomorrow morning if that's ok with you?20:52
nkinkadeIt wouldn't be hours of work that would add up to weeks, but it could be weeks before it was ready, if that makes sense.20:53
nathanyit does20:53
nkinkadeI'll just go forward with it and if it looks like it'll be big, which I doubt, then I'll just continue.20:53
nathanyok; can we talk briefly tomorrow morning about a brief overview of the work?20:54
nathanyi think we'll move forward with it, just want to check in with a little higher bandwidth20:54
nathanythanks, maybe we can just check in on IRC tomorrow AM and then I'll call you20:55
JED3paroneayea: the class must override __iter__ with something funky21:05
* paroneayea shakes his fist and curses21:08
mralexnathany: nkinkade: Is there any spare CAT5 in the office?21:12
mralextime capsule didn't come with21:13
nkinkademralex: Yeah.21:13
nkinkadeIt's in the router closet, I think.21:13
nkinkadeWhere the DSL modem is.21:13
nkinkadeThe pliers and cable ends should be there with it, or else where the tools are found.21:14
nkinkademralex: Oh, you probably meant ready-made cables, right?21:14
mralexnkinkade: ideally :)21:14
nkinkademralex: I think there are some long-ish cables, but exactly where they are I'm not sure.  I wouldn't imagine they'd be too hard to find.  Likely in the closet above the tshirts or else in the telco closet.21:16
mralexyeah, i'll poke around21:16
greg-ghaha '<  nkinkade> mralex: Oh, you probably meant ready-made cables, right?'21:23
nkinkadeWell, we do have a spool of CAT5 cable, cable ends and pliers ... so ....21:24
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nkinkadeIf there aren't any ready-to-go cables, then making them is a possibility.21:24
* greg-g hasn't made his own cable since his high school computer class21:25
nkinkadeOrange w/white, Orange, Green w/white, Blue, Blue w/white, Green, Brown w/white, Brown.21:32
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mralexnkinkade: do you recall which channel the wifi router is using?21:32
nkinkademralex: Not sure, but I can find out.21:33
nkinkadeBut shouldn't you be able to tell by looking at your wifi props?21:33
nkinkade... on your local machine?21:33
nathanymine shows 2.432 GHz21:34
nathanylooks like channel 621:34
nkinkademralex: Chaneel 521:34
nathanysorry, 5 is correct21:34
nkinkadeAt least /etc/config/wireless on the router says 5.21:34
mralexhow averageā€¦ :P21:35
mralextime capsule is on 11 for 2.4ghz, and 161 for 5ghz21:35
nathanynice ellipsis, mralex ;)21:35
mralexhowdy from 802.11n :)21:40
mralexnathany: the TC asked if I wanted to set it to bridge mode during configuration, which was nice.21:46
nathanymralex, awesome21:47
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akozakso in java, lets say you define a class that includes function(weight). create an object of that class, and then do something like object.function(blah), what you're doing is calling that function within that specific instance/object of the class with parameter blah?21:59
akozakwhen you create*21:59
akozaki don't know why i did function(weight). just say function(x)21:59
akozakhmm, nevermind i think i got it22:00
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JED3akozak: as long as the method isn't declared as static, then it may only be executed from an instance of the class22:03
akozaknot sure what a method is. what should i have called a method?22:04
nathanyakozak, there is no such thing as a function in Java; executable calls into classes/instances are called methods22:06
akozakthat makes sense.22:07
akozakJED3, my question was more about syntax. objectname.method1(x) for example, executes method1 in object "objectname" with parameter x?22:09
nathanyakozak, yes22:11
akozakexcellent. i'm learning...22:11
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nathanynkinkade, paroneayea, JED3, any of you remember how you set up a directory in linux so that files created under it have the same permissions?23:00
nathanyor am i dreaming that such a thing exists?23:01
nkinkadenathany: I don't think that exists.23:01
nkinkadeumask at the user level, but I don't know anything about at the directory level.23:01
nkinkadeI may be wrong.23:01
JED3you can't use a umask for that?23:03
JED3ahh, should have read your comment first nkinkade :)23:03
nathanyJED3, wikipedia made it sound like umask was just for the current process23:03
nathanyi'll check the man page23:03
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nkinkadenathany: It may be possible for your script to set some particular umask for the user running the script before the scripts creates the file???23:04
nkinkadeI'm not 100% sure that's possible, but it's what occurs to me.23:05
nathanynkinkade, i don't have a script, i just wanted to make this egg dir always make files group writable when they were created23:05
nkinkadeHmm.  I guess you could change the default umask for whichever user will be creating those files ... or will that vary?23:06
nkinkadeIt's not likely to have any security implications on our systems.23:06
paroneayeayeah I don't think I've ever tried to customize that behavior23:07
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ea4xgrgreg-g: you had nice classes in high school then :)23:24
greg-gea4xgr: :)23:31
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nathanyea4xgr, cool23:46
*** nathany has quit IRC23:46

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