Tuesday, 2010-02-16

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kreynenany bay area cc staff interested in participating in this session at DrupalCon http://sf2010.drupal.org/conference/sessions/creative-commons-licensing-done-right18:43
JED3kreynen, are you Blaise?18:54
kreynenJED3: no... I'm http://www.openmediafoundation.org/staff18:56
kreynenand http://lessig.org/blog/2005/02/new_code_good_code.html18:57
JED3kreynen, oh sorry about that, couldn't remember the IRC handle of another person (Blaise)18:57
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kreynenBlaise is going to DrupalCon, we are using the code he updated in the Open Media Project18:58
JED3kreynen, ahh yes, I was the mentor for that SOC project18:58
kreynenJED3: are you going to DrupalCon?19:01
nathanykreynen, I don't think anyone from CC is planning to be there (contrary to http://sf2010.drupal.org/conference/sessions/creative-commons-licensing-done-right ;) )19:02
JED3kreynen, naa, I won't be there19:02
JED3paroneayea, i retract my earlier statement about relaxng19:03
nathanykreynen, we might be able to have someone there for the talk to help with questions, but it's a busy time for staff19:03
kreynennathany: sorry about putting you on the spot... that was just really helpful during SXSW with Channel Austin's producers19:04
nathanykreynen, it looks like the schedule won't be finalized until march?19:05
kreynenright... the deadline to submit was yesterday19:05
nathanygot it19:05
kreynennow we vote19:05
nathanyah, now i understand19:06
nathanykreynen, i'd be happy to drop by and answer questions, but i'll be traveling during those dates19:07
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nathanyfeel free to ping us when the schedule is ironed out; it's possible someone will be available, but right now the next couple months are pretty packed for us19:08
kreynenwe are working with the Bay Area Video Collation on SF Access... that is going to be the first large site using the new CC module that I know of19:08
kreynenPart of that project includes moving all shows to Archive.org, so we could go that route19:09
kreynenlooking for a "licensing expert"19:10
nathanykreynen, you're looking for a licensing expert for the talk?19:10
kreynenright... I we understand moving the 1s and 0s around, but always get questions about the licensees themselves that I don't feel comfortable answering19:12
nathanykreynen, yeah, i can appreciate that... unfortunately we're pretty constrained with staff time19:14
kreynenEric Steuer met with Channel Austin's community producers during SXSW and really helped turn them form anti-CC to pro-CC.19:14
nathanykreynen, you might email him; i'm not sure what his schedule is like for april19:15
nathanyhe's eric@creativecommons.org19:15
kreynenI will try that... if no one is available, we'll figure something out19:18
luisvhrm, I thought drupal's board had a lawyer on it19:28
luisvbut I don't see one19:28
paroneayealuisv: are you coming to the salon?19:33
luisvparoneayea: yes!19:33
* luisv is pleased to finally make it19:34
paroneayeaI am in town, and will be there19:34
paroneayeaso, great19:34
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paroneayea     .-------.19:58
paroneayea   .'_.-----._'.19:58
paroneayea  / / __   __ \ \   ____    _    _     ___  _   _   ____  _____19:58
paroneayea . . /.-\ /.-\ . . / ___|  / \  | |   / _ \| \ | | / ___||  ___|19:58
paroneayea | | ||   ||   | | \___ \ / _ \ | |  | | | |  \| | \___ \| |_19:58
paroneayea ' ' \'-/ \'-/ ' '  ___) / ___ \| |__| |_| | |\  |  ___) |  _|19:58
paroneayea  \ \_`'   `'_/ /  |____/_/   \_\_____\___/|_| \_| |____/|_|19:58
paroneayea   '._'-----'_.'19:58
paroneayea      '-----'19:58
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luisvthat took waaay too much time to make, I'm guessing ;)20:13
paroneayeacopy / paste old CC logo ascii art20:14
paroneayeathen paste in "$ figlet SALON SF"20:14
paroneayeafiglet ftw20:14
mralexthere's cc logo ascii art?20:15
paroneayeaalso emacs rectangle copy-paste means I didn't even need to take any effort repositioning the line20:15
paroneayeamralex: yes, right there, that I made a while ago20:15
mralexah, the way you said it implied it was vintage20:15
paroneayeawell I made it a while ago20:15
mralexah, in internet years :D20:17
paroneayeamralex: yes :)20:57
JED3paroneayea, http://librdf.org/docs/pydoc/RDF.html#Storage21:09
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paroneayeaJED3: cool, thanks21:21
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paroneayeanathany: "wsgi_cache is a piece of WSGI middleware that provides disk caching for WSGI applications. It is somewhat coarse and rather inflexible, sort of like your grandpa." <- less crass than I remembered it in our mini-meeting :)21:28
paroneayeanathany: IOError: [Errno 21] Is a directory: '/home/cwebber/devel/cc.engine-git/cache/licenses/'21:44
paroneayeainteresting bug21:44
paroneayeaif you visit /licenses/ for example that happens21:44
paroneayeaie, something where it ends with a slash21:44
paroneayeaso /licenses or /licenses/foo would work, /licenses/ does not21:44
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JED3this window is clearly not Vim, disregard that last message22:01
nathanyconfusing VIM and Emacs, JED3?22:01
JED3haha, had vim on a7 open, but not the right window selected22:02
JED3nathany, i'm afraid to ask this but...22:03
JED3i'm not seeing any work-info test validation in the rest api, am I missing something?22:03
nathanyJED3, you mean the tests don't cover the work-info?22:04
nathanyit's possible that didn't get written; you're looking @ the nose-test-suite-branch, right?22:04
JED3yes, and yes22:04
nathanyJED3, i hate to answer this, but... ;)22:04
paroneayeaJED3: I thought you were just looking for the lip-smacking-tasty emoticon :d22:04
nathanyit probably didn't get covered when we were hacking on those22:04
JED3agh alright, this is will definitely delay CC0's roll out then :/22:05
paroneayeanathany and jed3 are talking about useful things, I am talking about emoticons22:05
paroneayeawhich I got backwards even22:06
JED3the work-info test cases will need to be there anyway for the base of the next rest api22:06
nathanyJED3, because we don't have a test for it, or because it's fundamentally broken at some point?22:06
nathanyJED3, yes22:06
nathanyalso, it's not entirely clear to me how those tests should operate at the moment... since the possible values differs based on license class22:07
JED3...looking up the params in the docs22:07
nathanyJED3, i suspect the best place for those params is in the cc.license formatters22:08
nathanyer, s/params/tests/22:08
nathanyI think I'm OK just pushing the current work to the development instance and shifting our focus to the new, cc.license backed implementatino22:09
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JED3was there a tech mtg today?22:20
akozakmralex, could you make me an admin on the CC wiki so that I can import ODEPO from OpenEd?22:21
nathanyJED3, hypothetically... i think we were thinking we'd meet when nkinkade arrives22:21
nathanyand i have a mgmt mtg at some point, too22:21
mralexakozak: probably, one sec22:21
nathanyso... a little disjointed, sorry22:21
JED3nathany, thats okay, i didn't know kinkade was arriving this afternoon22:22
akozaknathany, I think this whole ODEPO move could be done with Special:Export and Special:Import. Was there a reason for using a script the last time it had to be moved?22:22
mralexakozak: what's your wiki user name?22:22
akozakmralex, akozak22:22
nathanyakozak, i was just getting ready to reply to your message22:22
akozaknathany, ah ok cool22:22
nathanyit looks like the scripts were used to remove the old pages, and in the event that they had extra content in them, leave those intact22:22
mralexakozak: you're all set22:23
akozakthanks mralex22:23
nathanysince we're redirecting opened generally (and the pages are more "clean"), export/import should do it, i think22:23
akozaknathany, ok excellent.22:24
nathanyakozak, i won't worry about replying to your email, let me know if other questions come up22:25
akozaknathany, sounds good22:25
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akozakuh oh22:27
akozaki accidentally the whole database22:29
akozakthe cc wiki didn't like that import22:30
paroneayeaakozak: :O22:30
paroneayeabacked up hopefully?22:30
paroneayeaor is it not that serious?22:31
akozaknothing permanent, it's just 503ing and hanging a lot22:31
akozaki'm assuming it's working through the 1.5mb xml22:31
mralexakozak: so OpenEd is going away now?22:31
akozakmralex, yes22:32
akozakmralex, well, soon22:32
akozakthis is really weird.22:32
akozakclick on an imported page22:33
nathanyakozak, I'm trying to remember what the rewrite rule situation looks like for that... we may have created individual rules when we did the first move22:34
nathanyakozak, i'm looking now22:34
akozakIt redirects to opened.cc22:35
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paroneayeanathany: one case this won't cover, but I don't think will be a big deal:22:38
paroneayeaif someone calls /licenses, then calls /licenses/foo/bar/22:38
paroneayeait will have made licenses as a file22:38
paroneayeait'll be a non-issue for cc.engine at least22:39
paroneayeabecause we're redirecting with an append_slash type functionality22:39
akozakalso it looks like it only got through ~725 org pages22:39
paroneayea... maybe I shouldn't have brought up something that is a non-issue :P22:39
nathanyparoneayea, right...22:39
nathanyakozak, redirects gone22:41
nathanylooks like you need to bring over the templates/forms/etc as well22:41
akozaknathany, yea, that's no problem22:41
akozaknathany, thanks. I'm thinking I should modify the xml to remove the pages already imported and then re-import?22:42
akozakto get the last 400 or so22:42
nathanyakozak, assuming it did them sequentially, that should be straightforward, right?22:42
akozaknathany, I hope so22:43
akozakI'm pretty sure it did do them sequentially22:43
greg-gplaintext versions of CC legalcode, any ideas where we might have copies?22:48
JED3greg-g, append "legaltext" to any license uri22:48
greg-gparoneayea: your the defacto ascii guy, thoughts :)22:48
greg-gJED3: plaintext :)22:48
paroneayeaheh, not for that I guess.  I know we have "plain" html22:49
greg-gyeah, I was asked by an Ubuntu developer for a COPYING file version of the cc legal code22:49
greg-gthat is still htnml22:50
paroneayeawhich is actually the /legalcode page run through lxml and stripped out22:50
paroneayeamaybe run it through w3c or something? :)22:50
paroneayeadifferent w3* webternets22:50
paroneayeawow that worked out really nice actually22:51
greg-gooh, yours has line breaks!22:52
greg-gnixternal: http://dpaste.com/160200/22:53
greg-germ, wrong channel :)22:53
paroneayeaoh, it was for richard johnson? :D22:53
paroneayeahaha I love that guy22:53
paroneayeahe comes to chiglug user groups, gives good talks, and yells commentary from the audience22:54
greg-gyep, good buddy of mine22:54
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greg-gi always forget you are from chicago22:54
greg-gparoneayea: btw, don't believe any stories nixternal has about me, they're all lies22:56
nathanygreg-g, likely story22:56
greg-gnathany: shhh22:56
greg-gspeaking of which, I have stories for you nathany ;)22:57
greg-gnothing extraordinary, but yeah22:57
paroneayeagreg-g:     Creative Commons may be contacted at22:58
paroneayeayou may want to add back the URL there though22:58
paroneayealegalcode-plain strips it out22:58
paroneayeaa bug that I've managed to reproduce in the new version perfectly! ;)22:58
* paroneayea lifted that code pretty much verbatim22:59
JED3nathany, i need to install py 2.6 on a8, is it safe to leave it as the system's default or should i revert the symlink back to 2.5?22:59
JED3also to do that i think i need to add the sid repo, is that okay as well?22:59
greg-gparoneayea: ahh, thanks22:59
nathanyJED3, uh....23:02
nathanyI'd prefer to have you check in with nkinkade about that23:02
JED3nathany, yeah thanks to that awesomely-scary multiprocessing hack lol23:03
paroneayeaJED3: ?23:03
nathanynathany, ah23:04
nathanyJED3, ah23:04
nathanyJED3, why don't you check in with nkinkade about that when he arrives23:04
nathanysince he's doing most of the pkg mgmt on those23:04
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JED3haha okay23:04
akozakvarnish is driving me crazy23:10
paroneayeaakozak: well nkinkade has arrived23:10
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nkinkadeakozak: Am I safe to just blast 100% everything at /sjwiki?23:57
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