Monday, 2010-02-15

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lucapostto apply CC licence on my blog, is sufficient copy in the pages source code?14:47
tvolhey lucapost--is that the same code that is generated from the license chooser found here?
tvolif yes, then it is sufficient14:52
lucaposttvol: yes, but I removed text section, only image and link to are presents14:52
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greg-glucapost: that should be fine. It is always nice to say with text what the license is for people who use screen readers, but as long as you feel your intention is clear, that is ok15:05
greg-glucapost: is your webpage up someone I can see to verify?15:06
lucapostgreg-g: thanks for reply, this is web-page
lucapostthe object is the bottom of right column15:13
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greg-glucapost: sorry for the delay (I'm at work), but yeah, that looks fine. It seems your blog is wordpress. Did you know there is a Creative Commons license wordpress plugin? That takes care of added the image, and rdfa metadata (which is useful for search engines). See
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lucapostgreg-g: I don't have wordpress installation, but also remapping blog16:57
lucapostI can not install this wordpress plugins16:57
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