Friday, 2010-02-12

JED3paroneayea, damn just realized that SF python meetup scheduled for next week conflicts with a CC dinner00:20
paroneayeaJED3: sucks; ah well00:21
JED3yeah oh well00:22
JED3paroneayea, <span rel="dct:publisher" resource="[_:publisher]">the person who associated CC0</span>00:25
JED3ahh nm, thats valid sorry ;)00:26
paroneayeathere are broken things with that though, related to the translations not actually existing yet00:31
paroneayea"it's complicated" :)00:31
paroneayeagetting ready for my chipy talk now, lata00:31
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nathanyparoneayea, it appears that the chooser on staging has died; are you working on that?16:52
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paroneayeanathany: heh, when I set it up I was testing it yesterday and was just running it in an ssh session, which died :X16:58
paroneayeaI'll daemonize it16:58
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paroneayeaor at least put it in screen ;)16:58
nathanyparoneayea, great; you and nkinkade may want to coordinate on what sort of restart/startup script is needed16:59
paroneayeashould be up again16:59
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paroneayeanathany: ah yeah, I see what damage my disconnected irc session did19:21
paroneayea1 billion nagios alerts19:21
paroneayeaer, disconnected ssh session19:22
paroneayeasorry guys :)19:22
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gnufshello all21:04
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paroneayeahello gnufs21:04
gnufsi'm about to release a video under cc-by-sa21:04
gnufsare there cool clips t put at the end of the video for license statement?21:04
iaefaiGenerally speaking, if somebody uses CC non-commerical work as part of a software product, such as an icon, and the software product is given away, would the non-commercial tag on the icon preclude the use of a donation button on the software's website?21:08
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JED3paroneayea, ping21:57
paroneayeaJED3: pong21:57
nkinkadeparoneayea: Hmm.  The only way to resolve that would be to get another IP address for a8 and buy another certificate.21:57
nkinkadenathany: What do you think re: Evan's message above?21:57
nathanynkinkade, IPs are, what, $1/month?21:59
JED3paroneayea, i see that you are using a relaxng to validate the html+rdfa in cc.license21:59
nkinkadenathany: Yeah, very cheap.21:59
paroneayeaJED3: *I* am not using relaxng :)21:59
nkinkadeSeems we should just go ahead with that.21:59
JED3paroneayea, ahh okay21:59
nkinkadeI can see Evan's point.21:59
JED3there is an html_rdfa.relax.xml sitting in cc.license's tree, is it not being used?22:00
nathanynkinkade, yeah, do it22:00
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paroneayeathat's frank tobia's code is what I mean22:00
JED3ahh okay22:00
paroneayeathe tests I wrote for CC0 actually just test the output verbatim22:00
nathanywhy blast?22:00
paroneayea Q_____________,,   _   _        _   _22:01
paroneayea / /  , ,/oooo//   /_\_/_\_/\   /_\_/_\_/\22:01
paroneayea \ \__\_\\----\\   ' \_/ \_/'   ' \_/ \_/'22:01
paroneayea / ,/22:01
paroneayea|__\                  PEW!         PEW!22:01
JED3nathany, hoping there was a relax schema out there to test the CC0 output of the rest api (waiting for chris to finish asciiart ;)22:01
JED3i've almost finished modifying it for CC0, but want to cross check my work with another version if it existed, which it appears does not22:02
nathanyno, i don't think it does...22:02
paroneayeathe reason I didn't use relaxng for the cc0 formatter stuff was:22:03
paroneayea - I don't know how it works and I didn't want to spend much more time than I was taking22:03
paroneayea - I wanted to make sure I was matching exactly what I would get when using the cc0 chooser on the current site22:03
paroneayeamaybe I should add relaxng now that I am done with it or something, I haven't looked into how it works yet..22:04
paroneayealazy TDD for something that already has a working implementation: just copy and paste the old output for all known scenarios... ;p22:04
JED3paroneayea, its very straightforward i doubt it would require much time for learning.  i literally just dove into it about an hour ago22:05
greg-gnkinkade: nathany
paroneayeagreg-g: I already posted that here :)22:06
nkinkadegreg-g: Scroll back about 20 lines.22:06
paroneayeankinkade is working on it, I will reply as such22:06
nkinkadeparoneayea: I should be able to have an https version of on Monday sometime.22:07
greg-gbah, read?22:07
nkinkadeBut I appreciate you guys being my micro-blogging proxies. ;-)22:07
greg-gof course :)22:07
greg-gnathany: nevermind22:07
JED3this isn't the first request for is it?22:08
nathanynot sure, but let's just do it22:08
nathanyit's causing issues for as well22:08
paroneayeaJED3: good to know it isn't hard to learn :)22:09
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paroneayeashoulda just let nathany reply.22:10
nathanylol... sorry :)22:10
paroneayeanathany: is this acceptable
nathanyparoneayea, just doing English fallback, right?22:14
nathanyis this for the alt text?22:15
nathanynevermind; it's fine :)22:15
paroneayeaokay :)22:15
nathanyideally we'd do parent language fallback -- ie, es_ES -> es -> en22:15
paroneayeaI'll set up both fallbacks22:15
nathanyawesome :)22:15
paroneayeanathany: so I've been curious for a long time..22:33
paroneayeawhy are all of our .po files like 'en_US' and all of our rdf files like 'en-us'?22:34
paroneayeawell, I have my suspicion, that this is the official way to do it in both circumstances22:35
paroneayeabut I'd like to just have that confirmed :)22:35
nathanyparoneayea, IIRC it's customary to capitalize the country when specifying the locale22:35
nathany"-" and "_" get used interchangeably as separators22:35
paroneayeahm, well the country isn't capitalized in our rdf files22:35
nathanywe wind up with the all lowercase, dashed version because we just need *something* canonical, and that's as good as anything22:36
paroneayeaokay :)22:36
nathanyparoneayea, right; the zope.i18n normalization code lowercases22:36
nathanyhence we lowercased22:36
paroneayeaokay, thanks :)22:36
nathany(the other half of this problem is that it's not all in our control -- we wind up matching our PO file languages against user-agent supplied "accept" languages, so normalization is necessary)22:37
JED3nkinkade, I have an account on nagios correct?23:33
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nkinkadeJED3: Maybe ... let me double check.23:34
JED3nkinkade, i recall you informing me that you had added me a couple months ago, but my cannot find anything in my inbox affirming it23:35
nkinkadeJED3: You're thinking of the backup machine.23:35
JED3nkinkade, ahh thats right23:35
JED3nkinkade, i dont necessarily need an account, I just needed to remove my number from the SMS alerts and didn't feel like bothering you to do it23:36
nkinkadeJED3: I just gave you an account on nagios.23:36
JED3awesome, thx23:36
nkinkadeYou *needed* to or wanted to? ;-)23:36
nkinkadeJED3: I'll remove you, though, unless you know just where to edit.23:36
nkinkadeJED3: Actually, you don't remove yourself via nagios.23:37
nkinkadeIt's all handled at Google Apps, via a group.23:37
JED3ohh okay23:37
nkinkadeI'll remove you.23:37
JED3yes, will you please remove me, I no longer have that number and am in btwn phones23:38
nkinkadeJED3: 919 area code?23:38
JED3nkinkade, yes23:43
nkinkadeAlready gone.  Looked at the wiki page for 919 and saw NC, so figured it must be you.23:44
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