Monday, 2010-01-25

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PessimalLast year I wrote a nice e-commerce system in PHP and I want to make it open-source12:58
PessimalI don't have time to develop it anymore, but it's too good to leave to die :(12:59
PessimalDoes anyone know where I can go to just give it away to the community?12:59
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paroneayeamorning #cc16:07
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paroneayeasuper quiet in here today19:07
mralexquiet in the office too.19:14
mralex(not that that's notable or anything ;)19:14
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JED3nkinkade: ping19:22
nkinkadeJED3: Hey.19:22
JED3hey, are we still using for staging deed translations for the affiliates?19:23
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah.19:23
JED3ahh okay, thanks19:24
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JED3mralex: do you have a checkout of i18n?20:07
mralexJED3: i don't think so, from which repo?20:07
JED3svn's i18n repo20:07
mralexoh. nope.20:07
JED3mralex: thx, i suspected it was a mac issue and nathan just reaffirmed that suspicion20:15
JED3if you have a sec today will you try checkout the i18n repo, including all of the branches?20:15
mralexdid i hear him say it was a directory depth issue?20:15
JED3yeah, he wasn't entirely sure, but yeah it could have been that or the naming pattern of the file20:16
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akozakoh dang, we're screwed:
JED3wow 10 people on Google, how do they handle all of that traffic?21:54
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