Sunday, 2010-01-24

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OpenHello. silly question: is it possible to issue software under the cc-by-nc?14:29
Openthe software that's to be distribute alongside its source14:29
Openand if so, examples of precedents I can read up on, please?14:30
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CheerySo.. it's about linking a C program against shared object I have trouble with.16:13
CheeryI construct a little paste that shows the situation.16:14
Cheerywhy the gcc fails to link that is because doesn't have the part that the linker uses to lookup symbols.16:18
Cheerydo you know a gcc compiler option that does it?16:19
Cheeryperhaps a C-specific directive that marks the example_function to be resolved later.16:20
OpenAre you in the wrong channel?16:20
Cheerywhoops. :)16:20
OpenThis is #cc -- about the Creative Commons16:20
Cheerydamn me. :(16:21
OpenHeh, it happens :)16:21
CheeryI meant for ##C16:21
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