Tuesday, 2010-01-19

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sparrpaulproteus: thanks, that is what I am trying for04:20
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paulproteussparr: (-:10:41
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seniohi paroneayea14:19
senioi need some help14:20
senioit's something easy14:20
seniowe (me and some colleages) are working in a University project in asturian language14:21
senioasturian (=Nothern Spain)14:21
seniowe would like to use de CC atribution, but it is not available in asturian14:22
senioand we would like to create this version14:22
seniowould it be possible?14:22
paroneayeause the unported version of the license14:29
seniothanks, but i would like to translate it to my language14:37
paroneayeaah, translation14:44
JoiItoemail Diane Peters15:08
JoiItodiane at creativecommons.org15:08
JoiItowe have other requests like this and are working on a possible plan15:08
seniook, thank you very much15:15
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nkinkadesenio: Actually, I think CC Spain is currently working on translating to Asturian.15:39
nkinkadeNo need to contact Diane Peters.15:39
nkinkadeYou are better off contacting CC Spain directly:15:39
nkinkadeThere should be contact info in those places ...15:40
nkinkadesenio: Strike that ... in fact I just checked my email and CC Spain's project lead sent me the Asturian licenses just yesterday ... they should probably go live in the next week or two.15:40
seniooh, that's great15:41
seniothank you for your help15:41
nkinkadesenio: I just saw your email to info@creativecommons.org, as well.15:41
nkinkadesenio: I'll reply to that email and also copy Ignasi, CC Spain's project lead ... the two of you can then communicate directly if need be.15:42
seniofine, we are working in asturian and it would be great for us to have a version of cc in our language15:43
paroneayeankinkade: so after a long time wasted writing my own backup scripts, I realized I was just implementing a less-feature-rich dirvish15:49
paroneayea(well, not a *long* time, a bit over an hour revising the scripts)15:49
nkinkadeparoneayea: :-)15:49
paroneayeaso I switched to dirvish15:49
nkinkadeI've been pretty happy with Dirvish.15:50
nkinkadeI know there is another backup program that implements rsync's hard-linking functionality, but I can't remember the name just now ...15:50
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nkinkadeFor the most part Dirvish is just a wrapper to rsync.15:51
paroneayeawhich is what I like about it15:52
paroneayeasince that is what my shell scripts were anyway15:52
paroneayeamostly, I wanted to implement expiration of snapshots, but I didn't want to put rm -rf in my code myself :P15:52
nkinkadeparoneayea: Dirvish handles expiration of images, and it's fairly detailed if you want it to be.15:53
paroneayeaone of the reasons I went for it :)15:54
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nkinkademralex: I just upgraded support to Drupal 6.15.19:35
nkinkadeEverything seems fine, but as usual just keep your eyes open and/or even poke around a bit to see it things seem okay to you too.19:35
lotiaany folks here done any development in drupal? custom modules and/or many custom node types?19:38
nkinkadelotia: I have done a very very tiny bit, probably not even enough to be able to help you.19:47
lotiankinkade: i'm just wondering if you have experienced the same "not invented here" flavour in the project.19:47
nkinkadelotia: How do you mean?19:48
nkinkade(sorry if I'm being dense)_19:48
nkinkadedo you mean "invited"19:48
lotiaits hard to simply use a PHP module. one has to use a drupal module instead that wraps it.19:48
lotiajust trying to figure out why i don't think its as awesome as many of my peers do. i'd rather be coding python, and possibly even perl.19:49
nkinkadeYou feel like they are reinventing the APIs rather than just using the standards ones?19:49
lotiankinkade: correct.19:50
lotiathe larger question is also, what am i missing that results in me not seeing the generally observed "awesomeness" of drupal19:50
nkinkadeBut the module work I did was just upgrading a custom CC Drupal module ... so I didn't really get too deep into Drupal.  I know there are people who swear by Drupal.19:50
nkinkadeTo be honest I have rarely ever touched any code written by someone else that didn't seem overly complicated and convoluted.19:51
lotiankinkade: hah.19:51
nkinkadeSerious.  And that include Python code.19:51
mralexdrupal templating is often a pain in the ass19:51
mralexwith different modules relying on different engines19:51
lotiamralex: one issue. the core claims to be database agnostic, but uses its own ORM/DBAL instead of one of several preexisting ones. also modules break database agnosticism19:52
mralexlotia: yeah, soemtimes you have to go straight to the DB to get what you want.19:53
mralexlotia: it's not like WordPress' db interface, which is much nicer19:53
JED3mralex: heh comparing two terds there imo19:54
mralex(not that WP is nice. WP is a total mess. )19:54
nkinkademost large project are, i think.19:54
lotiain general writing PHP doesn't make me happy. i'm at a loss about why. anyone else care to elaborate why writing PHP doesn't make them happy?19:54
mralexPHP turns into messy spaghetti really quickly19:54
nkinkadeI don't think PHP has to be messy, though many people may write it that way.19:55
JED3lotia: PHP isn't bad if you stay OO and don't inline html with app code19:55
nkinkadeIn my experience every language ends up into messy spaghetti really quickly.19:55
nkinkadethough I have to admit that my experience isn't all that deep.19:56
mralextrue, most languages can19:56
mralexphp seems especially prone19:56
nkinkadeI've never seen a program that was more than a few file written in PHP, Python, Perl or bash that wasn't a total mess and incomprehensible for the uninitiated.19:57
lotiamralex: PHP vs. Perl which one do you find more prone to messiness.19:57
JED3mralex: its the language's power that incubates poor programming19:57
JED3i.e. thanks to mod_php mostly19:57
nkinkadeJED3: Do you mean power or flexibility?19:57
nkinkadeOr both?19:57
mralexit's so easy to pick up and use php19:58
lotiamralex: IMHO thats both a bug and a feature.19:58
lotiai've seen some atrocious sample code in PHP land that simply wouldn't work in Python or even Java.19:58
nkinkadePHP is a very useful and practical tool.19:58
mralexmost other languages need something resembling a framework to work on the web. a little more structure than you need with php.19:59
nkinkadeI have found it great as a replacement for more complex shell scripting, for example.19:59
lotiankinkade: agreed. and the large collection of wonderful PHP based tools is a testament to that usefulness.19:59
lotiankinkade: i personally prefer to script in Perl or Python19:59
nkinkadePHP has such a massive amount of builtin functions that make it really quick to do one-off scripts.20:00
nkinkadeYeah, I guess CPAN helps there.20:00
lotiai'm still wondering about what i'm missing as far as Drupal is concerned. current embroiled in learning about Drupal 6.x20:00
JED3lotia: I don't get it either and i've used Drupal for several years20:01
nkinkadeI hope I don't ever feel obliged to learn the internals of Drupal.20:01
nkinkadeI'm content with installing the files and then running /update.php. :-)20:02
lotiankinkade: I think i simply have a mental block. working on clearing it. May actually be a wonderful world with unicorns and ponies.20:02
mralexlotia: if you want unicorns go django :P20:02
JED3I call drupal developers "web technology isolationists"20:03
* lotia has played with django and really does like it.20:03
nkinkadeSince I'm using Gallery3 for my photo software I was recently exposed very minimally to Kohana.  It has got me curious to know more about it.20:03
JED3all of Drupal's highly acclaimed features are available in virtually every other CMS intensive framework, just designed bass ackwards20:04
lotiaJED3: it appears to me that the hackability of it and huge base of modules are a big draw.20:05
lotiathere are many wiki platforms other than mediawiki, but mediawiki appears dominant.20:05
nkinkadeMediawiki is another code base that I hate trying to wade through.20:06
nkinkadeIt's more a question of ignorance on my part that some defect in the code in most of the cases, I believe.20:07
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lotiamralex: i thought django had ponys22:55
mralexwhat's a unicorn than a pony with magical powers and accessories22:56
lotiawell a tusk/horn for one thing22:57
mralex(original mascot as a unicorn, mislabeled as a pony)22:58
mralex(but i digress)22:58
lotiaactually, unicorns ponies may not get along according to this image yielded from a quick google search http://www.society6.com/studio/devinmcgrath/Unicorn_Destroyer_of_Ponies23:01
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