Monday, 2010-01-18

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sjnhello folks08:16
sjnquick question: what options do I have fo commercialize someone else's BY-SA-NC licensed text?08:18
sjncan I for example take a book with such a license and print it to sell the physical copies?08:18
sjncan I do that without having to make a deal with the author/owner?08:19
sjn(I'm assuming "no", but I'm interested in opinions and experiences :)08:20
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greg-gsjn: that is an iffy question. best to ask the original author for clarification. Many might let you sell it at cost, but no profit. Some might not even want you to do that. But my non-legal opinion is that selling at cost of physical media is not commercial15:39
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sjngreg-g: yeah, I figured that16:53
sjnThat's why I asked "without having to make a deal with the author/owner" ;-)16:54
sjnhas there been any cases/situations where something like this has been tested? (in court or otherwise)16:55
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greg-gsjn: not really, unfortunately :(17:12
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