Monday, 2010-01-04

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paroneayeamorning #cc!15:21
tvolmorning paroneayea, #cc15:26
greg-gmorning all around16:13
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nathanynkinkade, someone called saying the captcha on the wiki isn't working16:53
nathanycan you poke that?16:53
nkinkadenathany: I'll take a look.16:54
nkinkadenathany: Did they say where?  For registration?  For including external links?16:54
nathanythey were trying to add a Salon16:54
nathanyso presumably for an external link?16:54
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paroneayeathis is maybe a dumb question, but does anyone know if there is a "nice" way to prevent os.path.abspath(os.path.join('/path/to/static', '../../../var/')) in python?16:58
paroneayeathis is for lazy static-serving resources in development mode, so probably shouldn't matter, but I guess I should look into the right way to do it anyway :)16:58
greg-gnathany: they *called*? :)16:59
nathanygreg-g, unfortunately17:00
nathanywith a baby crying for attention on their other knee17:00
paroneayeaone way is os.path.abspath(os.path.join('/path/to/static', '../../../var/'.replace('..', '')))17:00
paroneayeabut that is hacky17:00
greg-gnathany: ugh17:00
nathanypaulproteus, iirc, one way is to do your abspathing before you join17:01
nathanyer, sorry, that doesn't make much sense;17:01
* paulproteus blinks.17:01
nathanyobviously this is my first day back17:01
paroneayeapaulproteus: I think that was meant for me :)17:02
paulproteusMorning, nathany (-:17:02
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paroneayeasensible solution served for my static serving development hackiness:17:09
paroneayea<asl2> you could call os.normpath on the result, then check that it starts w/ /path/to/static17:10
paroneayea<asl2> that disallows symlinks out of static, which may or may not be what you want.17:10
nkinkadenathany: The reCaptcha works for me.  I just added an edit to /Salon with an external link, the captcha was displayed, I filled it in and the edit was made.17:21
nathanynkinkade, thanks, i'll email her17:21
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nkinkadenathany: Do we have any information on the FSF and metadata, as it relates to our wrappers and GPLv3, etc?17:42
nkinkadeI have got 2 emails about it in the past couple days.17:42
nathanynkinkade, what sort of information?17:43
nathanythey're not doing deeds, they have done RDF, we're not doing 3.0 deeds17:43
nkinkadeBack in April you sent an email mentioning that we were working with the FSF to include metadata.17:43
nathanyright; they're publishing RDF now17:43
nkinkadeThat works.  Thanks.17:43
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nkinkadeAh, I see they are using ccREL as well.17:49
paroneayeanathany: got a second?18:22
nathanyparoneayea, sure18:22
paroneayeaso I'm trying to understand how cc.engine's static stuff works, what its history is or whatever18:23
paroneayeaI see that in the old setup it seems to be pulling things from:18:24
paroneayeaand etc18:24
paroneayeaalthough there are some things at just the ext-2.0 level18:24
nathanyparoneayea, are you referring to things like the CSS, javascript,e tc?18:25
paroneayeawhat I suspect is that there's some history here that I should be aware of18:25
paroneayeayes, exactly18:25
nathanyparoneayea, iirc we used to use ext for our popups and we now just use YUI and pull it from their CDN18:25
nathanyi think the things we should care about are the stylesheets, etc,18:25
nathanythe only reason we pull them into the cc.engine source code is so we can see them at development time18:26
nathanyon staging and production those never get hit for the actual resources -- Apache rewrites them to the versions in the main www directory that it serves and caches18:27
paroneayeaah right, so currently those are pulled in from git submodules right?18:27
paroneayeafrom the cc wordpress setup or something18:27
nathanyparoneayea, yeah, either a submodule or svn:external18:27
paroneayeasvn:external, right :)18:28
nathanyone way i can see this working with the new version is:18:28
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nathanysince this is a wsgi/paster app now, we have two different .ini files -- one for production, one for development18:28
nathanythe development version sets up a static serving directory that mirrors the /includes directory on the production deployment18:28
nathanyand the URLs in the templates just refer to those paths18:29
nathanythe production ini file doesn't bother with that (and probably eventually also grows the caching support)18:29
nathanydoes that make sense?18:29
paroneayeayes I think so18:29
nathanyso it wouldn't be anything in the cc/engine/ source tree specifically18:30
paroneayeadoes this mean we need to make a ccwordpress git mirror?18:30
nathanyhrm, probably18:30
nathanynkinkade, can probably help you with that18:30
nkinkadeparoneayea: Do we really need a full ccwordpress git-svn clone?18:32
paroneayeaI don't know? :)18:32
nkinkadeI didn't read back through the whole conversation.18:32
paroneayeawe just need whatever has the static resources (js/images/css)18:32
nathanynkinkade, we'd just like to be able to pull things in using a submodule18:32
paroneayeaso if we want to do a shallow clone that is fine18:32
nathanyparoneayea, you know, maybe there's a buildout recipe that can help with this18:32
nkinkadeI don't think git can do that.18:32
nathanyand just do a subversion checkout18:32
nathanyof the part we care about18:32
nathany(into a predetermined path)18:32
nkinkadeWith git it's all or nothing, unlike subversion, at least as far as I know.18:33
nathanylet's just do that -- we don't need full version history18:33
nkinkadenathany: paroneayea: Does this mean that you'll get back to me about the ccwordpress git clone?18:33
nathanynkinkade, this means don't worry about it right now18:34
nkinkadeThat's what I wanted to hear. :-)18:34
paroneayeaok, thx nathany, I'll pull from that.18:34
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paroneayeanathany: all resources cc.engine uses are mounted under:
paroneayeais this correct?21:20
nathanyparoneayea, mounted by... apache?21:23
nathanyzope, that is?21:23
paroneayeaoh, are those served by zope?21:24
paroneayeathe reason I ask is I set up this system to either static-serve itself or21:24
paroneayeayou give a url where everything is served from21:24
paroneayeaso if the file is c4/css/style.css, and you set the media prefix to
nathanyparoneayea, they're only served by zope in development mode right now (well, they're actually always served, but that's the only time requests make it there)21:25
paroneayeait'll serve from there21:25
nathanythe prefix should be something like /include21:25
nathanylook @ /var/www/[s?] on a521:25
nathanythat's the actual checkout of ccwordpress that we serve up21:25
paroneayealooking at, I see lines like:21:26
paroneayea    <script src=""21:26
nathanythat's just a zope-ism21:26
nathanywe can eliminate it in this version of the code21:26
nathany(the "@@/cc" part, in particular)21:27
paroneayeaokay, I think I might be a little bit confused21:27
paroneayeaif we *want* to point it at the apache-served version21:27
nathany(we do)21:27
paroneayeawhy is the current version of cc.engine that is running serving up a url like, which is apparently run by zope and not apache21:27
paroneayeabecause that is what the live cc.engine appears to be using21:27
nathanyit's doing that for hysterical, er, historical, reasons --21:28
nathanythat *url* is a zope-ism21:28
paroneayeaokay :)21:28
nathanyvarnish/apache is configured to intercept those requests before they hit zope21:28
nathanyso they actually are served by apache, with a bit of indirection21:29
nathanyby eliminating the @@ url, we can eliminate the indirection as well21:29
paroneayeaokay, so main question I meant by all this :)21:29
paroneayeawell I guess it is answered21:30
nathanyi think the answer is "eliminate '@@/cc' and you're good" ;)21:30
paroneayeawhat I meant was, should we expect all the apache-served media to be under one directory like:21:30
paroneayeaso, things will *not* be all under one url21:30
paroneayeaer, under one main path21:30
nathanyuh, i think they are, aren't they?21:31
nathanyaren't they all @@/cc/includes?21:31
paroneayeathere are two types:21:31
paroneayea    <script src=""21:31
paroneayea    <script src=""21:31
paroneayeawhat's the canonical urls for those?  maybe I should look at the actual apache config :)21:32
nathanyah, sigh, those21:32
nathanythey're CC theme files for Wordpress :(21:32
nathanythey're in ccwordpress in wp-content/themes/cc5, etc21:33
nathanyso right, there's not just one top level directory21:33
nathanymralex, what would you think about adding symlinks in includes to cc{3-5}21:34
nathanyand using the /includes version in deeds, etc21:34
nathanywe'd just need to make sure apache is set up to follow symlinks21:34
mralexsounds fine to me21:34
paroneayeahm, that may make the svn checkout difficult21:34
nathanywhat may?21:34
nathanyadding symlinks?21:35
paroneayeaso this buildout thing we just did :)21:35
paroneayeacurrently we are checking out /includes and etc like:21:35
paroneayea cc521:35
paroneayea images21:35
paroneayea includes21:35
nathanyyeah, don't do that21:35
nathanyer, nevermind21:36
paroneayeawell we won't be able to check out the cc5 into the includes21:36
nathanyif we add the symlinks, that just collapses to:21:36
nathanyoh, got it21:36
nathanyany reason we should just checkout the whole thing?21:36
paroneayeaI heard you like vcs so I checked out into your checkout21:36
paroneayeahm, well I think I can actually support a kind of hashmap setup21:37
paroneayeawhere you can load_resource('cc3', 'site.js')21:37
nathanyi don't know what that means, but it sounds like more work than we need21:37
nathany(ok, i sort of know what load_resource means)21:37
paroneayeapossibly :)21:37
nathanymy suggestion:21:37
nathanylet's check out ccwordpress in the buildout so we have those files21:38
nathanylet's refer to our resources in /includes/ for production; you or mralex can add symlinks to ccwordpress21:38
nathanyif we're running in development, let's serve up the appropriate directory in the buildout as /includes/21:38
nathany(where everything will be served from)21:38
nathanyfor constructing URLs, that should mean the only part that changes is the root... we could even ignore that for the moment if we wanted to and just construct them as "/includes/cc5/..."21:39
nathanydoes that make sense?21:39
paroneayeaI'm trying to figure out how the symlinks would work21:41
paroneayeasince buildout is checking stuff out *into* the resources directory... do we need to extend the buildout script to then add symlinks after svn checkout?21:41
paroneayeathat also seems confusing21:41
paroneayeaok :)21:42
nathanysvn supports symlinks21:42
nathanyso we just add relative symlinks to the repo21:42
paroneayeayou are suggesting we check out all of ?21:42
paroneayeaokay, that makes a lot more sense now :)21:42
nathanyawesome :)21:43
paroneayeaso out of curiosity... you are deferring to mralex21:43
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paroneayeadoes that mean mralex is lord and master of the ccwordpress kingdom21:43
nathanysomething like thta21:44
paroneayeaokay, good to know :)21:44
nathanyat the very least he's the one who has to maintain things21:44
nathanyso i want to keep him happy21:44
mralexnkinkade: have you upgraded WP to the latest release yet?21:46
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nkinkademralex: Not yet.  I'm got held up because Simple Tags wasn't 2.9 compatible (yet).21:56
mralexnkinkade: is there any reason we aren't using the built-in tagging functionality? i don't remember why we went with a plugin instead.22:02
nkinkademralex: I'm not sure.  I think Fred had me install those plugins.22:05
mralexi wonder if it's a pain in the arse to convert over to WP tags22:06
nkinkadeBut if WP has built in tagging support that does what we need them I'm all for ditching Simple Tags ... assuming we can migrate existing tags.22:06
nkinkadeI guess these are things that I'll be looking into this week.22:06
nkinkademralex: Is there something in 2.9 that you'd like to use?22:07
mralexnkinkade: it appears to have actual image editing (scaling! rotating!) and better video embedding support. all good things our users would like.22:09
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JED3nathany: ping23:07
nkinkadenathany: Is the campaign banner on the Deeds inserted with some javascript?  Should we disable that soon?23:48
nathanynkinkade, yes, javascript; ask mlinksva/mralex23:49
nkinkadeJust sent an email.  Thanks.23:51
mralexit is disabled23:54
mralexcached JS perhaps?23:54

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