Friday, 2009-12-18

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paroneayea_2luisv: so you might be coming then?00:23
paroneayea_2that would be awesome00:23
paroneayea_2or was your dent an indicator of "oh noes, it is too late for me to come"00:23
luisvparoneayea_2: a little closer to the second; krissa has already planned dinner for tonight and I'm sort of excited to not ride caltrain for the first time all week :)00:25
paroneayea_2luisv: aw :)00:26
luisvbut we'll see how these three things I have on my plate go00:26
paroneayea_2but i am actually in town for once also! :)00:26
paroneayea_2oh well00:26
luisvI am permanently-ish in town now00:27
luisv(hopefully I will soon be in an apartment fairly close to CC HQ, actually)00:27
paroneayea_2how is the mozilla gig going btw?00:27
paroneayea_2I meant to respond to your post about weave btw00:27
paroneayea_2since actually I think it follows a good model of how things should work00:28
paroneayea_2making client side encryption easy and all that00:28
* paroneayea_2 files a todo for later00:28
luisvso far so good00:29
luisvthough I am totally swamped today00:29
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* Danny_B is away: Leave a message after the beep and I'll reply as soon as possible. *BEEP*16:35
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greg-gI like this new closing to my emails: IANAL&TINLA16:52
greg-gI Am Not A Lawyer and This Is Not Legal Advice16:52
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luisvsorry I couldn't make it last night, guys17:30
* luisv had an exhausting day and went home and passed ou17:31
luisvout, even17:31
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luisvnathany: congrats18:38
nathanyluisv, thanks :)18:40
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HardDriveif a company uses one of my photographs and they publish it are they required to attribute me?22:19
greg-gHardDrive: if anyone uses any photo of yours that is under any (non-deprecated) CC license they are required to attribute you.22:21
HardDriveok the MBTA did this22:21
HardDrivethey took one of my photographs on wikipedia and published it with text under its the photo on the left with the new maverick station.22:21
HardDrivethere allowed to do that?22:22
greg-gcan you give me that link to the actual pdf, please22:23
greg-gI don't want to type it out by hand22:23
greg-gcan you also provide me with the link to your photo on wikipedia, please?22:24
greg-gthen yes, they need to give you attribution in that pdf22:25
HardDriveso what do i do?22:25
HardDrivecontact them?22:25
greg-gthat have committed copyright infringement, so you need to contact them and tell them that you are the copyright holder for that work and that they should follow the license terms for your work22:26
greg-ggood luck22:26
greg-galso, be nice, you usually get a better response from people :)22:27
HardDriveso basically they are claming its theres?22:27
greg-gwell, they're not really making that claim, they're just committing copyright infringement22:27
HardDriveI will take care of it22:27
greg-gno problem.22:27
greg-ggood luck (again)!22:28
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HardDrivecourse there legal department is closed22:44
HardDriveso that photo is copyrighted by me automatically?22:46
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luisvso... who is responsible for cc's civicrm install?22:59
* luisv looks around the room22:59
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HardDriveSo all the mbta has to do is attribute me and it will be all set?23:15
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luisv(I ask about civicrm because there is some option that hasn't been set, leaving a very ugly looking variable right in the middle of a CC email)23:40
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