Thursday, 2009-12-17

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FragsworthI want to make an open source game that uses free 2D graphics of spaceships/explosions/etc.06:30
FragsworthI was wondering if you guys knew of any resources06:31
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luisvso is there a favored metadata format for source code files?17:32
luisv(license metadata format, obv.)17:34
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luisvsorry to ask a question and then duck out like that18:17
luisvOS update beckoned18:17
nkinkadeluisv: I'm not aware of such a format ... though one may exist.18:25
luisvI feel like I recall having that conversation with someone here18:26
luisvbut dunno, maybe that was all in the 'would be nice' phase :)18:26
luisvI should poke ben adida, I guess18:26
nkinkadeBen would know if anyone does.  :-)18:26
nkinkadeMy question would be what program would be reading that metadata?18:27
nkinkadeSome IDE?18:27
luisvIDE, build processes, code search engines18:28
luisvI asked mainly because I seemed to recall that it had been discussed18:34
luisvand if it was out there I could probably convince moz to use it18:35
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* paroneayea_2 hopes nobody has been messaging him on here23:09
paroneayea_2I can't see what's been going on since I can no longer ssh into my home machine apparently (>:O)23:10
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