Monday, 2009-12-07

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nathanyJED3, fyi, mlinksva is out of the office today so I'm scheduling the ccnetwork checkin for tomorrow17:15
JED3okay nathany, thanks17:16
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nkinkadenathany: po2cc is failing in Pootle.18:44
nkinkadeHow do you go about debugging po2cc?18:45
nathanynkinkade, it looks like the error is being thrown when it's trying to convert from PO to CC style (duh) and isn't finding the string in the English master anymore18:46
nathanyis this by any chance Alek's PO file?18:46
nathanyfwiw i usually find it easier to debug these issues outside of the pootle harness so you can see the traceback of the "real" problem in isolation18:47
nkinkadenathany: I noticed the error after uploading Alek's PO file, but I can't say for sure that the problem wasn't already there.18:47
nkinkadenathany: Yeah, I also ran po2cc manually to see the traceback.18:47
nathanynkinkade, i think the issue probably has to do with his file, based on this line:18:48
nathany(@ the bottom of the traceback)18:48
nathanynkinkade, here's my hypothesis:18:48
nathanyalek's file contains translations for strings that have since changed in the master PO file18:48
nathanyso po2cc fails because it can't map correctly18:48
nkinkadenathany: I don't see that at the bottom of the traceback.18:49
nathanyi suspect we need to run msgmerge manually18:49
nathanyright below AssertionError:18:49
nathanyException in project (cc_org) hook (precommit) for file (po/cc_org/pl/cc_org.po):18:49
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nkinkadenathany: That mention of pl/cc_org.po is only there because Pootle is letting you know what action caused it to run po2cc.18:50
nathanynkinkade, ah, ok18:50
nkinkadeIt's just contextual, but you get none of that when you run po2cc manually.18:50
nathanybut you get the error?18:51
nkinkadeYeah, I get the same error when I run it manually, but no the Assertion Error thing, which is something from Pootle.18:51
nathanynkinkade, run it with -v and it'll give you output as it runs18:51
nathanyso you can see what file is making it barf18:51
nkinkadeI guess Pootle throws the Assertion Error when the post-commit hook fails. :-)18:52
nkinkadeI'll try with -v.18:52
nkinkadeSure enough, it's choking on pl/cc_org.po like you said.18:52
nkinkadeI don't think I've done a msgmerge on our PO files.18:53
nkinkadeIs there any special process for that?18:53
nkinkadeCan it be done within the Pootle install, or must I do it from my own checkout?18:53
nkinkadeThe PO file in Pootle is the latest one from Alek.18:54
nkinkadenathany: ^^18:54
nathanynkinkade, it's a command line tool included with the gettext utilities18:54
nkinkade nathany: Right.18:54
nathanylet me look @ the man page18:54
nkinkadeBut just wondering how I would get Alek's PO file into my checkout, unless I drop it there manually then commit.  But Pootle already has the newest one.18:55
nkinkadeI sure hope we can move to Transifex soon.18:55
nathanynkinkade, i'd just drop it into your checkout and do msgmerge/po2cc before i bothered commiting18:55
nkinkadeNot that it would have prevented this problem.18:55
nathanynkinkade, i think you can do:18:56
nathanymsgmerge [oldpl.po] [newpl.po]18:56
JED3whats the status of a transifex deployment? a po editting frontend?18:56
nkinkadeJED3: http://transifex.creativecommons.org18:56
nathanynkinkade, i think we'll need to look @ the resulting file to see if it seems sane18:56
nkinkadeIt's all pretty much working, but we probably need to meet about it.18:56
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nkinkadenathany: I'll do the msgmerge and then let you know what I find.18:57
nathanynkinkade, JED3, I'm hoping to figure it out further next week f2f18:57
nathanynkinkade, i might have the params reversed, actually18:57
nkinkadenathany: JED3: That's what I was thinking.  We'll want to sit down and look at it on a projector and discuss how it will/can integrate with out workflow.18:57
nathanyit looks like the first file specified will be the preferred one for translations.18:57
nkinkadeIt sure does look really nice and the interface is intuitive.18:58
nkinkadeI'll check the man page, nathany.18:58
nathanylet me know if you have questions or run into issues18:58
nkinkadenathany: Do you I just use, for example, en_US.po as the reference PO file for msgmerge?19:12
nathanyno, i'd i think i'd use the most recent, synced polish version19:13
nkinkadeWe don't have a POT file for regular english-key PO files do we?19:13
nathanynkinkade, the EN file is probably pretty close to that19:13
nkinkadeWait, I'm confused, I think.19:13
nkinkadeSo what happened is that Alek downloaded the PO file a while back, and since then we made updates to the PO file in our repository?19:14
nathanythere are going to be "duplicated" strings in the file, I think19:14
nathany(differing keys)19:15
nkinkadeSo I'll want to use the pl/cc_org.po file as it exists in our repository as the reference?19:15
nathanyi think those who don't show up in the reference file will be commented out/marked as fuzzy19:15
nathanyyes, i *think* so19:15
nkinkadeSo, to be sure, I'm running a merge between the his PO file and the one as it exists in our repository??19:16
nkinkadenathany: Yeah, there are 9 more fuzzy strings in the merged PO file than there are in the PO file he sent us.19:19
nkinkadeNot too bad.19:19
nkinkadenathany: Do you want to glance at the merged file before I commit it:19:24
nkinkadeIt seems okay to me.19:24
nathanynkinkade, seems sane to me; i'd commit go ahead and commit, email Alek and ask him to review staging and the file\19:32
nkinkadenathany: Just so that I'm 100% clear about what happened, did this problem arise because Alek downloaded the PO some time ago and meanwhile we merged in new msgids causing his PO file to be out of sync with how things really are?19:34
nathanynkinkade, right; specifically we changed english text and that caused the keys to change19:36
nathanythat was fine for the upload, but when it tried to sync them back to cc-style keys, it couldn't map the english text to our keys19:36
nkinkadenathany: Just FYI, and interestingly, earlier I was unable to upload the PO file from this URL:
nkinkadeBut I was able from this page:
nkinkadeWho know's why.  I don't even want to think about.19:39
nkinkadeIn my head we're moving to Transifex (even if we don't) and I just want to keep patching up Pootle with chewing gum and match sticks until we can move.19:40
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JED3the pyqt4 bindings are so disappointing20:00
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nkinkadenathany: I'm having a bit of a problem getting staging to display the updated PL strings  for the Deeds.20:46
nkinkadeThe post-commit hooks should do all that is necessary, but that didn't do it ... so I manually svn uped cc.engine, did buildout install i18n and then restarted cc.engine, but still nothing.20:46
nkinkadeAny ideas?20:47
nkinkadeThe new strings are in fact in cc/engine/i18n/po/pl/cc_org.po20:47
nathanynkinkade, that should do it; are they fuzzy?20:47
nkinkadenathany: Ah, let me check.20:50
nkinkadeThat could very well be it.20:50
nkinkadeI'll tell Alek to review the PO file again.20:50
nathanyin that case alek will need to review20:50
paroneayeayay, you can now choose a license and it works21:01
paroneayeathe license chooser submission works I mean21:01
paroneayea     *21:03
paroneayea    /\21:03
paroneayea   /o \      PARTY HATS21:03
paroneayea  /o  o\21:03
paroneayea ========_21:03
paroneayea  \____.--'21:04
paroneayeaokay, not that exciting I guess.21:04
luisvI've got a party hat on.21:07
paroneayeaascii party hats are cheap and affordable accessories for all kinds of parties.21:09
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JED3heh "What the F are we doing?"22:56
JED3paroneayea: check your inbox ;)22:58
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paroneayeaJED3: OIC :)23:00
JED3paroneayea: what does miro use for the web broswer portion of the app?23:01
JED3just out of curiosity23:01
paroneayeaJED3: depends on your platform23:01
JED3ahh okay23:01
JED3i think I recall watching a screencast of you explaining how miro handles multi platforms23:02
paroneayeaiirc, webkit if OSX, xulrunner if windows, gtkmozembed if gtk-x1123:02
paroneayeaoh :)23:02
paroneayeathat was probably when I first joined the project, I gave a few talks in our area23:03
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