Monday, 2009-10-12

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ohmygratzHi all06:57
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paroneayea   ___14:50
paroneayea  |   |14:50
paroneayea  |   |14:50
paroneayea  _____    _____________14:50
paroneayea   o o    /             \14:50
paroneayea  :(_):  < Mornin, folks |14:50
paroneayea   ---    \_____________/14:50
paroneayea  |>o<|14:50
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paroneayea"""Return the "color" of the license; the color reflects the relative16:48
paroneayea        amount of freedom."""16:48
paroneayeaheh, didn't realize that16:48
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paulproteusMornin' paroneayea. (-:17:29
paroneayeaheya paulproteus17:29
paroneayeahow goes it17:29
paulproteusNot bad. I like the ASCII art a lot.17:29
paroneayea    .---.17:31
paroneayea  _|o__  |_17:31
paroneayea '       | '17:31
paroneayea(   .----'  )17:31
paroneayea '_|   ____'17:31
paroneayea   |   o |17:31
paroneayea    '---'17:31
paroneayeaI do a lot of ascii art17:31
paroneayea      ^__^17:31
paroneayea  ~___ o  o17:31
paroneayea  /SPAM ('')17:31
paroneayea  \ _  /17:31
paroneayea   v vv17:31
paroneayea#blendercoders didn't appreciate me scrollin' the blender logo in their channel though17:32
paroneayea     .-.17:32
paroneayea     \  \17:32
paroneayea  ____\  \.---.17:32
paroneayea (____   .---. '17:32
paroneayea     /  / .-. \ \17:32
paroneayea    /  ( (___) ) )17:32
paroneayea   / /\ '.___.' /17:32
paroneayea  (_/  '-_____-'17:32
paroneayeapaulproteus: how goes it?17:34
nathanynkinkade: when you merged ccsearch to production, did you wind up fixing the svnmerge info or did you do the merge by hand?17:44
nkinkadenathany: I fixed the svnmerge info.17:45
nathanynkinkade: awesome, thanks17:45
nathanyglad to hear that :)17:45
nkinkadesvnmerge is working from from trunk -> branches/production now.  I used it to merge the change for the frame removal button.17:46
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nathanynkinkade: where do i find the templates you're using for receipts again?18:01
nathanywas that in civimail?18:01
nkinkadenathany: CiviCRM ->Administer CiviCRM -> Configure -> Message Templates18:02
nkinkadenathany: Are we still having the Dev/Tech sync ups now that the campaign has launched?18:03
nathanynkinkade:  i don't think so18:03
nathanyand melissa is out today, so not today18:03
nkinkadenathany: I'll ignore the calendar items for that then, and maybe you can delete that recurring item from your calendar when you are sure.18:04
nathanysure, i'll email MR now18:04
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nathanynkinkade: do the OneClick links on look correct to you (the receipt param -- it's just the id, right?)18:18
nkinkadenathany: That looks right ... as you say, all you have to do is pass in a query string parameter of receipt=$msgid18:19
nkinkadeIf it exists it will override the default.18:19
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nathanynkinkade: great, thanks18:19
nkinkadenathany: The same email header information will remain.  Is that fine?18:22
nkinkadeThe mails appear to come from Melissa Reeder <>18:22
nathanynkinkade: that's fine for the time being; i'd like to try and get rid of the donate/development distinction in the fullness of time18:23
nathanybut super low priority18:23
nkinkadeWe've also got store@ in the mix. :-)18:23
nkinkadeAnd the website asks people to write to melissa@ with questions or concerns.18:23
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern18:36
nathanynkinkade: sigh18:36
nathanygood point18:36
pyrakdjango global.conf: PROFANITIES_LIST = ('asshat', 'asshead', 'asshole', 'cunt', 'fuck', 'gook', 'nigger', 'shit')18:44
pyraki loled18:44
paroneayeaI was at a django sprint when adrian said that they got contacted by some group that said they couldn't use django because they couldn't use applications that had cursing in the source code18:46
paroneayeabut the only cursing in django is the list to prevent cursing, heh18:46
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akozakctrl-q shold not be so close to ctrl-a19:22
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JED3nathany: do we care to grab and store any HTTP response headers as metadata of a citation?19:35
nathanyJED3: I don't think so19:35
nathanyi think the only thing we care about is the real v. reported URL (ie, redirects)19:35
JED3okay, so the "metadata" aspect of a citation will be purely human input?19:36
JED3aside from our RDF scraping19:36
nathanyJED3: yeah; i have doubts about human input (not sure what it adds to citation), but yes, RDFa primarily19:46
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jibotjgay is
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akozaknathany: I was going to start an email thread about this, but would you be interested in extending the ExternalData extension for SMW so that it can parse RDFa? Sort of like the code JED3 is writing for CC Network, only to map RDFa -> SMW properties.20:44
akozakIt would be useful on OpenEd.20:45
akozakI talked with Yaron about it a bit.20:45
nathanyakozak: so it'd pull in rdfa from a page on an external site and make it available for SMW properties?20:45
nathany(for annotating, that is)20:45
akozakYes. Example of why that's useful:
akozakSee the license section20:45
akozakright now that's generated by input from the user20:46
akozakthat's actually a bad example because the main url is a pdf20:46
nathanyakozak: i can see how that'd be useful (although that's a bad example since it's a PDF); what do you mean by interested?20:46
nathany"interested" as in "cool" or as in "we'll put engineering time towards that"?20:47
akozakthe second thing I suppose. but I'm also wondering how cool you think it is :)20:47
nathanyi think it's cool; rdfa seems like a natural companion to smw to me; i'm not sure exactly how you'd "write" the predicate expression, but that's probably tractable20:48
akozakMaybe it would be possible to wrap some of JED3's code into an extension?20:48
nathanyakozak: his code is in Python20:48
akozakoh right20:48
akozakI was thinking it would be a parser20:48
nathanyuh, well, it uses a parser20:48
nathanya parser written in python :)20:48
akozakerr no I mean I think the extension would be a parser20:49
nathanyoh, right20:49
nathanyyeah, i'm not sure we have the resources to build this at the moment20:49
akozakok, I figured that was the case20:50
nathanydid yaron point you to any docs on how to write a new parser for externaldata?20:50
akozakI could ask him20:51
nathanynathany: may be relevant20:51
akozakI could always try to do it myself, but I think that would be a huge time drain. Maybe in my free time or something...20:52
akozakI've used ARC before, but only for very simple tasks20:52
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akozaknathany: If I did get an RDFa parser working in ExternalData, would you be willing to review/test it a bit?21:32
nathanyakozak: sure21:33
akozakcool :)21:33
JED3nathany: couple of questions regarding rdflib...21:44
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nathanyJED3: shoot21:46
JED3do you have any good examples of using rdflib's Store API?21:46
nathanynot off the top of my head21:46
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nathanymecredis: awesome22:02
mecredisthe AT&T voice demo is so awesome22:02
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern22:14
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akozaknkinkade: How can I register a new git package on a6?22:59
nkinkadeakozak: Can we look into this tomorrow?  I was just about to sign off.23:00
akozaknkinkade: sure23:00
akozakhave a good night :)23:00
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